Matchmaker Matched her own Fate Part 6

Hi This is Khushi and thanks to all the people who constantly praise me and just thank you.This is my humble request to all fans of Neha ,Soumya ,and Rumya to sign a petition and I already did it.Because we must do whatever we can to get back our Rumya.

On the Wedding Day:

It was very hazardous morning.Riya was also staying with them.They all woke up early so they can get ready.After taking shower they all gathered in Jhanvi’s room to do their makeup and hair.

Soumya:Where is Tej uncle?
Jhanvi:Maine unko bhaga diya Shivomru ke room main.
Anika:Aapko aisa nahi karna chahiye tha.
Riya:Waise aap log kya pahen ne waale hai meri shaadi main.
Pinky:Surprise hi rehna do.
Jhanvi:Soumya ,Can you go and see if they woke up or not.
Soumya:Ji ,Aunty ji

Soumya went to check in Shivomru’s room first.They were still sleeping.She went to them and tried waking them up but they weren’t listening.So she got a bucket of water from washroom and first poured on Rudra.He was shocked and he woke up.

Rudra:Tumne aisa kyu kiya?
Soumya:Because you weren’t waking up so I poured water on you.
Rudra:Then why not them?
Soumya:I can’t pour water on elders so I thought of pouring water on you and waking you up so not you wake them up.I am leaving.

Before he can finish his sentence she left.Then after that the others woke up by themselves because of his loud noise.She went to Dev and rehaan’s room and they were already awake and then he went to Shakti’s room and he was already awake.After that she went to Jhanvi’s room to get ready.The boys were getting ready in Shakti’s room.

In shakti’s room:

Tej:Why did we wake up so early? It takes us 15 to 20 minutes to get ready.
Rudra:You people woke up by yourself.Water was poured on me to wake me up.
Everyone started laughing.
Omkara:Do you have any plans today?
Rudra:Hum aapki baat secret hi rakhenge.
Shakti:Tum apne papa ko nahi bataoge?
Tej:Tum apne bade uncle se nahi bataoge?
Omkara and Rudra:Tum apne bhaiya ko nahi bataoge?
Shivaay:I will tell all of you.

Rudra:Shuru hojao Billu.
Shivaay:Don’t call me that.
Shivaay:Actually I was planning to propose Anika today.
Rudra:Aapko pyaar ho gaya?
Omkara:Ek shaadi hui nahi ke dusri shuru.
Shakti:I am very happy for you.

Tej:Me too
Rudra:Tum log abhi ready nahi hue.I am ready.
Omkara:sabse pehle paani se naha ke uthe tumhi the.
Rudra:But then I did took shower.
Shivaay:Tum ready ho toh check karo ke ladies ready hai ki nahi.
Rudra:But where are they?
Tej:In my room.

Rudra:Toh iss liye aap humare room main aaye the.
Tej:Toh tumhe kya lagha tha?
Rudra:I thought ke ap dono ki fight ho gayi aur mom ne aapko room se nikhal diya.
Shivaay:Very funny now go.

Rudra goes to Jhanvi’s room:

Rudra:Hello Ladies!
Soumya:Kya hai?
Rudra:Check karne aaya tha ke aap sab ready hai ki nahi.
Soumya:Abhi tak dulhan ready nahi hai.
Rudra:How many more hours are you all going to take to get ready?
Soumya:15 more minutes
Rudra:You mean 30 minutes.
Jhanvi:Kuch kaam hai Rudra?

Rudra:How sweet of you Mummy.
Jhanvi:Aab tumhare questions khatam ko gaye ho toh niche check karke aao decoration.
Rudra:Why not.
Pinky:Soumya ,Can you get me some juice.
Soumya:Ji ,Aunty

Soumya and Rudra went downstairs.Soumya took Rudra to kitchen as well.

Soumya:Can you make juice for Pinky Aunty.
Rudra:She asked you to make it.
Soumya:Can you make it.
Rudra:Ok But I have a question.

Rudra:You are going to be wearing this lehenga for the wedding.
Rudra:But you are so clumsy that you will ruin it in few minutes.
Soumya:That is why I am making you do my work.
Rudra:But without doing anything you will get it messed up.
Soumya:Don’t say that.Sometimes spoken words might come true.
Soumya:Waise handsome lag rahe ho.

Rudra:Main toh hamesha handsome lagta hoon.Tumne aaj notice kiya.
Soumya:Tum Romi se pyaar karte ho?

After that everybody came downstairs.Soumya and Rudra came in hall.after Pinky drank the juice.After that the photographer came to take the wedding pictures of couple. Riya, Anika, Ishana, Soumya, Priyanka,and Romi went to a separate room.

The baraat came after that.They did the rituals.After that the bride comes downstairs.Then they performed all the rituals.After that they eat dinner and then they had pictures taken.Then bidaai came and then they left.The ceremony ended.After that elders went to sleep in their room.All of them were sitting in hall.

Shivaay:I am so tired and sleepy.
Rudra:Main toh aab jake sou hi jaounga.
Soumya:I still have so much energy.I am not at all tired.
Omkara:Mera toh aadha din waste main gaya train station pe.
Ishana:Where is Riddhima?

Omkara:Woh nahi aayi.
Omkara:She is doing a project and she has to finish before this week’s thursday.
Ishana:Riddhima ne aapka popat kar diya.
Soumya:Today is friday.
Everybody started laughing.
Rudra:Oh my god!
Shivaay:How innocent of you Omkara.
Omkara:Abhi usko phone karta hoon.
Rudra:rehne do.Phone pe kyun breakup karna hai.
Omkara:Kaun breakup kar raha hai.
Anika:Main toh coffee banane jha rahi hoon.
Soumya:I am coming Anika di.
Ishana:Me too

They went in kitchen to make coffee.

Soumya:Waise tum dono ko toh nikal padi.
Soumya:Itne ameer khandaan me shaadi jo hogi.
Anika:Abhi hui bhi nahi hai.
Soumya:Zaroor hogi.

While in Hall:

Shivaay:Kitna time lenge ye sab.
Rudra:Let me go and check.
Omkara:I am also coming.
Rudra:Let me go and check you guys wait here.

Rudra goes to Kitchen.When he was going inside.The girls were facing other side so they didn’t see Rudra.So they kept on talking.shivaay followed him but did not tell him.From outside he was hearing evidently what girls were saying.

Ishana:Inko bura toh nahi laga hoga.
Soumya:There is a saying that everything is fare in love and war.
Ishana:Waise Anika tum pyaar karti ho thoda sa bhi shivaay se?
Anika:I am not sure.
Ishana:Soumya ,Do you love Rudra?

Soumya:Pyaar vyaar se mera koi rishta nahi hai.Pyaar se judi humaari duniyan hai.Pyaar mujhe pasand nahi karta aur main pyaar ko pasand nahi karti.
Anika:Toh atleast like toh karti hogi na?
Soumya:I like him as a friend and I came on this trip with a mission.

After that shivaay was so angry that he left from there.From there Rudra leaves from there disappointed and he goes to hall.

Ishana:Don’t be that straightforward.You might push people back from your life.
Anika:Let’s go.Coffee is ready.
They leave from kitchen and served coffee to everyone.

In hall:

Dev:Coffee aa gayi finally.
Shivaay:Itni baar lagti hain coffee banane main.
Omkara:Better late than never
Rudra:I don’t want coffee.
Rudra:I am not in mood to have coffee.
Shivaay:I don’t want coffee as well.
Anika:Aapko kya hua?

Shivaay:Mujhe toh baaton se hi neend aa gayi.
Rudra:Main jaa raha hoon room main.
Shivaay:Anika ,I want to talk to you.Come with me to kitchen.
Rudra:Soumya ,I want to tell you something.
Soumya:Why not.
Rudra went upstairs and Soumya went following him.Shivika went to kitchen.

Precap:Shivika’s fight and Soumya take Rudra’s help to find out if Dev is her brother or not.


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