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Chapter 5-Dream come true

It was already a moon. It was almost a fortnight as it was new moon’s day. Two moons left. Which means he had only two months left.

You kidding me?! Only two freaking months!!

“I can find her. And I will.” Arjun’s inner conscience said.

Though he was confident that he’d find her. He was growing restless. His wolf was on the verge of dominating his human form. Arjun had shifted to his wolf form almost everyday and ran out. He kept running to the place where he had dreamt of seeing his lady love. His mate… Their mate… And waited for hours for her to turn up there. Used to go back to the Pack House disappointed in the morning after Aashi’s call. There was a change in him. He turned more responsible. He could control his temper. Most important thing!! He stopped having flings… Stopped bedding girls..

But there was something that got everyone worried. He was depressed. He was turning silent. Going into the “introvert mode”. Arjun started to drink his way through the night. He cursed himself for not trying hard. And now fate was testing him. Radhika started to come and go. Arjun had no problem with it. He admired Radhika and smiled thinking of how she controlled him. That day in the mall… Bliss. She even bought him to control in front of everyone in the Pack House. Neil was worried of Arjun’s state. Neil decided to talk to him.

One morning, Aashi came to Neil. He was in his office working. It was work at home for him. He wanted to spend time with Sam. He had been traveling to and fro as their company was opening a new branch in UK. Aashi came up to the door when she saw Neil walking towards Sam. She wanted to give them some privacy as they hadn’t been able to make up time for each other. She was about to walk away, Sam’s voice stopped her.

Sam said “Aashi come in.”

Neil scowled as she pulled away. Aashi saw this and felt bad. She had ruined her brother’s perfect moment.

Aashi said “it’s k. I’ll come later. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to….” she trailed off and tears started to fill her eyes.

Neil ran to her in his supernatural speed and hugged her tight. All Aashi kept mumbling was she was sorry. Neil kissed the top of her head and kept rubbing her back. Sam kept watching with a worried look on her face.

He said “ssshhh… princess. Stop crying. Now tell me what it is. Why are you crying? Sorry for what?”

Aashi said gulping down her tears ” I’m sorry that I spoilt your romantic moment. You both haven’t spent quality time with each other and here I am interrupting the perfect moment. I’m sorry Neil bhaiya. Sorry Sam” and wept hard.

Neil chuckled and pulled her out of his embrace and wiped her tears. Aashi was a kid to him. His everything. It pained him to see her cry. That too for him.

Neil said “nothing is more important to me than you my princess.”

She said as she pouted “I want chocolate.”

He chucked harder, made her sit on the sofa and went to his desk and pulled out his drawer and took out a huge Dairy Milk Silk bar and gave it to her. She took it happily and started to eat it. She popped a few blocks into Neil and Sam’s mouths.

She she kept eating, Neil asked “what’s the matter princess?”

She answered without a blink “Arjun.”

He asked “what about him?”

She said “he’s spoiling himself. I know he’s depressed, it’s not a good sign.”

Neil let out a sigh and said “I know Aashi. I just donno what to do.”

She said “all I know is he dreams of his dream girl every night and feels her presence and runs to the place he had seen her. He had seen it only in his dream though.”

Neil asked “which place is that?”

Aashi said “I donno. I kinda followed him that night and he was running towards the lake in our territory. It’s the one which even the Chandramaans use. It’s a common one. I forgot the name of the lake. Wait… Oh, I got it. Suryachandra.”

The lake had this name as both the rivals were given access to the lake by their ancestors. As the Aghastyaas were devotees of the Sun God.. the part Surya was given. And as the Chandramaas worshipped the Moon goddess.. the part Chandra.. hence giving the Suryachandra.

Neil said “then his mate is either from our pack or the Chandramaa pack. Both of them are unaware of the feelings they’re sharing. I know even the girl will be having some pull, attraction towards him.”

Aashi let out a sigh as she heard it. Neil was sharp. He could guess and analyse things well. She was afraid to tell him of Radhika. Her mood just went off. Neil saw her worried and was trying knots with her dupatta. How could she tell him about Radhika?! She could talk about it to Neil. But not Arjun. He hated the Chandramaas from the core of his heart He made her look up by holding her chin with his finger.

He asked “what is it Aashi?”

Sam said “yeah Aashi please tell. Your silence is killing us. You can share your worries with us.”

Aashi blurted out “Radhu.”

Neil exclaimed “what?!”

Aashi closed her eyes, let out a sigh and said “mate.”

Neil asked “what?!” shocked.

Sam asked “is it that? Is what I’m thinking right?”

Sam’s eyes widened as Aashi nodded in agreement. She was happy. She understood that Arjun had been dreaming of Radhika and the blockhead Neil just sat there looking at the two beautiful women of his life exchange smiles. Wide ones.

He mind linked them “enough you both. Are you both going to tell me or you want me to use methods?”

The girls burst out laughing. Sam gave a peck on Neil’s lips and nodded her head smiling. He was an amazing person, but lacked it here and there.

Sam said “Radhika is his mate.”

Neil’s eyes almost popped out. He gasped at it. He had his left hand covering his mouth and ran his fingers through his dark locks. He had a tensed look on his face. Now Aashi and Sam looked worried.

He said “if that’s so I can’t do anything. He hates the Chandramaas. How can this happen? I’m happy for him, but I just donno how he’ll react when he realises it. Aashi how do you know it’s Radhika?! You sure?!”

Aashi said “yes bhaiya I’m 100% sure. No 200%. It’s because she told me. She too dreams of her mate every night. She’s made a sketch of him. But it has his back towards her. I saw it. I found out it’s Arjun. I didn’t know how to tell her. She hates him. They had a very bad first meet. Argh.. And him!! How can I tell him?! The same here. They both have fallen for each other without knowing who it is. Damn. This is harder than I thought. Hope they both face each other and all of their hatred just vanishes into thin air.”
Neil said “this is way too complicated. Why does it have to be like this for him?”

A voice said “complicated? For whom and what?”

The three of them turned to the door and saw Arjun there. They didn’t know what to say. The watched him as be came in.

Arjun laughed and asked “why are you all looking at me like that? It’s like you’ve all seen a ghost. Am I looking that bad?”

Neil composed himself and asked “what is it Arjun?”

He said “it’s full moon’s night today. I wanted to ask if you people wanted to go on a run with me.”

Aashi gasped as the mention of full moon. The other two looked at her and understood. Arjun just stood and watched them.

Neil said “I’m going on a dinner with Sam. It’s been so long.”

Sam said “yeah Arjun. We planned just a while back. Sorry.”

Arjun said “it’s k. You guys need to spend time. Aashi what about you?”

Aashi said “no bhai. I’m not in the mood.”

Arjun said pained “it’s k. I’ll go all by myself. It’s better.”

He left and the other three heaved a sigh of relief. They felt so bad to see him hurt. He smiled, but only his loved ones knew of the pain he held behind that smile. Just to cover it up. He was unsuccessful.

Arjun thought of going to the lake side again. Just in case she dropped by. At the same time Radhika thought to go to the lake to have a bath. It had been long. It was dangerous too. As the Aghastyaas would be patrolling at that time. They’ll kill her in first glance.

She said “maa I’m going to the lake tonight. It’s full moon night too.”

Her mom said “be careful.”

Her dad said “if you see any Aghastyaan, just howl. I know you can handle it, but still just in case.”

She said “yes papa.”

She thought “where are you my mate? When will I find you? Or when will you find me? I hope I can see you tonight.”

When it was night time, Radhika picked up extra clothes and left. She shifted and ran. Her beautiful soft white fur with orange eyes. She reached the lake and got into the water. She shifted into her human form and enjoyed playing in the water. The cool water sent chills down her spine. It soothed her warm skin. Little did she know that there was a pair of eyes that was keenly watching her.

Arjun was so happy to see his mate. He stood and watched her play in the water. It was the sight he had dreamt of. Her long wet hair. Her wet body glistening in the moonlight. He wanted to get into the water and pick her up and run far away and keep her all for himself. He didn’t want to scare her. He stood and waited. Waited for her to turn and show herself. He didn’t care if she was naked. Once. Just one glimpse. She started to turn. Her long hair covered her br*asts and she came out of the water. He saw her!! It shocked him as he saw Radhika coming from the water. He couldn’t believe it. She was the girl he had been dreaming of.

His wolf jumped in joy “MATE!! My mate!! Our mate!!”

He smiled. He had fallen deep for his enemy. The girl whom had insulted three and a half months ago. Her scent was like a drug. So addictive. She wiped herself and wore her clothes. She then heard rustling of the leaves. She didn’t care of it and walked to the place where she had dreamt of meeting her mate. She kept walking. The rustling of leaves continued. She didn’t fear. She was ready to fight. She was brave. She stopped in her tracks and looked up to have a look a full moon in the dark sky. She smiled and winked at it. She kept walking and saw someone standing there. She went to him and stood behind him. Arjun could sense her. Her scent it was. It was so hard for him to control. She had maintained a good amount of distance between the two of them. She was so happy. There he was. Standing in front of her. Perfect body. He stood there only in his shorts. His muscles in perfect view. His toned skin glistening in the moonlight. She found her mate!! Finally!!

Her wolf said “mate!! Mate!! Go kiss him now!! Right now!!”

She laughed at herself for being so desperate. Being horny. Lol. She was happy that he wasn’t a human. His scent said it. It was addictive. But it was familiar. She couldn’t figure out who it was. She walked towards him and let out a breath closing her eyes. All the while Arjun kept smiling. He just couldn’t stop smiling. She opened her eyes and placed her hand on his bare shoulder. It sent tingling sensations through her and the same for him. She blushed and the smile on her face was wide. She was going to meet him. She turned him around and slowly. He faced her. She saw him finally!! She gasped at the sight. Standing in front of her was Arjun. Who was smiling at her. The person she hated the most. Her smile dropped instantly. She dropped her hand and started moving backwards.

She said “no!! This cannot happen. NO!!”

She thought “I feel for him. The playboy. The beast. Why does fate have to be so cruel?!”

Arjun felt bad. It hurt him when he saw her moving away. He didn’t want to lose her. She was his. To be with forever. He went to her her and pulled her to him. She hit his bare chest and tried to move away. But he held her tight in his arms.

She screamed “let me go!!”

He said “mate. My mate.”

She said “never!!”

He said “sorry sweetheart you’re mine.”

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