MATSH: Our endless love (episode 7)

sorry guys I am as usual late.
Ishani enters Ranveer’s cabin with a envelope in her hand. she shows that to him.
Ranveer: what is this?
Ishani: Rithika bhabhi gave this to me.
Ranveer: what flight tickets to UK. for whom?
Ishani: for us.
Ranveer: for what?
Ishani: we need to Mr. khanna and we have to attend his birthday party next week.
Ranveer: y should we go?
Ishani: bcoz tomorrow bhaiya and bhabhi will go to temple.

Ranveer: OK sunny I will go. pls u don’t come.
Ishani: sorry Ranveer I will come. bcoz it is my boss’s order.
Ranveer: sunny I am ur boss.
Ishani: u r one of my boss.
Ranveer: OK fine I will pick up u tomorrow at 8.00 am
ishani smiles and leaves from his cabin.Ishani calls Rithika.
ishani: hello bhabhi. he agreed to come.
Rithika: OK ishani all the best.
Ishani: thank u bhabhi.
she cuts the call with smiling face.

at night in Ranveer’s room.
Ranveer is reading some files.
suddenly ishani comes there using window.

Ranveer: sunny. what r u doing here?
Ishani keeps her finger on his lips. she starts dancing with him. he also dances with her romantically. when song gets over, she kisses his lips.
Ranveer wakes from his sleep.
Ranveer (to himself): what kind of dream it is? y do I always think about her?

will Ranveer realise his love???????

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  1. Alisha Bhardwaj

    too many grammatical mistakes yar…. ese maza nhi ata padhne me. thoda improve karo or ache se likho. Rest, everything is amazing. story is better than the tv serial.

  2. awesome… please continue… just like you I also miss this show… and still watch it whenever I am free…

  3. Bhavani

    sorry Alisha for grammar mistakes I will try to correct it. thanks for commenting. I don’t know Hindi. pls comment in English.

  4. Bhavani

    thanks for anonymous

  5. Bhavani

    thanks for commenting anonymous

  6. Great going sis….. Ranveer’s dream was fantastic…. How’s ur health?? R u fully recovered now??

  7. Good going.

  8. RookeyRookers

    Waiting.. Waiting… Waiting… Eagerly…

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