Matchmaker Matched her own Fate Part 5

Hi This is Khushi.Many of you were confused with Truth and Truth.So truth and truth is my version of truth and dare.So basically you cannot pick between truth and dare.So Someone will ask you question and you will have to give truthful answer and you cannot lie.So now if you understood then let’s move on.

So after everyone came to dinner table they started having dinner.

Pinky:It feels so nice when your whole family have dinner together.
Rudra:Anika di ,Kya aapko pata hai ke Shivaay bhaiyya kitna accha khana bana te hai?
Anika:He told me that.
Priyanka:I have to tell you all something.
Priyanka:I am ready to marry Dev when you guys tell me.
Shivaay:We will talk about that when we go to Mumbai.

Soumya:Who is organizing all the function and decorating this house.
Jhanvi:So far we are still looking for someone.
Soumya:If you don’t mind can I do it?
Tej:Are you sure you can do this?
Soumya:Yes and that is my career.

Pinky:How many careers do you have?
Soumya:This is my original career.
Jhanvi:I trust you.I am sure you can do this.
Soumya:Thank you so much for the trust that you showed on me.
Anika:I will help Soumya.
Ishana:Me too
Rudra:Me three
Omkara:Me four

Shivaay:Me five
Priyanka:Me six
Dev:Me seven
Rehaan:Me eight
Romi:Me nine
Soumya:That is all.

After having dinner they went up on the terrace to plan who is going to do what.They went upstairs and the terrace and it was huge.shivika sat together in one corner.Ishkara sat on the ground in the middle.Priyanka and dev sat on the stairs.Jhanvi and Pinky sat on the side next to Ishkara.Tej and Shakti sat next to Shivika.Rudra was sitting with Romi and he was bored so he came and sat next to Soumya.But soon Romi and Rehaan at with them. But after 15 minutes they all sat together in circle in middle.

Rudra:Who is going to dance and with who?
Shivaay:I am going to dance with Anika.
Soumya:Haven’t decided that yet.
Rudra:I already knew it.I am sure Om is going to dance with Ishana di.
Rudra:Prinku will dance with Dev.

Dev:Of course
Rudra:What about others?
Soumya:I am not going to dance but host this Haldi ceremony.
Omkara:What about you Rudra?
Rudra:If Romi doesn’t mind then I can dance with her.
Romi:I don’t mind.
Shivaay:I am going to sleep.

All of them went to sleep except Soumya.She stayed behind for doing.After everyone went to their room.Rudra went to terrace because he wasn’t sleepy.So when he went to terrace he was surprised and mesmerized by seeing Soumya.He went up to her.

Rudra:What are you doing here right now?
Soumya:Nothing and what about you?
Rudra:Just here because I am not sleepy.
Soumya:It is so peaceful and nice here.
Rudra:That is true.I want to ask you something.
Soumya:Go ahead
Rudra:Are you okay?

Soumya:Yes But why did you ask me that?
Rudra:because You were very lost and were looking sad.
Soumya:I am just feeling lost.I don’t see my future.I just don’t want to be at this place.
Rudra:You don’t want to be here?
Soumya:I am not saying it literally.I meant I don’t want to feel lost.
Rudra:Even I feel like that sometimes.

Soumya:I don’t know what I am going to do when I leave from here.I just don’t want to feel like this so make myself busy in work the whole day but nights haunt me.
Rudra:But engrossing yourself into work is not a solution.Find yourself a goal in life.So you just think about that.Try to forget that you are lost.
Soumya:But I always have a feeling that people will leave me and I will be all by myself and that scares me.

Rudra:Don’t have this kind of feeling.It is going to create problem to your health.
Soumya(crying):I am just afraid that one day this is going to stop me from trying something new and it will get me into depression.
Rudra:Don’t feel like that.I am always there for you.I just hope this doesn’t affect your health.

Soumya hugs Rudra.After few minutes they broke out of hug.Then they went to their room.
Rudra after going to his room went to his bed and slept peacefully.Also Soumya went to her room and fell asleep quickly.

The next morning Soumya was the first one to wake up so she got ready without disturbing anyone and went downstairs and started decorating and helping others.After then everyone came downstairs and started helping each other.After decorating everything they sat down and they were waiting for the girl whose Haldi ceremony is happening.

Soumya:Waise kya naam hai dono ke?
Jhanvi:Ladki ka naam Riya hai aur ladke ka Aarav.
Anika:Love marriage?
Pinky:Iss zamane main koi arrange marriage toh kare nai.
Soumya:Sach kaha
Pinky:Waisse acchi decoration ki hai hum logone mil kar.
Anika:i can’t wait to dance.
Ishana:Me too

Pinky:Shivaay tum bhi ab shaadi kar lo.Kuch rishte aaye hain.Mujhe to sabhi pasand aaye.Tum ek ladki pasand karlo.
Jhanvi:Om tumbhi ab shaadi ki taiyaari shuru karo and Riddhima ko invite kyu nahi kiya?
Omkara:woh Rudra sak ko phone kar raha tha toh mujhe kya patha tha ke woh nahu bulayega.
Rudra:Mujhe kya sapna aayega ke Om ko girlfriend ko bhi phone karna hai.Maine toh sirf Dev ,Soumya ,Ishana di ,and Anika di ko phone kiya tha.
Jhanvi:But Om I think it is your fault.

Soumya(thinking):I should give reality check to both of them.
Rudra:Even I agree with that.
Soumya(whispering Ishana and Anika):Itna sadly react mat karo.Tum dono na mujhe phir milna raat ko.
Rudra:Look Riya di aa gayi hai.Aur Om tum tumhari girlfriend ko invite karlena.

Then they performed rituals and then Shivika danced on song Gerua from Dilwale and they all cheered for them.After then Priyanka and dev danced on Ishq wala love from SOTY.after that Ishkara danced on thodi der.After that Romi and Rudra performed on Baarish.After that everyone performed on Gallan Gudiyaan for DDD.Then they had lunch and then they were just sitting there talking.

Soumya:Today was much fun.I enjoyed a lot.
Omkara:I talked to Riddhima and she is going to be here tomorrow.
Ishana(thinking):Why is she coming.

Omkara:I will pick her up from the station.
Jhanvi:Good and you better say sorry.
Omkara:I would definitely say sorry.
Rudra:I was thinking why don’t why don’t we plan for tomorrow’s function.
Pinky:But we don’t need any decoration because tomorrow’s function is for elders and then the day after tomorrow is wedding and then we go home.

Precap:The wedding day and Shivaay and Rudra finds out about matchmaking.

Give me ideas for Dev and Priyanka’s ship name.


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