MATSH forever Episode 3

Rv, hritik n ishu’s family was tensed. After some time Dr comes n says that we can’t say anything now as situation is very critical n asks that any one can only stay here n leaves.

Rv says that may I stay here overnight?? Baa says k n asks him to come with her for 2 mins. They both come aside n baa says that are you in love with ishu?? He shies n tells yes. Rv asks her that how do she knew it?? She tells that ishu told me that what happened in the temple n the when she reached office n saw u she called me up n told everything. As she shares each n every moment if life with me. He says ohh!! means that you both love each other right?? She says yes n says pls take care of my ishu. Ok??He nods. They both leave. Ishu’s family also leaves… Rv tells hritik that u should also leave. Hritik keaves. Rv was sitting on the chair tensed.. Some time later he slept there, on the chair. Its morning. Rv gets awake n goes to get fresh n comes to the ICU. Meantime Dr comes n says that she is better now. But we can’t say anything that we can save her or not. Listening this rv was shocked.. Meanwhile ishu’s family comes n hears this they were shocked too.

It is evening now, ishu’s family comes back to their house n were discussing that how to save ishani n were tensed..

Precap: Dr tells rv that she is recovering very fast she will be conscious in some time. Rv gets happy….

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  1. Nice epsd and precap.

  2. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Waiting for precap…….radhika you too are an amazing writer……

  3. Radhika nice dr,but pls make ishveer scenes soon

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