MATSH forever Episode 14 & 15 MAHA EPISODE

Hello guys i’m radhika after reading your comments like i was so happy that i can’t tell u… so guys get ready for maha episode. ishveer marriage night n chirag turning in +ve role. SO lets get started with maha epi. Thank u all guys who commented yesterday on my ff reena, arham, prince, ishveer- love, sana n all my silent readers. N sorry if i had missed any name.

here all are happy. Ishveer were going to take elders blessing. Just then chirag enters n says how the marriage has completed without me n rv i want ishani in my life bcoz i love her. he smiles evily.. While all of them are shocked seeing him shikhar was on top of his anger. He goes n starts beating him. While ishveer stop shikhar. Ishu comes to chirag n says do u really love me?? She says no u cant love me truly how much ranveer loves me.. she politely says that your love towards me is only attraction n nothing else. If u do really love me then u should have left me with ranveer. If now i’ll tell ranveer na that i love u then he will let me go with u. Love is not get anyone, love is to be together even after separation. N in those days it is not important that how many days u lived but that is important that in those days how much u lived. So pls try to understand me n forget me pls its my humble request. After sometime he thinks n says u r right ishani. it was not love it was just an attraction towards u. Sorry guys i’m really very sorry. N hey rv happy married life. Always stay together n be happy. They take elders blessing on by one n all give them best wishes for their wedding.

Every body do ishanis bidaai. She was crying.. rv was consoling her n in bg music banno re banno from YJHD was playing. Rv said that they r at our house only na u can meet them whenever n wherever u want to. Come on cheer up baby cheer up. N whispers in her ears that i cant wait for todays night n u know na that what u r going to give me n winks at her. She smiles n signs to be quiet. Amba do ishanis grah pravesh n tells her to come in with lots of happiness. She does arti of ishveer n let them come in but r stopped by pakhar (parul + shikhar) n chirag too ask rv for nake. They ask of nake n said that u give nake then only u both will allowed inside. Rv give them nake. N comes inside. Pakhar tell that one more ritual is left. N say ring finding ceremony. They all are set up for ceremony. Amba puts her ring inside the milk N says 1 2 3 n start. They both put hands inside milk. Rv holds her hand inside n she signs her what r u doing? He winks at her. She looses his grip from his hand n finds the ring first.

Everything n every ritual is done now. The most awaited thing suhagraat… Shikhar tells that rv there is on ritual that u have to carry ishani in DDLJ style till your room. Rv tells OMG!!! i mean that she is from healthy family. Difficult to carry. Ishu makes faces listening to him. He says then also for my lady love i’ll carry her. She smiles listening him. He carries her in DDLJ style to their room.

In ISHVEER room. Rv place her on the bed just a voice came. Rv tells i think that your stomach is… ishu says what stomach is with a big question mark? rv says that your stomach is upset.. ishu says no. wait let me check. She pulls the bedsheet. She says they have kept papad. Rv gets upset n open his room’s door all were falling on each other n all were shocked to see rv there. Rv says what r u doing over here? They all say umm… ahhhh…. n murmurs something. Rv says what r u here for destroying my newly married life?? They all say in chorus nooo. They all were parul, shikhar, chirag, disha, n baa comes there n asks that what r u doing here?? They says nothing n all leaves from there laughing. Baa says go n sleep now. He says fine. N shuts the door. He comes towards ishu n she moves backwards n rv pins her to the wall…..

precap: surprise…

thank u guys pls comment…

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  1. Awesome episode dear!!! It was great!!! Pls update soon yaar!! Btw.. How old are you dear? I want to know if you are an older sis/friend or a younger one.. I am 15

  2. So nice episode it was really really awesome pls update next so soon ?

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode dear.pls update next asap.

  4. Superb radhika .
    Upload soon

  5. Oooooo marveloustic ff sis….how r u??

  6. I’m also 15 yes Reena..

  7. woow..owsm Dr..really waiting for tat suurpris..wanna know soon wat ‘all happen to our cutie pie’s next epi soon my darling

  8. ishveer lover

    awesome dear!! i jzt really love it… eagerly waiting for 2morrow epi… hope that there will be some romance between ishveer..

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