Matchmaker Matched Her Own Fate Part 9

Hi This is Khushi and I am very grateful for your response.I am very lucky to have all of you as my readers and I don’t even know if I have silent readers or not but if I do then just comment today to let me know.Also I am looking for a new introduction.If you have anything in mind for my new introduction then let me know in the comments.Also I want to change the name of the FF.If you want the name to be changed then let me know.I have few new titles in mind.

Previous Part:

Rudra went to pick Soumya up from the address that she gave.But Soumya waiting but a car stopped near her car and the boy that came out of her car was Karan Oberoi.

Karan:What are you doing here?
Soumya:Actually my car broke down.But what are you doing here?
Karan:I went to my client’s house and I am coming from there.
Soumya:So you want to stay here and talk or leave.
Karan:I would want to stay here and talk with you.
Soumya:But I want to leave so let’s go.

In Karan’s car:

Karan:Waise tum silent ride chahti ho ya phir kuch bologi.
Soumya:Waise toh main bohat bolti hoon.Par aaj tum he bolne ka mauka milega.
Karan:Thank you but tum bol sakti ho.
Soumya:Toh main kya bolu?
Karan:Apne baare main hi kuch batado.
Soumya:My name is Soumya.I love talking.I can talk for hours talking about myself.Because I love praising myself.I think I am the best.I am multi talented.
Karan:Wahh!!! Tum bilkul pagal ho.
Soumya:Yeh compliment tha ya phir meri insult?
Soumya:Thank you aur kitni der lagegi ghar aane main?
Karan:Abhi toh pura ek ghanta baaki hain aur phir traffichoga toh 1 and half hours.
Soumya:I will be bored by then it is almost 8 and it is so dark.I am going to sleep so can you put on the music and when we reach the farmhouse wake me up.

Soumya went to sleep.Rudra went to the address he got but he didn’t see Soumya.So he got worried and called Soumya but Soumya was not answering.He got more worried.When he called Soumya for the 10th time the phone and it was answered.But It was not Soumya who picked up the phone but It was Karan.

Rudra:Tum kon aur tum Soumya ka phone kyu answer kar rahe ho?
Karan:I am karan remember Omkara’s friend.Actually Soumya is sleeping so I had to pick up her phone.
Rudra:Tum log kahan ho?
Karan:Hum log tumhare farmhouse jaa rahe hain.
Rudra:Be there quick I am coming.

They disconnected the phone and Rudra was very angry.

Rudra(thinking):I am very mad at her.Ghar jake class lagani padegi.We need a O’bros talk as soon as possible.

While Ishana ,Omkara ,and Riddhima went outside for dinner and when they were talking they get joined by Vivaan.

Riddhima:Who are you?
Omkara:He is my friend from college.His name is Vivaan Arora.
Vivaan sat next to Ishana and opposite of Omkara.
Vivaan:what are you talking about?
Ishana:Tumhare dost ki shaadi ke baare main.
Vivaan:Tum mere liye koi dhundo phir apni shaadi ke baare main soch na.
Riddhima:Ishana is single.Tum usse kyu baat nahi karte.
Omkara:Usse shaadi nahi karni.
Vivaan:Tumhe kaise pata?
Omkara:Dost ko toh pata hi hoga na.
Vivaan:Riddhima ji,Aap chinta mat kariye.Woh aapse hi shaadi karega.Don’t get insecure.He is ready for commitment.
Ishana(thinking):Wahh! Aaisa jawab toh yeh hi de sakta tha.
Ishana:Can I talk to you Vivaan ji in private?
They went to garden outside the hotel to talk.Omkara was feeling sad.
Vivaan:Kya baat karni hai?
Ishana:Thank you for answering on my behalf.Main kabhi aisa answer kabhi nahi de sakti.
Vivaan:Try karne main kya harz hai.
Ishana:Woh already bohot badi jalkukdi hai.
Ishana:You won’t understand.
Vivaan:ab ghar chale.
Ishana:Yes,I am anyway tired.

They leave from there and then Omkara was sad that Vivaan took away Ishana.Riddhima was happy about that.
Omkara(thinking):Ab pata chala dil ko dard hota hai toh kaisa lagta hai.We need a O’bros meeting ASAP.

While Shivika were walking on the road and Anika’s feet were hurting.
Anika:My feets are hurting after walking for 2 hours.
Shivaay:Toh main kya tumhe utha loon.
Anika:So sweet
Shivaay:I am not picking you up.Even I am tired but what can be done.
Anika:We can look for lift.
Shivaay:Itna summ saam sadak pe koi aata jata nahi.
Anika:Look,There is a car.We should ask for lift.
They stopped the car and then Rohan opened the window.
Anika:Arre Aap!
Rohan:Yes ,It is me.
Shivaay:Can we get lift?
Rohan:You don’t have to ask.Sit in my car.Anika ji Sit in the front and Shivaay bhaiyya aap peeche bethiye.
Shivaay:Main sirf mere Omru,Soumya,Ishana,Prinku, and Dev ka bhai hoon.
Rohan:Toh phir kya uncle bulau?
Anika was giggling.
Shivaay:Bhaiya hi bulaana.
Shivaay sat in the back and Anika sat in the front.Anika and Rohan started talking.Shivaay was irritated.
Rohan:Aap bahut acchi hai.
Anika:Thank you aur aap bhi bohut acche hai.
Shivaay(thinking):Kahan phas gaya.
Shivaay:Rohan ,Can I drive.If you don’t mind.
Rohan:No ,It is ok.I can drive.
Shivaay(thinking):We need an O’bros meeting.Just Om,Rudra,and I.

Shivaay was irritated,Rudra was angry,and Omkara was sad.The first one to come to Oberoi mansion was Ishana with Vivaan.Then came Omkara and Riddhima.After that Soumya and Karan following them was Rudra.Then the last car that came was Shivaay,Anika,and Rohan.Shivaay went to his room.Anika went to hers and Rohan went to his room.Shivaay went to his room and found Omkara.Anika was going to her room but she found Rudra knocking on the door.

Anika:Rudra ,What are you doing here?
Rudra:Aap ki dono friends gehri neend mein hai.I am just trying to wake them up.
Anika:Then just go inside.
Rudra:Going inside someone’s bedroom without asking them is bad manners.
Anika:Main toh apne room main jaa sakti hoon na?
After Anika went inside then Rudra called him inside.They tried waking up Soumya.But she wasn’t waking but then Rudra got some water and poured on her and she woke up with a jerk.She was mad at Rudra.She started chasing him and after chasing in the whole hallway.She stopped near Dev’s room.

Rudra:Tumhari kya problem hai?
Soumya:Maine kya kiya?
Rudra:Tumne mijhe bulaya tumhe pick up karne phir tum Karan ke saath nikar gayi.
Soumya:Mujhe laga tha tum nahi aaoge.Agar pata hota toh nahi jaati.
Rudra:Aur uske saath jaane ki kya zaroorat thi?
Soumya:tumhe kyun itni problem ho rahi hai.Waise bhi tumhari first priority toh koi aur hai.Uske saath raho.Hum toh aab kuch nahi rahe tumhare.
Rudra:Aaisa nahi hai.
Soumya:Toh kaisa hai?
Rudra:Tumhe toh meri class lene ka chance chahiye.
Soumya:Aur maine diya tha woh kaam kiya?
Rudra:Kya kaam?
Rudra:Dev ghar pe nahi hai.Chalo dhoondh ke late hai.

They go in the room to find the file.They were looking through everything.Rudra opened Dev’s luggage and he found a file and he gave it to Soumya.

Soumya:This is the file.He was adopted from the orphanage that we lived in.
Rudra:So is he your brother?
Soumya:I am going to ask him today.But please support me.
Rudra:Don’t worry.
Soumya:I am really worried.What if he is not my brother.
Rudra:Don’t be so negative.What if he is your brother.
Soumya:Dev is coming upstairs with your sister.
Priyanka:What are you doing?
Rudra:We were just waiting for you.
Rudra:Umm…Soumya is going to tell you.
Soumya:Me…I wanted to ask you something Dev Bhaiya?
Soumya:Are you adopted from Oregon Care Orphanage?
Soumya:Because I used to…stay in that Orphanage.
Dev:Yes ,But who are you?
Soumya:I am Soumya.Remember you had a sister whose name was Soumya.
Dev:You are my Somu?
Soumya:Yes ,Dev Bhaiya.
Dev hugged her and he had tears in his eyes.
Dev:You don’t even know how much I tried to find you.
Soumya:Even I tried to find you so much.
Rudra:Oh please!!! Dekhli maine tumhari koshish.
Soumya:You should shut up.
Priyanka:Rudra,I think we should leave from here and give them their time to talk.
Soumya:It is ok.Rudra can leave but you can stay since after all aap toh meri hone wali bhabhi hai.
Priyanka(blushing):Shut up
Rudra:Aur Soumya main toh tumhare bhai ka brother-in-law hoon.
Soumya:Toh aa jao tum bhi.
Dev:Andar jake baat kare.
Rudra:Tum log karo main kal karoonga tumse baat.

Rudra leaves from there and goes to his room.Where he sees that his brothers are just talking.

Omkara:Finally ,You are here.
Rudra:Main toh ek family ko milake aaya hoon.
Shivaay:Main tum dono se baat karna chahta tha.
Rudra:Mujhe bhi tumse baat karni hai.
Shivaay:Whose topic will be discussed first.
Rudra tells them what happened that day.
Omkara:Tum dono ke beech mein kuch chal raha hai?
Shivaay:Now I will tell you something.
Shivaay tells them what happened.
Omkara tells them everything as well.
Rudra:so basically Om ke dost ne humari life ka band baja diya hai.
Omkara:Shivaay ,Tumhara toh kuch nahi ho sakta.Rudra,If you love her then tell her before it is too late.
Shivaay and Rudra:And Om tum na Riddhima se break up kardo.
Omkara:Main khud usse breakup karna chahta hoon.
Rudra:Toh kardo na.
Omkara:But she helped me when I was doing drugs.
Shivaay:Are you going to be happy in this relationship?
Rudra:Then you should not be in this relationship.
Omkara:I am going to break up with her tomorrow and what about Rudra?
Rudra:I have no feelings for Soumya so I have to do nothing.
Shivaay:I will pray that even you two don’t get betrayed like me.

Precap:Omkara gets blackmailed and Shivika’s argument

Khushi signing off.

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