MATSH forever Episode 19


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Episode 19
Its evening
Here there are preparations going on as Naina’s family was going to come. Ishu was getting ready in her room. While Rv is making shikhar ready. Both were looking very dashing n handsome. Rv says shikhar now u r ready even I want to get ready. Shikhar says yeah fine u go n romance with ishu bhabhi. K? Rv says shikhar tease me as much u want after some days even I’ll tease u. Shikhar blushes??. Rv leaves to their room. He finds ishu struggling with her nnecklace. Rv goes n helps her n hugs her from behind n rests his chin on her shoulder. She asks what’s this ranveer? He says u don’t ishu I’m romancing with u. She says it’s not the correct time u go n get ready. He asks ohh then when is time for romance? In the night n winks at her. She says ranveerrr pls go n get ready n hands him his clothes..

After sometime Rv comes out wearing matching of ishu. Ishu was wearing white n red saree. Rv was wearing red white shirt with red tie n black pant. Ishu was just lost in him. They both share an eyelock. MATSH theme plays in bg. Anna called them n says that guests have came. They both comes to their senses n they come down with shikhar. He was mesmerized by Naina. She too was lost in his eyes. Both were looking at each other. Ishveer clears their throat n brings them Bach to their senses. Shina were embraced. All talk for a while. At last amba says that we’ll take a good day for marriage. N baa will decide that. She takes out the calendar n sees a shukh mahurat for marriage n says that marriage is after a month. All are happy hearing these. Shina blushes. They take blessing from elders. Rv congrats shikhar n hugs him while ishu congrats Naina n hugs her. They all have dinner together. Naina’s mom Kanchan appreciates food made by ishu. N says that food is very nice. Amba says yeah my DIL is very talented. She also accompanies Rv to office, manages to solve all problems n cooks good food. Kanchan says yeah u r very lucky to have such good DIL. Amba Thanx her. While Rv silently appreciates her by kissing her hand under dinning table. Ishu blushes. While Shina were continuously staring at each other…
Screen freezes on all happy faces.

Precap: New villain entry…

Guys sorry for same precap. Guys I hope that u all will comment on my ff

Credit to: Radhika

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  1. Nice episode Radhika I loved it very much waiting for ur next episode ? and pls continue ur story as long as possible ur story is going in a good flow?


    Marvelous episode dude…..update fast

  3. Nandana

    Nice episode dhi I really like it and don’t end this soon it is a request plzz:)

  4. Hey loved waiting for your next epi plz post it today plz

  5. fabulous epi….. loved it…keep rockinggg…update d nxt epi asap….

  6. So cute episode dear

  7. Thnks all for responding on my ff….??

  8. Honey

    Nice dear,sry I can’t comment in last epi

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