Matchmaker Matched her Own Fate Part 8

Hi This is Khushi.I am very happy with the response i get and I think the baby track of IB is copied from MJHT.I am going to be really disappointed with the writers if they copied my favourite show of all time.Because she can’t up up with something original.

Just then Ishkara came on terrace and Rumya broke out of hug.

Ishkara:What are you doing here?
Rudra:Hum bhi toh aap ko yeh puch sakte hain na.
Ishana:Hum toh yahan sirf baat karne aaye the.
Om:Tum dono yahan kya kar rahen hain?
Soumya:Hum bhi yahan baat karne hi aaye hain.
ishana:Waise bahut bura hua na shivika ke beech main.
Soumya:Om bhaiyya ,Aap ko pata hai?
Om:Yes ,Aur yeh bhi pata hai ki Ishana bhi mujhe cheat kar rahi thi.
Rudra:Phir bhi aap dono baat kar rahe hain?
Om:kyunki mujhe isne sab kuch such bata diya and we are only good friends.There could be nothing more than that.
Soumya:Wow! We should do something to unite them or at least get them to talk.
Rudra:I repeat dusro ki zindagi main interfere mat karo.
Ishana:I think Rudra is right.Let them solve their problem.
Om:I agree with Soumya.We can get them to clear their misunderstanding.
Ishana:We will see who is right.
Soumya:I have a plan and if you want to help us then you are most welcome.
Ishana:What is the plan?

The plan was muted.

Ishana:Good one
Rudra:I can’t help you all.
Rudra:I have a date with Romi.
Omkara:Also Riddhima will be here tomorrow so I won’t be able to help you.
Ishana:She is finally coming.
Soumya:I am so excited.
Rudra:Why are you so excited to meet Riddhima.
Soumya:Duffer ,I am excited to see if Shivaay bhaiyya and Anika di patch up.
Omkara:Tomorrow ,Two 3 more people are coming to our house.
Soumya:Let’s see how many more pairs can I make.
Rudra:Tum kya charity karti ho?
Soumya:I take money so that is not a charity.
Rudra:I am going downstairs.

All of them go to sleep.The next day they were all in a good mood.After having breakfast they were all sitting in hall.

Soumya:Anika di ,Can we go somewhere?
Anika:Of course but where?
Omkara:You can go to the guest house and there is also also great places to visit around there.
Anika:How far is it?
Omkara:It is like 2 hours away from here.
Anika:We cannot go that far alone.Omkara kya tum aaoge humare saath.
Omkara:actually I have to pick up Riddhima.So I can’t come.
Anika:How about you Rudra?
Rudra:I have a date with Romi.
Anika:Does anyone else want to come?
Pinky:I will come.
Ishana(thinking):Plan toh pani pani ho gaya.
Soumya:Pinky aunty ,Aap toh shopping jaa rahi thi na.
Pinky:Oh yeah ,I totally forget.Sorry I won’t be able to come.
Rudra:Shivaay bhaiyya ,Aap jaona.
Shivaay:I have a meeting.
Soumya:Aap itna bhi nahi kar sakte humare liye.
Om:Jaona Shivaay.
Shivaay:Ok ,I will come but when should we go.
Soumya:We will go after 2 hours.
Shivaay:Mujhe tumse baat karni hai Anika.
Anika:Why not.

Shivaay and Anika go to kitchen to talk and Rumya and Ishkara go to hear them from outside.

Anika:Kya baat karni hai?
Shivaay:Tumhe kya zaroorat thi aane ki?
Anika:Tumhe kya zaroorat thi tumhare bhaiyyon ki baat maneki.
Shivaay:Toh kya main naa kar deta aur unka dil tod deta?
Anika:Tumhare bhai toh kamzor kali hai na ki mirror ki tarah dil tod deta.
Shivaay:Shut up and it would be better if you don’t come or I don’t go.
Anika:I have a same opinion.
Shivaay:But we will have to go.
Anika:Let’s leave from here or they will doubt us.

Before they get out of kitchen.Ishkara and Rumya left from there.

After that they all go to hall and then three boys enter in the farm house.Omkara welcomed them and others were totally confused on who are they.After that Omkara welcomed them in their house.

Ishana:Who are they?
Omkara:They are my friends.The first one is Vivaan Arora.The one next to him is Rohan Sharma and the last one is Karan Oberoi.

After that the whole family introduced them with each other.

Karan:I am very happy to meet you all.
Soumya:Same here
Anika:Waise Soumya ,Hum chalein ab tum ready ho toh.
Shivaay:Let’s go.

After that Soumya ,Anika ,and Shivaay leave from farmhouse.They were driving but in the middle of the road the car got bumpy and it stopped near a park and there was no one around.Shivika went into the park to ask someone to lead them.But Soumya did something to car and she left from there.They found no one so they went to the place where they parked the car but they didn’t see the car or Soumya.

Shivaay:Kuch dikhai nahi de raha.
Anika:Aap ko eye problem hai?
Shivaay:Tum toh Rudra se bhi aage nikal gayi stupidity main.
Anika:Shut up aur sochon kaise hum yahan se nikle.
Shivaay:Kya har dost tumhara aaisa kuch karta hain.
Anika:I know the reason why she did this.
Shivaay:What is the reason?
Anika:She wanted us to patch up.
Shivaay:That cannot happen.
Anika:The problem is not that big.You fired me from the job because of personal reasons.
Shivaay:No ,I didn’t.
Anika:Then why did you fire me?
Shivaay:Because…I think you are not worth it.
Anika:Why don’t you accept Mr.Oberoi that you have gotten personal in your professional life.
Shivaay:Try to understand that I can’t see your face everyday.I don’t like remembering the past and what happened between us.It is hard to see you everyday.
Anika:I didn’t knew you were going to be this broken.
Shivaay:when you love someone so much and then they break your heart.You don’t know how that feels.But still you can work in my office because I want to get over you.
Anika(thinking):I won’t let you forget me so easily.
Shivaay:Now should we go?
Anika:Let’s find a car or something so that we can go home.It is already evening.

They were walking and walking till they find something.While Soumya was driving the car because she was going to the farmhouse.But her car stopped and she realized that the car broke down and she decided to call Rudra.

Rudra:Why are you calling me?
Soumya:Actually your car broke down in a middle of a road.
Rudra:What can I do?Call Omkara.
Soumya:You can pick me up.
Rudra:I am on a date.
Soumya:Tum dost aur girlfriend main se kisco pick karoge?
Rudra:I will pick girlfriend.
Soumya:Mujhse kabhi baat mat karna.Ok bye

Soumya hung up the phone.

While in the cafe:

Rudra(thinking):I should probably go and pick up her up.She will be alone.Why does she always get herself in trouble.Pagal hai yeh ladki he said smilingly.
Romi:What are you thinking about?
Romi:Who were you talking to?
Rudra:actually I would have to leave because Soumya is in trouble.
Romi:You picked her over me?
Rudra:No ,I should go because she must be in trouble.

Romi was holding Rudra’s hand but he shook it off and left from there quickly.

Romi:Does he really love me?

Precap:Trio date ,Shivika finds their way ,and Rudra finds the file.


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