MATSH forever Episode 17

hey guys im really really very sorry for the late update as i was busy with my studies n exams…. pls forgive me. In last epi i did not got much comments.. i hope that u all will like my epi n comment..
lets continue

Episode 17

It was a beautiful morning sunrays falling on our PRINCE n PRINCESS. Disturbing rv sleep. He woke up with a charming smile, who can steal millions of hearts. Ishu was sleeping in his arms, he gets up without disturbing her sleep. He was just staring at her, as if now his life has been completed. Just then ishu woke up n was very shy seeing herself with his prince. She covered herself with blanket. As she was naked. Rv asked her why r u shy? Come on yaar i am your husband. Just then she gave a cute little smile. Rv carried her in his arms n asked my dear wife where do u want to go? She says can u give me a lift till washroom? He says of coures why not. N took her to washroom. He put her down n ons the shower. She says what r u doing ranveer? He says having bath with my wife. She says no u cant pls go out. He comes towards her she moves back. He pins her to the wall reamoves her blanket wraped over her. They both have bath intensesively… They both get ready for the office. Meanwhile Rv says no need to come to office today. u take rest i will come within some hours.. She says why dont u have work today. He says no nothing is important tham my sweet wife. She had tears of happiness in her eyes n hugs rv tightly he respondes to her hug n kisses on her forehead n leaves for office. They both come down together take blessings of elders. While amba tell ishani to come with her to temple she agrees n goes with her n baa..

Its evening
Rv is shown talking to some one n says r all the arrangements ready? The person on phone says yes sir. Rv nods n hangs up. Then he calls ishu. She takes the call m says hello dear how r u? He says were u missing me? she says yess vwery much. Rv says aww i knew it u were missing me. I was too. Now open your cupboard n get ready k bye talk to you later (ttyl). he hangs up. Ishu runs n opens her side drawer n sees a present over there. She immediately opens it. It was a beautiful dress in that of white n aqua blue color. She sees a chit too in that in it was written: If u love me more then yourself ten pls do wear it for my happiness. See u soon on terrace — rv. She smiles reading that n goes to change. She comes out n wears diamond earing n was looking gorgeous. She comes towards terrace. It was all dark over there. n suddenly a spotlight was on ishu. Rv was behind her. He hugs her from back n rests his chin on her shoulder. He says looking very beautiful ha. I was not knowing it that my wife looks s*xy also. She blushes very hard. All lights r on now. She was just shocked to see decorations n hugs rv n says u gave me the best surprise ever. He hugs her back. They like this for a long time. Just then shikhar comes n clears his throat. Ishveer come back to senses n separates themselves from each other. Ishu hides behind rv n shies. Shikhar says im sorry i came at wrong time. I will come later. Rv stops him n says no come na sit. He says so my bro is dating her gf no sorry his sweet heart right. Rv says ya, by the way tell me y r u here at this time? he says why i cant be i think that it is my house too. Rv says come to the point shikhar what do you want? he says bhabhi. Rv says what?? He says i mean that i want to show something to bhabhi. Come with me ishani. She goes with him. Here rv thinks everytime shikhar comes between us n breaks our romance. Here shikhar shows a girl pic to her n says bhabhi i am in love with her n she too is in love with me can u pls convince maa n baba for marriage? he says all in one breath. Ishu says shikhar pls be normal. He calms down. She says this is the matter shikhar who was not even believing in love, is in love with someone ha? BTW what is her name? He says her name is Naina (shivanya in naagin). She says ohh fine i will talk to maa n baba tomorrow morning itself fine? Now let me go n enjoy my date with my hubby. He says hubby n all ha? They both smile. N ishu leaves from there. Here rv is fuming with anger n says how much they will talk? Even Ishu does not talk to me this much. While he was saying this Ishu came n closed his eyes from behind. He guesses right n says SWEET HEART? Screen freezes on their smiling faces..

precap: ISHVEER share some romantic moments.. Ishu convice family to accept ShiNa (shikhar+naina)

Guys pls give me your valueable comments n encourage me..

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  2. Hey dhi loved it sooooo much keep it plz try to update the next one soon loved it sooooooo much and how r u dhi

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    Marvelous epi sis….missed u & ur ff soooo much

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  7. Very cute and waiting for next and really missed ur ff

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    Really very nice episode… I wass longing for ur ff… atlast u update and comeback with such an awsm epi… lovvvvved it very much… pls post next soon Dr…..

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    Superb yaar, ishveer scenes r awsme

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