MATSH: Our endless love (episode 4)

in night, Ishani and Ranveer can’t get sleep. they move towards their windows of their respective rooms. Ishani sees Ranveer face in moon. Ranveer sees ishani face in moon.
they mesmerized by each other’s face.
after sometimes they come into senses.
in morning Ranveer wakes up at
8.00 am. he sees tlme and gets shocked.
Ranveer: Omg this much time I slept.
Ranveer hurriedly gets ready and leaves to office.
in office everyone wish him, “good morning sir”
but he doesn’t mind anyone and leaves to his cabin. he sees ishani’s cabin from his cabin immediately after reaching his cabin. he doesn’t find ishani there. he is worried abt ishani.
he calls Sharman
Sharman: hello rv.
Ranveer: hello Sharman y didn’t Ishani come to the office yet? do u know?
Sharman: I don’t know. is there anything important?
Ranveer: no
Sharman: then y r u asking for her?
Rv(in a managing tone): I don’t said no. I said s. actually I want some files that r with sunny.
Sharman: who is sunny?
Ranveer: who said sunny? I said Ishani. I think signal is weak.
Sharman: OK. u have her number right? u can call her.
Ranveer: that’s good Idea.
Ranveer calls Ishani. she doesn’t pick up his call. he is worried abt her.
Ranveer: what happened to ishani?
Ranveer continuously calls her and after 100 calls she picks up phone.
she is crying like a child in phone.
Ranveer: sunny what happened ? y r u crying? is there any problem? where r u.
Ishani: in home.
Ranveer: is there any problem in home?
Ishani: one problem but not in home in office.
Ranveer: sunny I am in office only there is no problem.
Ishani: problem is going to happen. she is crying continuously.
Ranveer: when?
Ishani: when I come to office?
Ranveer: y?
Ishani: today I woke up at 8’o clock. if I come to office. u will scold me bad. then I will cry. I feared to come to office.
Ranveer smiles cutely after seeing her innocence.
Ranveer: no problem u can come office now. I won’t scold u.
Ishani: really?
Ranveer: really come soon I am waiting for u.
Ishani: bye
Ranveer: bye
screen freezes with smiling face of Ishani and Ranveer.

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  1. Duva

    Hey plzzzzzz write the other one soon I loved it soooo much


    Oh thank GOD u have updated it……i thought like all other writers u have stopped writing… the way love is blossoming in Ishaani & Ranveer….pls clear Ishaani’s misunderstandings soon…..waiting for their love sessions….. B safe & sound???

  3. Beautiful epi dear, waiting them to realise their luv for eachother. Pls update next soon, take care..bye

  4. Nice

  5. Rookey Rookers

    Sorry for the very very very late update .
    I don’t know , if u know me or what . but , I am a silent reader of is ff , had tried to com. In ur updates …most times , but it failed all the times.
    Yes , write dear , we r here to read it !

  6. Waiting for next. Btw nice epi

  7. Wow. Very niz update Dr. Keep writing and take care

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