MATSH forever Episode 22


Sorry guys for late update my exams were going on i mean still going on so was not able to update…

Let’s come the story….
Recap: Ritika’s interview taken by Ishani…

Here, in ishu’s cabin she is reading some files n gets a doubt. She goes to Rv to solve it n tell him that interview was very nice. She comes out of her cabin n sees that Rv was coming towards her cabin only. Where Ritika collides with him n Rv catches her n ishu fumes seeing them. Ritika was lost in his eyes. Rv too was looking into her eyes n shared a small eyelock. Here ishu goes back to her cabin shutting the door with all force she could n Rv disturbs hearing a loud sound n leaves Ritika after making her stand properly n leaves to see ishu. He knocks the door n says ishu my darling pls open the door. Ishu says no I’ll not do whatever you want to n turns her chair to other side. Here Rv was having n duplicate card. He signed in n went inside her cabin. She turns n says you?? Why you came here? Go n romance with that new girl named Ritika. Rv says baby pls listen to me. At least for God’s sake pls. Ishu says stop calling me baby. I’m not your baby k n just leave I don’t want to talk to you. He remembers something n says what did you told of her? She angrilsays RITIKA. He says what? She says ate u deaf or what can’t u hear? He says I mean that I knew her n was just shocked. She cools down n says how do u know her? He says it’s k u will be shocked to listen to my past n will be angry on me once more. Ishu says ( in tensed tone) Ranveer pls tell me I’m you wife n your first love pls tell me dear. Don’t you love me or what? Rv says not like that dear I trust u bcoz I love you dear. Ishu says then pls tell me. What’s your past is? Rv says k I’ll tell u but don’t be shocked k dear. N don’t take stress too as it can affect your health also. Ishu nods. Rv says she was my college gf. Ishu shocked.

Here at RV mansion baa n amba r sitting together n baa says that we have got one flat which is nearby. N in some days we r shifting there. Amba says no need you all can stay here. Baa says yeah we can but it’s not good to stay in son- in-law’s house. Better we will go to that house. It’s high time we r staying here. She says fine then as u wish.

Here shikhar n his first love Naina are sitting in Café n staring at each other. While shikhar says pls don’t look at me like this. Your eyes r killing me n winks at her. She blushes n beats him playfully. Shikhar laughs n says now it’s a high time. I think we should marry now. It’s not good to meet alone in nobody’s know. She says even I think the same. He says if ur ready then tomorrow itself I’ll talk about this to bhaiya n bhabhi. She says fine. The episode ends here… to be continued later…

Precap: Rvs past to be known by ishu …

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