The mate (Part 3)


Hello everybody, how are u all? Here is another update on my fanfic . Hope u guys enjoy and please give me tips to improve it …

As soon as she reached home, she ran into the kitchen opened the fridge, and drank till her thirst was quenched. But it never did quench fully , did it? “thirsty?” mala asked, walking into the kitchen “yes mom. Very much , but I feel relieved now.” She replied .” Something wrong , radhika?” mala asked. “I don’t know. I am not feeling well and I feel … I feel as if he is near, my body keeps on reacting, mom, my thirst is never going to be quenched until…..” She stopped . Mala had gotten close to her. She pulled back Radhika’s jacket collar and examined her neck . Suddenly she gasped “the marks are red now” she whispered “U have to go back. It is a sign that u are growing weak .” She said . Radhika rushed to the room as fast as she could ,pulled off her jacketand examined herself at the mirror . Mala was right ,there were two bright red holes on her neck .She’s suddenly felt a burn on her neck . Immediately She pulled off her shirt . At her back near her shoulder bone was the Dragon tattoo . It was burning, and she felt desire course through her ,her eyes turned red and before she could stop herself she raced outside… to hunt .

Next day morning Radhika walked towards her class wearing a full sleeves shirt with collar. She had to hide all her marks. she had been bruised alot during the hunt. But it was worht it. The burning had decreased and she would make it through the day . kevin joined her “ nice outfit” he commented . Radhika Glared at him. Kevin grinned .’it’s a different look u know” he added as they settled in the middle bench . The whole class was in chaos. Everybody was clearly excited about something. Since she was weak her gift of understanding emotions was weak . so she nudged jane the girl sitting next to her and inquired what was happening. “u guys didn’t head ,there’s a rumour that a group of New damn hot rich kids have joined our college . They are swoon worthy according to reports. But nobody knows which class they r in” Jane replied. “ u know i saw them” daniya’s shrilling voice rose from the back bench “ two boys and one girl ,all so fair and handsome, i meant the boys were Greek gods but the girl is not worth . I don’t see her competition” daniya putted. Radhika sniggered. It was clear that daniya was the girl as competition and no Hot boy escaped her eyes. There was a hard time for the class to quieten down as the literature sir walked in. Later all that could be heard was pens scribbling, and whispers of daniya. Suddenly radhika felt her body tremble , she started perspiring and her fangs were threatening to erupt . Radhika couldnt sit still. She was hungry again. she felt the dragon burning, but why? It had never burned before due to hunger. Suddenly it dawned on Radhika , as soon as she heard his voice. “may I come in?” his raspy , seductive voice was heard throughout the class. Sending shivers down her back. Her body relaxed , but her back was still burning . She turned her head to the door to see the new hot student , Arjun mehra . She heard gasps behind her. Her body trembled with pleasure as his familiar blue eyes met her golden ones…..

Everybody was staring at him , he was so handsome, with the body of a Greek God. As he walked into the class slowly all girls stared at him longingly . But he had eyes only for one person . It had been long since he had looked into those eyes. His heart was beating hard. His back was burning , all he wanted was to kiss her . But Patiently he observed her with the corner of his eyes . She had grown thin and her face had lost its colour . He clenched his hands . Insolent girl , he thought , how could she not think of herself . She was wearing a full sleeved turtle neck , that fit well to her thin but curvy body . No matter how thin or fat he he would grow , he would love her all the same. She was shocked to see him , what did she expect , that he would live in misery . No , existence wiithout each other was death for them . He had worked alot to find her . But he was not going to run to her . He would bring her to him . Averting his eyes , he walked towards the teacher . ….

I’m sorry , this is short . But I am new at typing and terribly slow . Hope u guys enjoy this. Have a nice day☺

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  1. Brin

    Awesome story, waiting for the next update. ☺

  2. Aasthu

    Hey Cindy……’s amazing……even I felt shudders when Rads felt the same… Arjun is really hot huh???????? plz plz plz update soon……dying to read the rest……

  3. Ohh oh oh ..awsome.dear awsome..

  4. Myra

    Outstanding job! Really like the way the story is progressing 🙂

  5. Sweetie

    Awesome yaar,so they know each other from before,lovely.. 😀

  6. Awesome cinder.. please post sn n longer one next..

  7. Rossy

    Awesome…superb dear…write a long one next

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  9. _Ritu

    Amazing dear…ArDhika already know each other..interesting..waiting for nxt…loads of love 🙂

  10. Awesome, wowwww lovely superbbbbb episode. you loads

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