MATSH: Our Endless Love {Episode 19}

At evening, ishveer went to gondola ride {private boat ride in venice}.
During 30 mins gonodola ride,
Ishani: Ranveer this looks so beautiful.
Ranveer: yeah not more than you.
Ishani: am I look that much beautiful to your eyes ?
Ranveer: you are the only beautiful woman in this world to my eyes. You are my angel.
Ishani: let me be your angel always.
Ranveer: I have got something for you.
Ishani: what?
Ranveer: first close your eyes.
She closed her eyes. He took a parcel from his pocket and opened it. He took her hand and put a beautiful diamond watch in her hand. He kissed her hand. Ishani opened her eyes and saw that watch in her hand.
Ranveer: everytime you see this watch, you will remember your time is only for me.
Ishani: that much possessiveness!
Ranveer: yes. I am very possessive on you. Promise me you should spend your time only with me.
Ishani: I can’t promise.
Ranveer: why Ishani?

Ishani: may be after one or two years, I will spend my time mostly with someone else.
Ranveer: with whom?
Ishani: who knows? Maybe little Ranveer or little Ishani
Ranveer smiled cutely.
Ranveer: Ishani . you are talking about our child.
Ishani: Ranveer. You don’t want child?
Ranveer: who told you that I don’t want child?
Ishani: do you have any dreams about our kids?
Ranveer: not yet. You?
Ishani: we will have 2 kids. First a boy like me and a girl like you. I will name a boy Ishveer and name a girl Erisha.
Ranveer: Ishveer and Erisha. Very nice names. Why did you choose these names?
Ishani: there is a reason behind these names.
Ranveer: what reason?
Ishani: my name is Ishani and your name is Ranveer. Take first 3 letter of my name and take last last 4 letter of your name and combine these.
Ranveer: ish and veer. Yeah ishveer!
Ishani: then erisha. Combine last 2 letter of yours and first four letter of mine.
Ranveer: Ishani it is splendid. My wife has super brain.
Ishani: because I am ranveer’s wife.
After 30 minutes, their ride came to an end.
At 5.35, they went to see sunset at lagoon shore at the Giardini Pubblici in Castello. They saw a A hot pink sky behind the famous skyline of Venice at 6.05 pm.they saw the most beautiful view. They took a selfi in the sunset. They enjoyed that beautiful view together. Their tourist dropped them in academia bridge.
Tourist: sir this is the best honeymoon couples will propose to eachother. It is the best place to propose in the world. Greg Wise proposed to Emma Thompson on the Accademia Bridge. You go and enjoy. I am waiting for you here.

Ranveer and Ishani came out from car. They walked together hand in hand.
Ranveer: Ishani did you hear what he said?
Ishani: yeah.
Ranveer: I am really excited.
Ishani: for what?
Ranveer: you are going to propose me today.
Ishani:who told you that I am going to propose you?
Ishani:you only propose me everytime. Now also you are going to propose me.
Ranveer: oh come on Ishani. Everytime I am proposing you, you just nod your head or say yes. Atleast today propose me Ishani.
Ishani: no I can’t.
Ranveer: you girls don’t know how to propose.
Ishani: if you want to tease me, just tease me. Don’t tease every girls.
Ranveer: I said a truth. Even in films and shows also, boy will propose a girl.
Ishani: Mr. Ranveer Vaghela don’t underestimate the power of women. We know everything.
Ranveer: then prove it.
Ishani: okay I will propose. Let me impress you by my proposal.
Ranveer: okay propose me.
Ishani: wait give me ten minutes. I need to plan.
Ranveer:okay take your own time.
Ishani was planning. Ranveer was admiring her cuteness. She bought a rose from a seller.
She gave it to Ranveer and pulled him so closer to her and stated to speak
“I want to be your motivation, inspiration, and everything in between.
I want to be the reason for your smile, the one who turns your frown upside down As I think on the things that I so admire about you,
I admire:
Your undoubted love for me.
You are my first thought in the morning
My last thought at night

This is our destiny, our belonging, our fulfillment is to be One.
For I know that you love me, and that our love is true
I love you so much my hubby..”
She hugged him tightly. Tum hi ho plays
Ranveer: I am so happy now Ishani. I am not a person who underestimate girls. I am sorry for that. I just wanted to hear it from you.
Ishani: I knew it Ranveer.
Ranveer: I love you too Ishani.
Ishani: Ranveer close your eyes.
Ranveer: for what?
Ishani: I have a surprise for you
Ranveer closed his eyes.she gave him a parcel. He opened it and saw a framed photo of them which he painted.
Ranveer: when did you frame this?
Ishani: I asked our tourist to frame this. I thought of giving it to you in a special moment` so only I gave it now.
Ranveer and Ishani went to their hotel. He arranged candle light dinner in the terrace. They feed each other.ranveer went to washroom. Ishani mistakenely drank a glass of wine.without knowing that is wine. She had a full bottle. Ranveer came and shocked to see her in drunken state. suddenly it started to rain. Ishani started to dance. She pulled Ranveer so close to her. they danced in rain so romantically. Their romance got disturbed by ishani’s sneeze.
Ranveer: Ishani what happened to you?
Ishani: nothing Ranveer.
She sneezed again.

Ranveer: what nothing? You got cold. Come with me. Don’t stand in rain.
Ishani and Ranveer went to room. Ranveer took a towel and dried her hair. He took a dress and asked her to change her dress.
Ishani: no I can’t. you change my clothes.
Ranveer: Ishani you drunk so much. So listen to me. Go and change your clothes.
Ishani: no I don’t go.
Without any other way. Ranveer switched off the lights and changed her clothes. She slep nd fell on his arms. He took her n his arms and made her sleep in bed. He laid next to her.
@ midnight, Ishani was shivering in cold. Ranveer switched on the light. He touched her forehead. She had high temperature.ranveer took a first aid box and gave her a tablet. He called receptionist.
Ranveer: I am rv here. My wife has high fever. Please send a doctor to room no. 777.
Receptionist: sorry sir doctors will be available at morning only.
Ranveer called their tourist and asked them for a doctors phone number. He gave a number of a doctor prem. He called his number. His number was unreachable. Ranveer tried his number continuously. Finally he attended his call. He convinced that doctor to come to his hotel room. Doctor came and checked Ishani.
Doctor: nohing to worry mr. Rv. She got fever because of cold. She will be alright within a day. Give these tablets to her. ask her to take rest for a day.
Doctor left. Ranveer sat near her. he caressed her hair and slept in a sleeping position. Next morning Ranveer woke up. He ordered coffee for them. He woke hr up and gave a coffee to her.
Ishani: good morning Ranveer.
Ranveer: are you okay now?
Ishani: my head is paining. What happened yesterday night?
Ranveer explained every incident.
Ranveer: tomorrow morning we have flight to Mumbai. This climate is not for your health.
Ishani: Ranveer I am sorry. I spoilt our honeymoon.
Ranveer: Ishani your health is important to me than anything
Screen frees with smiling face of ishveer
I am really sorry I have exams. So I cant update. I will be after November 13 th. But I will try to update in between.

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