Mate- A werewolf love story (Chapter 1)


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Chapter 1- Just Three Moons

“You have only three moons to find yourself a mate. Get me?! Only three MOONS.” said one of the elderly members of the pack.

It was a pack meeting being held. Arjun stood in front of them all. The advisors of the pack. His father Raj Mehra, who was the ex Alpha sat in between them all. HeΒ  looked worried. His son was the rightful person. Took up the humongous task of bring an Alpha at the age of eighteen. Now he was twenty-one.

Arjun asked “why? Why can’t I just live my life?! Is it so necessary?”

Raj Mehra said “yes my son. It is necessary.”

He asked “to find a mate in just three moons?! That’s impossible!!”

The council member said “you’re the Alpha of the pack. And you’re twenty one. All the Alphas find their mates at the age of eighteen or nineteen. Max twenty. The pack needs a Luna to support the Alpha in his moves and activities. It is necessary.”

He rolled his eyes at them. He asked “why?!”

The member said “cause you’re the Alpha. If not, then step down from the position and hand it over to Neil. He’s the next one eligible and is way more responsible. He’sΒ found his mate.”

Arjun scowled as he saw Neil, who was his cousin. More than a cousin, he was his best friend. He was standing in one corner with his mate Samaira. She was a warrior from the neighborhood pack. She was a sweet person. Neil respected her and loved her for who she was. Everyone loved her. She had shifted to their pack two weeks ago. Arjun was happy for Neil that he got his mate, but he was angry when he was told to withdraw his position to Neil. Just because he didn’t have a mate by his side and Neil did. What the hell ?!

Neil interrupted “please forgive me. I don’t want the position. Arjun deserves it. He’s worked hard for it. To prove himself. I’m sure he’ll find his mate. Three moons are more than enough. All the best Arjun.”

Arjun said “I don’t want to.”

Neil said “it’s the best feeling. You just can’t stay away from her. She’ll be the only one who can give you all the love you need.”

Arjun snapped “enough of it. Let me live my life.”

The council member said “withdraw from the Alpha post. Hand it over Neil.”

Arjun screamed “no!!”

He felt his wolf turning aggressive. He had to take him down. Control him. It was necessary. Else the consequences would be too much to bear. His eyes started to turn black. Claws popping out, fur appearing. Everyone were frightened. They knew nothing could stop him if he was angry or if his wolf came out. Only he could tame himself. Neil could do it, if not for him. But now that he started to hate him, he couldn’t even come near him. Ever since the mate talk came he had turned even more aggressive. Arjun closed his eyes and clenched his fists. He let his wolf calm. It took time.

Neil ran to him and asked “you alright?”

Arjun didn’t say a thing. Neil took a step back sensing the heat waves. Sam worried of Arjun’s condition. He was turning even more aggressive. It was the effect of not finding his mate. If he doesn’t make it on time, it’ll not be easy to tame him. She came to Neil and pulled him a bit back. She didn’t want a fight between the brothers. They all waited for him to calm down. It was silent. Too silent. They feared if he’d calm down. Arjun slowly felt himself calm down. He opened his eyes and gave out a smile. All of them felt relieved. But still feared of his condition.

Neil asked “you alright?”

Arjun said “yeah Neil I’m fine.”

Sam said “bhaiya I’m so happy to see you fine. Please get a Luna soon. I want a sister. A best friend. I feel lonely here.”

Arjun said “IΒ will. Someday.”

Sam’s face fell. Arjun couldn’t take it. He made up his mind. He then saw his pack. They were too desperate to have their Luna.

Arjun asked “you sure I can make it?!”

Neil said with a confident smile “yeah sure you can.”

Arjun then turned towards the council members and said “I accept it. I’ll find a mate within three moons. I’ll get your Luna.”

Everyone loved the determination he had in him. They wished him luckΒ  and the council was dispersed.

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Up next: Chapter 2

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