MATSH forever Episode 2

As rv’s bro Hritik was having some work.. He went n then rv parked the car n goes in the lift n then ishu comes he was not able to see his face but meanwhile he turned n saw ishu n said tum?? She says too. They got down from the lift n introduced themselves to each other.. Rv says that he has to bring some file I’ll go n bring she tells k. She gets her seat n starts working. Meanwhile rv comes n sees her working n smiles.

He also get his seat n starts working. After sometime their sir comes n asks that who made this document? It has a big fault in it. Rv says me. He says that u must complete this again n ishani will help you. She says k n starts helping him. Till that it was late night n they both heads to leave as their file was competed. Ishu looks for her scooter. But petrol was finished. Meantime rv comes n asks her to sit in the car, I’ll drop you till your house. She says k n sits in the car. They were talking to each other meanwhile one truck comes in front of their car. Ishu shouts ranveer. N he looks in front n takes turn they have accident towards the tree. Rv comes in his senses n sees ishu. She was literary blooding. He takes her to the hospital n calls the doctor urgently. She was in the ICU. He calls her family to hospital n tells the whole story.
Her family was shocked. He gets a call from his bro. He asks him where are you. He says hospital tells the whole story. He comes to hospital n sees rv very concerned about her…

Precap: doctor tells that she is better now. But we can’t say that she will be alive or not… Rv was tensed listening this.

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  1. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Nyc yaar..y u don’t commntng matsh na yaar..plzz vapas

  2. nice I and ur not commenting Yarr .I real missed u..

  3. nice I and ur not commenting Yarr .I real missed u a lot

  4. Radhika pls give a recap whenever u start ur ff coz I got confused as there are so many ff on matsh and kkb also but the episode read nice..

  5. rookey rookers

    i agree with u vaishali

  6. marvelous mam

  7. Nice radhika.keep going.

  8. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Radhika its fab yaar pls pls update daily….if you can..

  9. Nice radhika,we r all missing ur comments yaar

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