MATSH forever Episode 11


Hey guys pls comment for my ff. I’m getting too low response.
If you all will not comment then I’ll stop writing my ff….

In the morning, ishani searches for rv everywhere, she goes to study room. While someone grabs ishu n takes her inside. He was rv. She says what are you doing, leave me. He says naa I’ll not leave you. She says pls. He says ok I’ll leave you but first listen to me. I have planned movie for us tonight. Take your movie tickets n reach at sharp 7:00 pm. She says fine I’ll reach but till then stay away from me. He gets upset leaves her (he had hold her very tight by her waist).

Shikhar n everybody are doing arrangements for their sangeet. Suddenly ishu falls in rv’s arm as she was hanging garlands rv holds her with care. They share an eye lock. Shikhar comes there n says pls hardly 1week is left after that upstairs in your room ok. They come back to their senses n both shies. Rv tells him that tonight they are going for movie pls don’t tell anyone in the house. Pls its a humble request. He says yes. Falguni overhears that, she blushes n leaves..

Ishveer at theatre, rv becomes naughty n tries to kiss ishu but she escapes from him. After sometime ishu sleeps on rv’s shoulder he caresses her hair n kisses her on forehead. She wakes up he asks her that are you tired, want to go home? She says yes. They leaves from there.

It was 12:00 am when they reached home. Ishu says that I’m very tired n goes to her room to sleep. Rv also leaves..

In the morning baa says that old do all arrangements asap. Today is their sangeet function..

In the evening, they all got ready ishu was looking gorgeous. Rv compliments on her. Ishveer dance on Sanam re… N followed by other couples.. One man watches them happy n says in his mind that I’ll not let happy more… N smiles

Precap: surprise

Guys tell me some villain’s name plss n pls comment.

Credit to: radhika

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  1. CHIRAG…….

  2. Chirag and rithika will be the best villain forever

  3. Yes Chirag and ritika are the best villan in matsh overall the episode is good?

  4. Superb radhika wow ishveer scenes are amazing,chirag is the best villain

  5. very nice pls continue but don’t stop

  6. Yaa I know Chirag n ritika will be best villain forever.

    Me too badly missing the show.??


    Wow dear….soo romantic episode…..loved it…..and ya I also agree with every one Chirag and Ritika are the best villain…..

  8. Nice ff Radhika n please tell that link of that interview in which shakti said that she loves radz

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb radhika dr.yes chiraag is best villian.

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