Mate-A werewolf love story (Chapter 4)

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Chapter 4- The unexpected meet

Aashi just stood there and watched her brother sway in happiness. She was happy, but was not at the same time. What about Radhika?! That’s what kept ringing in her mind. Radhika was a good girl. Radhika would never fall for him, but she did unknowingly. She hated him for his arrogant, rude attitude. They had met once. Like two months back. It was an unexpected one.

Two months ago……

Aashi was shocked as Arjun was going to drop her to college. It was Neil who always dropped her. She kept thinking of what to do. Radhika would always wait for her in the parking lot. If Arjun saw her, he’d find out that she too is a werewolf and is from the rival pack. He knew she was from the same college, but hadn’t met her. If he does, he’d surely kill her. If not kill, attack her and hurt her bad. She feared a lot.

Most of the packs knew Radhika as she was a very good warrior, kind hearted, very helpful, her down to earth nature had made the rival packs to be friends. And the most important thing…. She deserved to be the Alpha of her pack. Which she refused and wanted to give the position to her cousin Veer. He too was deserving.

Arjun was the only person who never knew if Radhika. Though she was his cousin’s best friend, he hated her. She was their rival. In both business and in packways.

She asked “Arjun why are you coming?”

He said “to drop you off to college.”

She said “I can go by myself.”

He said “no princess.”

She said “Arjun please.”

He said “NO.”

She asked “why?”

He said “cause I’m the Alpha. You’re my princess and I want you safe.”

She said “I can take care of myself.”

He said “I’ll drop you till Neil is back.”

She scrunched her nose and her forehead creased. She wanted to stop him. Neil had no problem with Radhika and they were good friends. Arjun was not like that. She didn’t want them to meet up and have an argument or things to go worse and find out that they were werewolves.

She said “I’m no kid and I can take care of myself. I’m big enough to keep myself safe.”

He asked “what is your problem with me coming along?! You let Neil drop always.”

She said “he’s different. Not like you. Now tell me, why you so concerned about me? Want to drop me?! Aren’t you supposed to be busy with your business? Cutting me out always. Whenever I asked, you declined. Why now?!”

He said “that was a different time. Now I want to spent time with you. Know everything. I know I was a jerk at that time. I’m sorry. I wanna make up to it now.”

She said “I’m happy that you realized. But still I don’t want you to come.”

He said annoyed “I’m coming with you. That’s final. I’m dropping you. Period.”

She knew that no one can win him. She sighed and nodded her head. Arjun drove her off to college and they reached in a while. Both of them got off the car and Arjun came to her and hugged her. Just then Radhika came to her.

She screamed “Aashi!!”

She stopped herself seeing her hug a guy. She didn’t know it was Arjun. He cousin. She couldn’t see Arjun as his back was towards her. She wanted to give them some privacy. She turned around to go, just then Aashi and Arjun broke their hug and saw her walking away. Aashi was happy that they didn’t meet and gave out a sigh of relief. What he did shocked her.

Arjun called out “hello!! Excuse me.. The girl in blue colour crop top with long hair!! Stop.”

Radhika stopped in her tracks. She knew that he was calling out to her. Aashi was shocked. Trouble coming up!!

She thought “oh no!! This is bad!! No no no.. No no no no no no no… Aashi do something. Stop this.”

She said “Arjun bhaiya I think it’s time for you to go. Bye.”

Arjun stooped Aashi and made her stand next to him. Radhika stood in her spot. Frozen. He waited for her to turn around. And she did. Finally. Aashi facepalmed herself. She cursed destiny.

Arjun said in a cold voice “come here.”

Radhika got annoyed. Who the hell was he to order her and talk on such a manner. They had never met before. She made up her mind to go for Aashi.

She thought “what an idiotic boyfriend!! Doesn’t know how to talk to others. The nerve of him to talk to me like that. How did she fall for this guy?! Wait… Didn’t she like my cousin Veer?! Had a huge crush on him. What’s going on?!”

She kept walking with these thoughts running in her head. She then went to them and stood in front of Arjun. She then looked up at him and snarled. She got his scent. Werewolf. He was a werewolf. It didn’t please her. She felt her wolf growing even more aggressive. Aashi ran to her and calmed her down. Arjun too found out and gave the same reaction. He found out that she was a Chandramaan and her being Radhika.

Aadi hissed “you!!”

Radhika snapped “you don’t even know how to talk to a woman. I donno how she is bearing you.”

He snapped “you Chandramaan!! I’ll kill you!!”

Aashi said “stop it!!”

She turned to Radhika and said “Radhu he’s my cousin Arjun. Alpha of the Aghastyaa pack. My pack.”

Radhika rolled her eyes. So, the playboy had come to drop his sister to college. She didn’t want make a scene. She knew how he was. Arjun saw her rolling her eyes at him and got angry. Not even a single woman had rejected him. He wanted to pull her in his embrace and crush his lips on her mercilessly and bed her. The only thing that stopped him was she was a Chandramaan.

Radhika asked “where’s Neil?”

Aashi said “he’s gone to a business meeting.”

Radhika asked “and Sam?”

Aashi said “obviously with him.”

Radhika laughed and said “knew it.”

Radhika turned to Arjun extending her hand out to him and said “oh!! Hello there. So, you are Arjun. Nice to meet you.”

He said disgustedly “I have no time for such pathetic people.”

Radhika’s eyes stung with tears. She pulled her hand back balling her fists. It hit her hard. No one had spoken to her like that. She clutched her books hard to her chest and looked at him angrily. Aashi snarled at Arjun. Radhika quickly wiped her tears and turned to Aashi. Aashi was a very short tempered girl. Her wolf would pop out any minute. Her eyes started to change colour. Her eyes turned black from sea green. Arjun too saw and feared the situation. Radhika held her tight and rubbed her palms gently.

Aashi to herself “the nerve of him!! How dare he. I’ll never let anyone talk to her or insult her like this. No one has spoken to her like this. I’ll kill him!! Rip him apart. I don’t care if he’s my brother.”

Radhika said in a serious tone “Aashi!! Look at me.. Into my eyes. Calm down baby. Deep breaths. Count to ten come on. With me.”

Aashi stared deep into Radhika’s eyes. Arjun kept watching. Aashi did start to calm down. Well a little. Radhika started to count.

10…. 9…. 8….. 7….

Aashi’s eyes changed back to normal. But she was angry.

6…. 5…. 4….

She started to take deep breaths. Started to calm even more.

3…. 2…. 1….

Aashi was breathing hard. She was normal. She looked up at Radhika who was all normal and was smiling down at her with her face in her hands. The both of them hugged immediately. Arjun was happy that she was back to normal. His jaw clenched when he saw them both hugging. He pulled Aashi to his side and snarled again at Radhika.

He ordered “stay away from my sister you b*t*h.”

Radhika asked “if I’m a b*t*h, then what are you?!”

She hissed “pervert. Playboy. You know nothing other than bedding a woman and breaking her heart.”

He said “how dare you!!”

She said pointing her finger at him “lower your voice Mr. Mehra. You may be an Alpha, but it’s only for your pack. Not me. So, don’t you dare raise your voice at me.”

He screamed “you!!”

She said “naah. That’s not it. Lower your voice. I don’t know how your mate’s gonna bear you. I even doubt if you’ll have one.”

Arjun had no answer. He just kept staring at her. Aashi didn’t like what was happening. She kept watching them both stare at each other intensely in a very uncomfortable silence. It was like a competition, waiting for the opponent to blink. Just then the bell rang pulling them out of their heated stare. Both the girls walked off leaving an angry Arjun behind.


Arjun was no more the old self. He hated touching other women. Even though he went on for one night stands, he couldn’t let the other women come near him. They’re touch disgusted him. Even since he started dreaming of his lady love, he couldn’t do it. All he wanted was her. Though he didn’t know her. He was determined to find her. Have her with him. In his arms. Forever. For eternity.

Days passed and he grew impatient. He went to a mall with Aashi one day as she kept compelling him. As she was trying out clothes and Arjun kept giving her reactions, he clashed to someone. As she was about to fall, he caught her and pulled her to his embrace. He face buried deep into his chest. Her lips that moved involuntarily on his skin sent tingling sensations. He loved her touch. Her scent. He then realized. Wait a minute…. It was a familiar scent.

She pulled away and looked up at him. She was about to say something, she stopped as she saw him. He too then saw her. It was Radhika. She scowled at him as she rolled her eyes. He just smiled at her. He didn’t know why, he just did. He kept staring at her. Her voice broke him from his dreamworld.

She said “excuse me.”

He said “huh.”

She said “please move. You’re blocking my way.”

He turned around and saw that he was blocking her entry to the trial room. He looked down at her. She was wearing shorts and a crop top. She was beautiful. She had a pile of clothes in her hands. Most of them being short dresses. He scowled as he saw that.

He asked “do you intentionally pick such clothes so that we men go on our knees?” as he showed a backless silver sequin dress she had picked.

Rashi hissed “none of your concern.”

He got angry now. His wolf was being provoked. His eyes turned pitch black from hazel brown. She saw him and feared. Her hand instantly went to his cheek and cupped it. Her touch was heavenly. He closed his eyes and bent his head as he felt her hand on his left cheek. She then put her right other hand and cupped his right cheek. He caught hold of her waist with one hand and pulled her closer. His other hand pushed off a stand of her from her face and tucked it behind her ear. He looked deep into her eyes and came back to control. Her one hand went to his hair and caressed it. He was back to normal. It felt heavenly to have her in his arms. Their faces were close to each other. Breaths mingled. Lips hardly inches apart. She then pulled away and set herself right. He scowled as she pulled away.

She then said “like I said none of your concern.”

He said “please no.”

She said “I’m buying this” and smirked.

She then pushed him off and went into the trial room. She finished trying and came out. Aashi too came out at the same time. Both of the girls greeted each other and went off, leaving Arjun alone. He thought of what happened between them and smiled. He was back to control, but wanted her in his arms. He hated it when she pulled away. He ran his fingers through his hair smiling. Well that was another unexpected meet.


Now the prologue ….

I threw the papers at his face. This was what he wanted right? So, let it be.

“Here you are. The papers with my signatures” I screamed.

It hurt a lot. Why couldn’t he just think about it?


He always had his ways to get around with things. I fought hard. But, couldn’t change him. I lost to the challenge he had put forth. He must be laughing at my state now.

How I wish I had never married him.

I look up to him hurt and sad. But why?

What does he want now?

He wanted my signatures on the divorce papers. He wanted me for three months.

It’s not even three months!!

“Sahana just listen to me once. Please” he pleaded.

Why is he pleading now? What more?

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Please stay” he pleaded.

“Why?” I asked.

“I need you. Im nothing without you. Please Sahana” he pleaded again.

All I could do was look up at him in shock. Did he just say he wanted me? No no… Need me!! Why? I’ve given him my everything. Does he feel so happy hurting me that he wants me to stay.

Oh, I get it. No entertainment. There’ll be no one to cook for him if I leave. Maybe so. But this time, I’m not bending the way he always does.


That’s it for today.. Hope you all liked it.. Bye.. Love you all loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

Up next: Chapter-5

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