MATSH forever Episode 13

hii guys im really very sorry that i couldn’t update from soo long as i told u all yesterday that my laptop had gone for servicing….
really very sorry for late update….
guys pls comment. no one comment on my ff n i feel very dissapointed… pls cmnt guys plssss

so here’s the 13th epi..

recap: ishveer haldi ceremony n their romance n masti..
chirag to destroy their lives

the most wanted momment of my ff iahveer marriage
so lets get started…

Their haldi ceremony gets over. both of them r in their rooms thinking about eachother. In rv’s room. He is looking at the photo of ishu.. n painting her on canvas paper. like used do it previously. Drawing her picture his mood swings off n gets some idea.
In ishu’s room she is getting ready for her wedding n goes for a bath. On other hand rv comes there n sees he choli lying on the bed.
here in bathroom ishu sees that her choli is missing. She calls baa to give her choli. (pls note that baa was there in her room till she went for her bath. N left after she left to bathroom. Rv gets an idea n gives her choli from outside n comes inside the bathroom. Ishu gets shocked n tells him to go out. He says noooo i’ll not go. Ishu says pls go na someone will see us. He says nooo im not going to go. Their nok jhok starts. Suddenly ishus hand touched the shower tap n water falls on both. RV tries to kiss her. They both closes their eyes.. Ishu shies n turns her face. N was blushing hardly. Meanwhile RV says hey now dont blush be ready for today’s night. I’m leaving right now but soon meet u in the mandap. He leaves saying that. N ishu says pagal ladka (mad boy) n smiles.

On other hand baa n amba r scolding everybody to do their work quickly. As marriage would took place in hrs. Falguni comes n says that dont worry everything will happen on time. Lets go n let us ready ishani n ranveer. Three of them leaves. Both are getting ready in their rooms. They both think that
ishu: so many things have changed in these days
rv: our lives our work n much more
ishu: the one thing that is not changed
rv: n will never change
rv n ishu: (in mind) is our aashiqui.. n both smiles

Meanwhile pandit ji has called groom to sit in mandap n do some pooja..
On other hand shikhar n parul r teasing him with their haldi romance. They even shoot their vidieo n showed to rv. He was shying. Amba comes there n says y u both r teasing my son n holds both their ears. They say sorry. Amba takes rv with her n makes him sit in the mandap. After sometime, bride was called in the mandap. Rv’s eyes were on the stairs. Ishu comes there n rv was mesmerised by her beauty n couldn’t take his eyes away from her. She comes there n clicks her fingers in front of his eyes. He comes back to his senses. They do some rituals n its time for pheras. They take pheras hand in hand with a broad smile on their face. They both sit rv makes her wear sindoor n mangalsutra. The episode freezes at all smiling faces.

precap: ishveer marriage night… n some masti..

Hey guys pls comment both +ve n -ve. So i can improve my writing skills. N pls tell if u want any changes. Dont worry guys chirag will not destroy their life n will turn positive but i’ll add one more villain. U all can suggest anyone. Like naina, milan, nirbhay etc. anybody u can suggest but pls suggest. thanks all who commented in the previous epi. n thanks to all my silent readers. silent readers pls try to comment..


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  1. Awesome episode Radhika dhi!! It was cute when Ranveer handed Ishani her choli… I loved how they both thought about the aashiqui… That part was superb!! And I am SOO happy that you got them married! If you are going to add a villian.. I think you should add Ritika because I haven’t seen her as a villian in a while… And I am kinda annoyed with Neha and Naina because of the other ffs.. FANTASTIC JOB DHI!! I love your ff soo much

  2. Hey Radhika the episode was good I liked the naughtiness of ranveer and you can make Naina and Milan both as villain

    1. Or if you don’t want both of them as villains then the best villain is ritika

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow radhika dear.superb episode.I am eagerly waiting for ur next update and u can add any villian.

  4. Thank u all for commenting…
    I think I’ll add ritika as villain bcoz in all ffs either naina is there or Neha is there…
    Next update tom for sure..
    Till then bye guys

    1. Bye dhi! btw how old are you.. I just want to know of you are an older sister or a younger one.

  5. ishveerishveer- my love ???

    Nice epi dii. I loved it..
    I’m new here n was a silent reader n now I’ll comment on all ffs including yrs..

  6. Awesome wonderful and ya so cute and romantic I loved it keep going didi

  7. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    radhika di super . i suggest milian as i loved shakti in vilan role . sry . i am runing out of time . bye

  8. Wonderful episode.
    The most of IshVeer romance is their cute naughtiness with loats of love
    U have given that feel everywhere

  9. Hey sis how r u??? Ff is fantastic

  10. hello radhika sisssy…now y u didn’t commnt proprrly…missing u paa..try to commnt in ranaji’s ff …aftr ending of matshh we all r connectig to tat blog only…epi owsm sis,,waiting for weeding nyt maa…hoopp it ‘ll be too romantic..hey na???…luv u soo much….and add nirbhay as a villan…don’t spoil rhitzz charecter..itzz kind request dr…

  11. ishveer lover

    yess the epi is really nice… n yes add ritika as the new villain and plz some romance between them.. it was really a nice epi n im waiting for the next

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