MATSH forever Episode 16


Hey guys sorry for the late update as i was busy with my school projects. N thanx all for supporting me n encouraging me. N everybody wants to know that i am in 8th standard n of 13 years. So lets come back to the story…

Rv is very much angry on everybody. He moves towards ishu. She becomes shy n moves back he pins her to the wall. He says come on ishu i was waiting for this moment from so when, you cant do this for me n after all v r married now. Today i will make u mine. He carries her in his arms n puts her on the bed he switches on some romantic lights n goes n sits beside ishu. He comes near her n moves ahead to kiss her. He moves more closer to her n kisses softly on her lips slowly it turns into a passionate kiss more n more passionate. After 3 mins, they were out of kiss n were breathing heavily. Ishu was like a fully red tomato n was blushing very hard. Slowly then Rv let her lay on the bed n was above her. He covered themselves with the blanket. Slowly then he kept his hand on her waist n removes her saree n consumnate thier marriage night.

Its morning, n the beautiful sunshine disturbs our princess charming sleep. She wakes up with a cute smile on her face n sees herself in rv’s arms n smiles again. He wakes up n sees that ishu was lost in him, he then clicks his fingures in front of her. She gets back to her senses n shies. Ishu gets up n finds herself clothless n finds her clothes on side table. Rv tells her that not to shy as there is no one in this room exept us n i’m your hubby u neen’t shy. She shies again n give a cute look to her rv. N rushes to bathroom. Rv gets up n goes behind her n comes to bathroom. She says why r u here? I want to bath. You pls go from here. He ons the shower n falls on both, they r wet n share a cutest… lovliest… sweetest eyelock ever they had. Rv pulls her closer n holds her by waist sanam re plays in bg. He kisses her hardly. She pushes him away n both had sweetest bathe. They both come out. They both were fighting for mirror. Rv says i’ll get ready first, ishu says no, i’ll get ready first. Rv: i will get ready first. In the same manner they both were fighting for mirror after a while they both burst into laughter. As they were laughing on each other for their childishness. They both get ready n ishu is not able to tie her choli lays. Rv helps her to tie it. There is a knock on the door of their room. Parul was knocking at the door calling ishu for going to temple. Rv says 2 mins. Parul smiles outside n says yeah bhaiya take your time n then send bhabhi. We are waiting down. Rv says fine.

precap: rv plans a grand surprise for her sweet heart…..

i hope that u liked it n pls comment guys.
Bye guys… lovee uuu all…

Credit to: radhika

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  1. Superbbbbbb episode radhika dear!! I loved it! You are one of my little sissies and I am very happy because I dont have any sisters but all my friends here are my sisters and you are one of my newest ones.. The episode was sooo cute! Eagerly waiting for the next one!

  2. Very cool yet sooo hot story sis……how r u???

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode radhika dear..

  4. Dear Radhika the episode was so good I really liked it pls update the next soon ?

  5. gud job Dr..really I’m freezes after reading urs..and I read it more than 4 tyms..luvabl epi


    Wow Radhika…..its really an superb episode…..I loved when Ranveer became angry and romance with ishu… was a love epsoode yaar…..

  7. Superb radhikha

  8. Honey

    Wow,its really nice dear, waiting for next episode

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