MATSH forever Episode 5

Episode starts with ishu n rv taking in the ICU. Baa n family comes in the ICU watches them together n smiles. Rv greets them. They come n asks ishu that is she fine. She says yes I’m fine now. Dr comes n says we’ll discharge her tonight. They all get happy. dr shifts her in the non ICU n all their relatives come to meet her..

In the night, hritik comes to pick up rv. He comes to ishu’s room n asks her about her health. She says that she is much better now. Dr comes says that all formalities are over now you can take her home now. Rv asks their family that shall I drop you all home?? Harshad (ishu’s dad) says that I hv bought a car. We’ll go by car. He nods. They all leave.

Ishu’s family reaches home n sees that their house is sealed. They all are shocked. The police comes there n says that due to not paying rent you have to leave this house. Ishu is tensed n she calls rv n tells him her problem.

He says that I’m coming to pick all of you. You come to my house. She says k n discuss with her family. They also says fine. There rv comes n takes them to his house. They all reach there n were seeing his big bungalow. Baa asks that where are your parents? He says they have gone to USA, they had some work over there.

Rv calls mala his servant n asks her to show their rooms she nods n takes them to show their rooms.

Precap: ishani was watering plants rv comes n tries to scare her she was scared n water splis on rv…

Credit to: radhika


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