MATSH forever Episode 18


Sorry guys for not updating yesterday as geusts came at my house. Guys i was really very upset by too low comments.. i think that no one is liking my ff so i have decieded to end this ff very soon.. Sorry guys.. Thanks for commenting in previous epi..

here is 18th epi..

Ranveer says sweet heart? Ishu reamoves her hands from his eyes. Rv turned to her side n asks why r u soo much happy? What did shikhar told to you? Ishu says shikhar has fallen in love with a girl named naina. Rv asks her When? Where? How? She says they met in a party n they both love each other. WE have to convince our family thats it. I could not even believe this, the guy who was not believing in love has fallen in love? OMG!!! She says ya even i can’t believe this. Rv’s mood swings n he moves towards ishu. She understood his intentions n suddenly to his surprise she moves towards him. They both were very close to each other. Rv leans down to kiss her, she shies n turns her face. He face her towards him. Finally his lips were attracted to her n gives a soft kiss on her lips. Slowly she too reciprocates to his kiss n turn into a passionate kiss. It lasted for atleast 3-4 mins n they both were apart as to take a breathe. They were panting like anything. Slowly rv huged her she too huged him. After sometime in the hug she asked rv that ranveer where is dinner i am very much hungry. He breaks the hug n says what yaar ishani i was feeling vvery warm being in your arms dear but he melts seeing her sweet pout on her face. He says come dinner is right front of you. She runs n sits on a chair, rv also sits on a chair. He asks ishani that what would you like to have Italian, Chinese or Punjabi? She says i would like to have Italian. He says i was knowing it that you would like to have italian so i had arranged that only. I was just asking you for a formality. Ishu gets up n beats him playfully. He says sorry baba i was just kidding babes here is your favourite whithe sauce yummy PASTA. She says wow i love that. He says i know. He feeds her. She also feeds him. Both had a beautiful date ever. There was a bed on terrace. They both spent the whole night on the terrace..

It was morning
Ishu wakes up n finds herself in rv’s arms n shies. Meanwhile rv wakes up n sees her ishu is shying from him. He says i think someone is becoming a red tomato by blushing. Ishu blushes n says no i am not blushing. He says haa i know now who is blushing. She becomes more shy n covers her face in his jacket. He caresses her hair n hugs her. Ishu comes to her senses n gets up from bed n says i have to get ready n convince our family for Shina proposal. He remembers n says ohh yeah. Come lets go down n get freshed. They both come to their room. Both have a bath separately n comes to hall for bf. While having bf Ishu convinced their family for Shina’s marriage. They all agree. Amba says let us meet her family today. Shikar you ask her to come with her family. While shikhar was red blushing hardly. Amba says koi sharma raha hai (someone is becoming shy). While shikhar says no nothing like that. I will call her family today itself in the evening. n he leaves from there due to shyness. Amba says pagal ladka ( mad in love). Screen freezes on all happy faces.

Precap: New villain entry… Shina’s marriage date to be fixed… ISHVEER happy moments…

Guys pls comment n encourage me by your support so i can continue this ff. Pls comment both +ve n -ve comments are welcomed…
Bye guys…

Credit to: radhika

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  1. pls don’t end sis…….carry on ur sweet story……’s very awesome


  3. Hey loved it sooo much post your next epi soon

  4. Thanks all of you… I’ll try to update asap

  5. Awesome dear so nice

    1. Thnks tanishqa dhii

  6. Hi Radhika I love ur ff it I too cute pls continue it ?

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