The mate (Part 1)


Hallo everybody ! I’m not exactly New here. I tried writing two dogs but didn’t work out . But I hope this will . And I hope u will all love it .

She had been enjoying college like a normal girl. Until they came. Like a gust of wind to the dry atmosphere of the college and as a tornado striking her peaceful life.

Radhika struggled out of bed beating her clock to silence it .it was only 6:30 ,college starts at 9:30 there still remained another 3 hours. She laid back to bed going back to what she had been doing the whole night ,thinking.

“Radhika, get up!” Mala drummed the door. Radhika jumped off the bed with her gifted speed . Ran off to brush, bath.Wore a red skirt with blue top and slipped on a brown jacket . She tied her hair into a ponytail. She barely puts on make up to school , but today lined her huge eyes with mascara giving her beautiful face a shine. She ran downstairs from her room kissed her mother and left for college . As she entered the college that always was the centre of action . She enjoyed going to college
It was a distraction for her and for her body that urged for their meeting . Him meeting her. She was weak but she never had any strenuous activities to do . “Hey radhika !”a boy called out ,she recognised him ,he was her classmate Kevin . “;Good morning Kevin”she replied . His huge eyes twinkled as he have her a huge smile. Kevin was very handsome but unlike other girls this never affected radhika . How could it when someone else haunted her dreams . Kevin was her best friend in college . As they walked towards their class in the ground floor , Radhiak felt somebody watching them . She had been having this feeling of somebody watching her for the last few days. She suddenly stopped and looked around. But there was nothing suspicious “what’s wrong radhika?” Kevin asked . Radhika remained silent and shrugged her shoulders and walked ahead . Kevin followed. Her extra sensitive senses felt something or somebody streak fast behind her sending a
shiver down her slender back…..

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  1. NYC start yr…bt can u plzz update little big…go ahead ..and rock..
    Bye ….tc

  2. Jessie

    Cinder.. its nice.. waiting for next one.. i second Ana.. bit lengthy wud be nice.. Is tat Arjun?

  3. Good….but a long update wud be really appreciated….update soon!!

  4. nice start cinder do update next soon..

  5. Good start!!!

  6. Cinder

    Thank u so much ! You guys are really supportive . I will update a longer one next time. I just realised that i had written ‘dog’ instead of ‘fanfic’ ?so clumsy of me!

  7. Starz

    Nice start…would like a little longer one.. is that arjun?

  8. ggood pla suggest some other stories to raed im mmź

  9. Nice start Cinder waiting for the next

  10. Aasthu

    Hey Cindy…..this time it’s gonna work for no doubt……..Cindy cud u change the name though…there is another story here with the same name so we are bound to be confused……or maybe you can add your name or something like that to the ff’s name…………do update soon and plzz if you can make it long……….

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  12. Brin

    Interesting story, continue with the story,waiting for the next update. 🙂

  13. Meen

    Nice start Cindy……but want a longer update…..stay blessed

  14. Rossy

    Cinder very nice start dear…update soon with a longer update ? …i think it is a super natural story

  15. awesome….

  16. Awesome, very interesting. Plzzzz continue dear. ..loved it very much 🙂

  17. _Ritu

    Amazing Cinder.. 🙂 going to read d nxt one..loads of love 🙂

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