MATSH: Our endless love (episode 5)

Hi guys sorry I am late. if u can’t comment, pls don’t worry. I can understand. I won’t end or discontinue this ff.

Let’s start……
Ishani gets ready for office happily. she leaves to office.

in office,
Everyone: this ishaniis gone today.
Ishani goes to Ranveer’s cabin. Ranveer is checking some file. after seeing ishani , he gives a huge smile.
Ishani: Mr. Ranveer I came.
Ranveer: this time its OK. but try to come to office early.
Ishani: sure Mr. Ranveer .
Ranveer: y r u calling me Mr.Ranveer?
Ishani: how do I call?
Ranveer: call me Ranveer
Ishani: OK Mr. Ranveer. sorry Ranveer
Ranveer: that’s good u can go.
Ishani: OK Ranveer

Ishani turns and her shawl sticks to the table. both saw that and laugh like the cute children.
Ranveer comes near her and takes her shawl from the table he gives it to her.
both seeing each other eyes. their heart beat fast. they come closer to each other…..
screen shift to Sharman’s home
Rithika: packing is done.
She notices sharman’s smile.
Rithika: y r u this much happy?
Sharman: how can’t I be happy? I am going to honeymoon with my lovely wife.
Rithika: there is something else. pls tell me.
Sharman: I am thinking about Ranveer. he didn’t ask me about any staff. today hr called me and asked me about Ishani
Rithika: I can’t understand
Sharman: he called her “Sunny”. he didn’t call anyone with nicknames. but he called Ishani ” Sunny ” which means
Rithika: he falls for Ishani.
Sharman: but one problem. I don’t know anything personally. I don’t know whether she can love him or not.
Rithika: don’t worry. after coming from Paris, its my duty to patch up them.
Sharman and Rithika leaves.

Screen shifts to office.
Ishani and Ranveer come closer to each other. he holds her. she too holds him. suddenly ishani comes into senses and scold Ranveer badly.
Ishani: don’t try to take advantage on me. I am not that type of girl. don’t try to cheat could I come close to u? it was my mistake to join this cheater’s company. I want to resign.
Ranveer didn’t know what happened there.
Ranveer (to himself): what was I doing with her?
screen freezes with confused face of ishani and Ranveer.

I know its short I will update next episode today

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  1. Short and sweet. Dont separate them.

  2. Thanks for updating i was waiting for it dear and dont worry take ur own time nd update we will always support u. Nice epi i hope ishani’s misunderstandings get cleared soon. Take care bye

  3. Duva

    Awesome loved it


    Great going dude….but pls make IshVeer come close to each other s soon s possible pls…..clear all the misunderstandings between them?????….eagerly waiting for IshVeer union & love scenes…..b safe & sound

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