MATSH: Our endless love (episode 6)

Sorry guys I couldn’t update episode 6 yesterday night bcoz I am having fever from yesterday night. Now also I have fever. But I don’t want to disappoint u so only I am writing.
Sharman calls ranveer
SHARMAN: hello rv.
RANVEER: hello sharman
SHARMAN: Did ishani come to office?
RANVEER: s she came. But she is going to resign.
SHARMAN: what? Resign? Y?
Rithika is hearing sharman.

Ranveer told him what had happened today.
Ranveer cuts the call.
RANVEER(in thoughts): why am I feeling upset?
He leaves from office.
SHARMAN: Rithika we have to leave from here? Ranveer and ishani fought. Ishani is going to resign. We need to stop ishani.
SHARMAN: thanks darling for understanding me. I love u.
RITHIKA: I love u too.
She smiles and goes to packup.

Next day,
Sharman and rithika comes to office.
Ishani comes there with resignation later.
RITHIKA: hi ishani.
ISHANI: Hi bhabhi.
RITHIKA: Where r u going?
ISHANI: I am going to give this resignation letter to Ranveer.
ISHANI: I can’t work with cheater.
RITHIKA: Who is cheater?

ISHANI: That ranveer.
RITHIKA: What? I think u misunderstand him. He didn’t cheat anyone. He don’t cheat anyone. He cant cheat anyone.
ISHANI: I know he is cheater. He cheated that disha.
RITHIKA: What disha? She only cheated sharman and left.
ISHANI: is it true?
RITHIKA: yah its true.

She smiles and runs towards ranveer cabin.
RANVEER: u want to resign right?
ISHANI: No I don’t want to. Sorry I called u cheater. Actually I misunderstood u.
RANVEER: no I don’t want to talk with u.pls resign this job.this is goodfor both.
ISHANI(with a cute smile): y should I go? This is sharman bhaiya’s office too. If he says me to leave, I will leave.
RANVEER: ok ur wish. Pls get out from my cabin.
RITHIKA: What happened ishani?

Ishani explains everything happened inside.
RITHIKA: why don’t u resign?
ISHANI: bcoz…………….
RITHIKA: u love him right?
ISHANI: S bhabhi. But I don’t know whether he will accept me or not.
Sharman comes inside.
SHARMAN: He will accept u bcoz he loves u.

ISHANI: R u sure bhaiya?
RITHIKA: s… its our duty to make him realize his love.
Screen freezes with happy face of rithika, sharman, ishani…..

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  1. Duva

    Hey cute epi take care of ur self take medicine and go for the doc

  2. Awsm back to see ishani TV conversation…

  3. Sweet and cute . Waiting for next

  4. Sweet and cute . Waiting for next. pls Make rv realise his love soon…

  5. Hey nice cute epi nd thanks for update but u need to take care of urself first. Take care nd get well soon.


    At last misunderstandings got cleared… waiting for the union of IshVeer….great going sis….b safe & sound???

  7. nice episode. First you take care about your health and then write episode.

  8. very nic..good going dear….

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