The mate (Part 4)

Hi to everybody!long time but I’m back with another update of mine. I hope u guys are understanding the story . This is short but I’ve been under writer’s block. Hope u guys enjoy it , and don’t forget to comment.

“Well , students looks like u have a new friend and I have a new student to inspire. This is arjun mehra , he will be part of this class for this year . Mr. Mehra please take ur seat .” Hearing this all the girls tried to find space next to them .Daniya pushed her friend to the first bench and mad a space besidess her . But arjun walked towards the middle bench . Radhika glanced beside her to see that the seat next to her was empty . Arjun was staring at her . His eyes like magnet that she couldn’t take her eyes off him .Warmth spread through her body as he placed himself next to her , and she gasped as she realised that her body had gained its usual pace, but her heart was beating fast . She didn’t dare look at him. He would engulf her with his crystal eyes . She would want to kiss him breathless , run her hands through his body . She wanted so much to taste his sweet manly blood. Her fangs craved to seep down his throat . “Hi I am Kevin .” She turned to see Kevin forward his hand towards Admin. She raised her eyebrows at Kevin. “Oh and this is radhika . My friend and the most intelligent and beautiful woman of our class” Kevin said smirking at her. Radhika put out her tongue at him . Suddenly she heard his raspy voice “Nice to meet u Kevin , I am arjun” and he added in a very seductive voice “ and to you beautiful. ..” Radhika startled . Her eyes met his , the air was suddenly hot . She couldnt look down . Her eyes gravitated through his face. He was handsome as always , but his face showed that he was weak . She felt a pang of guilty . But his ability to make Her swoon had just increased . Her body felt relaxed ,she was suddenly in the clouds . She was alone with him . With her mate . With the one . Suddenly Kevin cleared his throat causing them to come out of their raptures. Arjuin eyed Kevin angrily eyes. It had been long since they had ever had a moment like that . But everytime they had ended up kissing . He was glad it hadn’t reached there . But he would steal a kiss ….

As the bell rang Radhika slowly looked up to him , to see him gathering his books. He looked aroud her to see everybody staring at him . The girls drooling over him . Of course, him being the attention seeker, never discouraged the drooling . Suddenly he looked up at her and winked and every girl around her gasped . Famous made her way to Arjun. Seeing this Radhika grinded her teeth . That girl would not leave a stone unturned. “Hey , Arjun , would u like me to show u aroud the college ? I am very helpful” she said winking at him seductively and put her hand over his arm and withdreew it fast as if she had ellectric shock . “ wow u r so cold.” She said . “body is having a hard time adapting!” Arjun replied “ Oh poor u , I could suggest a motion over tea. Care to join me?” Arjun felt like gaging. He had never had anything near infatuation over other women since Radhika. He looked at her to see her glaring. “yes , I would love to .” He replied knowing that radhika would be jealous . Suddenly he saw Radhika hurry off .

Radhika was fuming . How could be so ignorant of her and encourage daniya’s flirting. It was true , she was the one who left , but why did he have to come here and disturb her. But she was fooling herself, wasn’t she. She loved him .and still does. If possible ,hundred times more than before . She would give anything to have him by her side now . Suddenly she was pulled into a classroom , and before she could scream , hands covered her mouth and she heard the lock of the door fall . And she looked to see his familiar blue eyes . And soon his hands were replaced by his soft tasty lips ….

Radhika couldn’t breathe she was in heaven’s. The kiss that was so yearned for , was gotten . At first she was unrelenting but soon she opened her mouth to him. The vampire in her was strengthening and she wanted to dip her fangs into his throat. The female in her was rejoicing with the feeling , of finally being able to kiss her mate . His hands pulled her closer and he tightly wrapped his arms around her waist . His hands were under her top and their touch was heightening their emotion. Slowly without breaking the kiss , he ran his hands through her back . Slowly his hands made their way to her chest . She shuddered . She felt him grin. He was teasing her . Slowly their tongues detached and his lips went down her neck , sucking her skin. She couldn’t stop from shuddering with pleasure . Her eyes widened as she felt him kissing fang marks on her neck. She gasped as delightful pain coursed through her as his fangs sunk into her neck and he started drinking ….


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..