Mate-A werewolf love story (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3- Him

He be the man. He was. He is. And will be. He was the man every girl would dream of having her arms forever. Well built physique, with the height of 6’5, face with zero humor. Marble cut features, but had the magic of making every girl fall for him.

He was rude. He had things done the way he wanted. He never believed in love and commitment. He onlyย wanted physical pleasure. Could take any girl to bed with him. It was common for an Alpha. They and their flings. This is what his pack members hated. He was twenty one. He had all the abilities to find a mate, but he didn’t. He just didn’t try harder. Which is what everyone thought. But it wasn’t that. It was his fear. Fear of losing a loved one. He had seen his father break down four years ago. She died of illness. It was not only illness. She died while fighting to save her pack. His father couldn’t take it. He broke down. He wasn’t who he was after she died. Everything changed. He wasn’t in the state of taking up the duty of being an Alpha. That’s why Arjun given the duty of being an Alpha at the tender age of seventeen.

He did it well. With Neil by side nothing was impossible. They were the best of friends. Though they were cousins, theyย were more of friends. Till time came. He stated to hate Neil. Neil was the Beta of the pack. They asked Arjun to handover the position as Neil had found his mate. But Arjun refused . He had worked so hard for it. And Aashi was a handful for both of them. They both loved their sister to infinity’s. They could kill for her. Aashi was the best tracker of her pack. Arjun was against her being the tracker as they had a lot of rivals.

Arjun hated the thing that Aashi had a friend from the rival pack. The Chandramaas. He hated them. The daughter of the Alpha of that pack was her best friend. He was surprised that they didn’t harm her till now, knowing that she was from the rival pack.ย 

He found it very tough to keep his wolf under control. The wanting of mate kept growing higher. His wolf was very much desperate for his mate. This was one of the reason for his aggressiveness to grow higher. His human side didn’t want a mate, but his wolf craved for one.

But something unusual used to happen to him. Which he himself couldn’t figure out. He felt someone talking to him. A female voice. Her voice was sweet. He loved her voice. Loved to listen to it all the time. When the voice stopped, he’d go restless. His wolf would go mad. She too was desperate for him. He felt it from her voice. He felt secure, calm and loved the feelings that ran through him whenever he heard her voice. He could feel her touch too. He could feel that she was somewhere near him. He couldn’t figure out where.

This all happened when Radhika spoke to Arjun’s portrait and caressed it. Little did he know that he’d fallen for the girl he hated. His cousin’s best friend.

All he could hear was the voice. Her saying “when will I meet you my mate? I can’t wait any longer.

Then a pause.

She’d speak again “I know you’ll come for me one day. You will meet me the same way I meet you in my dreams. I want to see you as soon as possible. Love you. Bye. I got to go.”

He said “no!! Don’t go!! Please tell me who you are. I want you. So badly. And I know that you too want me. I’ll make you mineย  whatever it takes. These three moons will be more than enough for me to find you.”

He’d too dreamt of her. His mate. He couldn’t see her face. Every single detail of her’s made his crave even more. For him she was perfection. His everything. He wanted to mark her his soon. For lifetime…. Forever. Mind, body and soul. His for eternity. Every time in his deam when she was about to reveal herself, some or the other thing would happen. He’d wake up or be woken up.

All he could see in his deam was his girl in the lake under the moonlight. Undressed. With her back towards him. She had the perfect structure. Hair that was long. Till her waist that floated in the water behind her. Her wet skin that glistened in the moonlight under the stars and the cool wind making her shiver and enjoy herself. It was a sight to watch.

He to himself “where are you sweetheart? Where are you? Who are you?! Why do you have so much effect in me?! Do you too feel the same way I feel for you?!”

He said loudly “don’t worry. I’ll find you soon. Make you mine forever. You’ll be my Luna. I’m coming for you darling. Just hang on.”

He smiled wide and feel on his bed. He felt relieved. He was going to look for his girl. Aashi who was about to enter his room heard this and stood there shocked. Arjun liked someone. Neil and Sam who too were at the door heard this and smiled. They left from there releived with happy faces.

Aashi thought “what if it is some other girl?! What if it’s not Radhu?! He Surya bhagvaan (Sun God)!! What is happening?! Is he thinking of Radhu or not?! I came to talk to him about her and he is ranting all these things. She loves him though she doesn’t know who he is. Please do something.”

Arjun not knowing of his deam girl had fallen for her. For the past three weeks. These feelings growing in him. He is determined to get her for himself. Mark her as his. Little did he know that it was the person whom he hates the most.

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