MATSH: Our endless love (Episode 8)

I am sorry. I am late. Sorry for grammatical errors. I will try to correct it. I need some time. I am writing because I don’t want to disappoint you. I am absolutely fine now.

Ranveer came to ishani’s
house. He called her.
Their conversation
Ranveer: hello ishani.
Ishani: hello Ranveer. Where are you?
Ranveer: outside your house.
Ishani: come inside. Why are you waiting outside?
Ranveer came inside and saw falguni.
Falguni: Ranveer come. Why are you standing there?
Ranveer: hi aunty.
Falguni: hi Ranveer. How are you?
Ranveer: I am fine aunty. How do you do?
Falguni: I am also fine.
Ranveer: when will Ishani come?
Falguni: she will always come late.
Ishani came. Both Ishani and Ranveer left.

While traveling in a car, ishani hears songs.
Ishani: why are you so silent Ranveer?
Ranveer: nothing.
Ishani: don’t worry. I won’t beat you with my dumb bells.
Ranveer(with a smile) : Sunny. Why are you talking so much?
Ishani: because I love speaking. I am not rude like you.
Ranveer: in my childhood, my parents left me. I couldn’t speak with anyone.
Ishani(in a sad tone): I am sorry.
They remained silent. They reached the airport.
They got into flight. They sat in their seats and wore their seat belts. While flight takes off, ishani hold Ranveer’s hand tightly. Ranveer is mesmerized by her touch.
Ranveer: don’t panic Sunny. I thought that you were bold. But you are coward
Ishani: don’t make fun of me. I am afraid
Ranveer: don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you.
Ishani: thank you
Ranveer: your most welcome.
Ishani hold Ranveer’s hands. They reached UK. They saw eachother’s face with a cute smile in their lips.

Will this journey unite Ranveer and Ishani???

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  1. Great episode again…. Eagerly waiting for IshVeer romances… B safe & sound

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  4. Amazing waiting for next…

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