MATSH forever Episode 4

Rv n ishu’s family were tensed outside. The Dr comes n says that we can’t say anything now. But she is well. ( I’m not extending it. Bcoz it’ll too long ). Its night all of them leaves except rv. Dr comes out with a good news n says she is much better now n she’ll be conscious soon. Rv seems to be happy. N says can I meet her? Dr says yes but after sometime. He nods, after sometime he goes in the ICU. He cries seeing her in this condition. He sits there n holds her hand n kisses her on her hand. He was still holding her hand. She becomes conscious. She sees him with love in her eyes. They both shared an eyelock. She asks where she is? He says that she had an accident n now she is in ICU. She recalls that she n rv had an accident. She asks him that is he fine?? Have you got hurt anywhere? He says no, he is fine., I hv called your family here they will be coming. She nods. Meanwhile she was not able to breathe. Rv calls the Dr he comes n gives her oxygen mask. Rv was bitterly crying. He asks Dr that she will be fine or not. He says I’m trying to do my best.

Ishu was fine now rv asks that are you fine Na? She says yes. Rv says sorry to her. She asks why he is saying sorry. He says that by his mistake this accident has happened. She says don’t feel sorry. After all we are friends. In friendship no thank u no sorry.

Precap: ishu’s house was locked.. Her family was standing outside. Ishu calls rv..

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  1. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Its too good yaar……but why late update……….but again its amazing……

  2. Nice epi Radhika love you..
    Hey guys I saw promo of Kasam.
    Bad news ???

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    1. Lol ur name 😛 shakti loves radhika ??lol

  4. exciting ff.

  5. Nice radhika.

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  7. Its really nice ff.

  8. nice radhu…all the best.. gd ni8

  9. Keep up yaar..and post nxt soon

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