MATSH forever Episode 10

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Ishu rv hears the date n gets overjoyed n hugs each other tightly n was about to intimate but baa coughs n they both realises n feels shy.?? Baa tells them to come for dinner. They tell that they have some work today also so pls send our plate upstairs in ishu’s room, he say I mean ishani’s room. Baa smiles n says okkk.

Ishveer in the room, ishani says why did you lied to baa?? He comes close to her n intimate with her but she jerks him n says 7 days more after that whatever you’ll tell I’ll do it for you. He says really?? She blushes n says yes. He hugs her tightly she hugs her back. He kisses her on her cheeks. She does the same. She tells that let’s go down n have our dinner with family. He says yes.

They were coming down meanwhile baa met them. They say that our work is done we’re coming down only she nods n three come down. Ishveer sit beside each other n have their food.

They all leaves for their respective rooms ishu keeps the food inside the fridge. Rv comes there n hugs her from behind. Falguni (ishu’s mum) comes there to take water she calls ishaniii… I know u r in kitchen pls give me my jug of water.. I don’t want to disturb you.. Ishu realises n comes out n gives her water. N says maa aap bhi Na.. N blushes..

Meantime rv gets a call from unknown no. He picks up n the person says I’ll destroy your n your ishu’s life very soon. He says what r you saying??? He tells yes I’ll do it soon. He says no you can’t do like this to my ishani. Plss I beg you plsss. He says relax I’ll do nothing to you n your so called fiancé ishani. I’m Shikhar yaar bro what you can’t recognise my voice?? Rv says no no but I was tensed when told that you’ll destroy my ishu’s life. Shikhar says that I heard that your marriage is fixed with ishu?? N teases him. He says kya Bhai.( what bro). He says you have to attend every function of our marriage. He says yes I’ll surely do it. N bro pls dont tell anyone that I’m coming tomorrow morning. He says woowwww im happy. N says bubyee. He says the same n hang up. Till that ishu comes n tells with who were you talking? He says shi.. but was stop. He says one client of our office. She says you’re lying to me. Tell me the truth. He explains the whole convo. N tells her that not to tell anyone. She says fine n says gn to him n leaves..

In the morning, Shikhar comes everyone welcomes him. He says I have came here to attend Ishveer’s marriage function n to help u all. Everyone are shocked. He says relax I was just joking. Chill everybody. I have completed my work n came here.

Precap: Ishveer were doing arrangements for their engagement… Suddenly ishu falls in rv’s arm n he carries her with care..????

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