MATSH forever Episode 20


Hey guys I thanks all who commented in previous epi. Leta come back to the story..

Here all are happy with shikhar n Naina’s marriage. On other hand a dark room is shown in which a lady is sitting on the chair. She says no Ranveer Vaghela no I’ll get u Back from that so called your wife Mrs ishani ranveer vaghela. I cannot see you with any other girl n smiles evily. Her face is shown she is none other than our main villain RITIKA. she says my plan is going to work soon….

Ishani was setting the bed. While Rv came n hugs her from behind. She says leave me ranveer pls dear. He says u r tired na after making food? She cutely says ya I’m tired very much. Rv asks her that y u take so much of stress dear? She says I can even die for my family. Suddenly Rv turns her to his side n keeps his index finger on her lips n says never ever say that if u will die then who will take care of me n my family? N hugs her tightly she responds to his hug. After sometime ishu breaks the hug n sees that Rv is crying n she wipes his tears with her hand n says don’t cry I promise I’ll never leave you dear.. RVs mood swings n comes close to her n lifts her hand n kisses it. He says this is for making delicious ddinner. He kisses on her forehead n says this is for to be relax. He comes more closer to him n leans down to kiss her. Suddenly she asks this is for?? He says this is for me n winks at her. She blushes n shies away. He comes more closer to her n finally they share a sweet liplock. Suddenly ishu realises n pushes Rv away from her… Ishu goes towards her wardrobe n takes night clothes from it n goes to bathroom. Rv comes behind her. Before she closes the door he comes inside n bolts the door. He asks her can I change your clothes?? She says wh… aa… what?? No u can’t pls go out ranveer. If anyone will come inside our room n will not find us then we r gone pls go out. He says no I won’t n comes close to her n pulls towards him. He unpined her saree. Meanwhile light had gone. They get tensed. But Rv moves more ccloser to her n opens the knot n hook of the blouse. Slowly, she was fully naked. Rv again kisses her. They both share a passionate kiss. Rv makes her wear her dress n lifts her in his arms. They come out of the bathroom n light came.. They both felt like they r on cloud nine in each others arms. They slept peacefully.

In the morning, ishu was woken up n was getting ready in front of the mirror n was trying to wake up Rv as they were getting late for office. She says come on dear wale up its already 7:30 am u have only 1hour in your hand to get ready for office. He says ya baby only 5 mis plss. She says from past 1hour your 5 mins r going on, come on wake up. She comes near him n pulls his hand. Instead rv pulled her n she falls on Rv. He says pls give me a morning kissy n makes a pout. Seeing that ishu melts n kisses on his cheeks. He gets up n says gm baby. She says gm. He says I wanted very good morning by your kiss in lips. But it’s k I at least have good morning it’s ki Ishu. She says fine I’ll give u tomorrow morning when u wake up fine? He says k. She says Rv pls go n get ready for office. We are getting late. Rv asks we?? She says yeah we u me. Now get ready n come down for bf. I’ll be waiting for you k?? He says kk baby. She pushes him inside the bathroom.

At dinning, Rv comes there after getting ready. He sits beside ishu n starts having bf. Ishu says maaa, baa I’m going to office today with ranveer . Amba says yeah sure y not but u both will come as early as possible. They nods..

Precap: Ritika comes to RVs office for an interview…

Sorry guys for late n short updates but i have to do studies, project n other school activities. Sorry guys pls forgive me plss…

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Credit to: Radhika

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  1. Julina

    Suuuuuperb epi… just loved it… pls post next soon… can’t wait to see what ritika is upto….

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  2. Superb loved it soooo much and if u get time post your next epi and how r y

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  3. Superb loved it soooo much and if u get time post your next epi and how r u and a great work done

    1. Thaks dhii

  4. fabulous epi dr…loved it so much…

    1. Thank you so much??


    really marvelous epi sis….how r u??

  6. Its amazing eagerly waiting for next episode

  7. Hi Radhika I loved the episode very much eagerly waiting for the next ?

  8. Honey

    Hii ra,its superb

  9. lovely ishveer

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