Matchmaker Matched her Own Fate Part 7

Hi This is Khushi.Recently I have not been that interested in Ishqbaaz and after the baby track ends there is going to be a analysis so look out for it.

Shivika’s conversation:

Shivaay:I got to know your planning.
Anika:Which planning?
Shivaay:You don’t love me and you were just acting to love me.
Anika:But I never told you that I love you.You thought I love you.
Shivaay:But you played with my feelings.
Anika:I am sorry.
Shivaay:Will your sorry fix everything.But after all it was my mistake to trust someone so easily and fall in love with you so easily.
Anika:It was my mistake and I am going to fix everything.You don’t worry.
Shivaay:Don’t ever show me your face.
Anika:You will have to see my face everyday because now I will work in your company.
Shivaay:You are fired.
Anika:I did nothing so why are you firing me?
Shivaay:Itma bachpana accha nahi hai.Grow up.
Anika:Agar aap ziddi hai toh main double ziddi hu.
Shivaay:Aab main khel khelunge asli khel.
Anika:Agar aap ke khel maine aap ko hi nahi haraaya toh mera naam bhi Anika nahi.
Shivaay:The game starts now.

Rumya conversation:

Soumya:What did you want to ask me?
Rudra:What is your mission to come on this trip.
Soumya:yeh bhi sun liya?
Soumya:Kuch nahi sunna ho aise kuch batao.
Rudra:Ab nahi suna ho to kaise bata sakta hoon.
Rudra:Don’t change the topic and tell me What is your mission?
Soumya:Actually I think Dev is my brother.
Soumya:Stop screaming
Rudra:It cannot happen and you lost your brother.
Rudra:Tell me the whole story.
Soumya:No ,I don’t have time for it.
Rudra:You will have to tell me.
Soumya:Then meet me somewhere in Mumbai and promise me you won’t tell anyone.
Soumya:And you better not tell your family that I am planning to match Shivaay and Anika di.
Rudra:I am not telling my brother only because he would be really heartbroken and I can’t see him like that.
Soumya:By the way when do we leave from here?
Rudra:We leave on next sunday.Which means after this sunday.
Soumya:So we still stay here for more than 1 week.I am going downstairs.

Soumya was going downstairs but she saw a file on Dev’s bed.She went in his room to keep it away.She was going to open it.But before she can open it Dev was coming upstairs so he left the file where she found it and she left from there.After that she went to her room.When she went to her room she found Anika crying and Ishana consoling her.

Soumya:What happened with her?
Ishana:Actually Shivaay bhaiyya found out that Anika is cheating him.
Soumya:Anika di ,Unhone aapko kuch kaha?
Anika:He screamed at me so much.
Soumya:Main abhi unse baat karke aayi.
Ishana:Main bhi aati hoon.
Soumya:Main bhi aati hoon.
Anika:Woh tum dono se bade hain.Tum dono Shivaay se rudely baat nahi kar sakte.
Soumya:Wahh!!! Abhi tak kitna ro rahi thi.
Anika:Galti toh humaari hi thi.
Soumya:Sabko second chance milta hai.
Anika:Mujhe toh lagta hai ki aab hume chale jana chahiye.
Soumya(thinking):Itne kareeb aake mission se ab pura karne ke baad hi mein toh jaungi.
Anika:What are you thinking about Soumya?
Soumya:Kuch nahi aur hum yahan se kahin nahi jaa rahe hai.
Soumya:I don’t know the reason.But we will stay here.
Anika:Are you sure?
Ishana:I think we should sleep now.I am very tired.
Soumya:You guys go to sleep.I am going to terrace.
Anika:I am also coming.
Soumya:Ab tum bhi so jao.You must be tired.
Anika:You are right.

Soumya calls Rudra and tell him to come upstairs.So after he came to terrace.

Soumya:I want to tell you something.
Soumya:I saw a file of Dev’s adoption paper and you have to bring that file to me.
Rudra:Why me?
Soumya:Toh main jaungi?
Rudra:Of course ,You can.
Soumya:Duffer ,Main jaungi toh 1000 sawaal puchenge.
Rudra:Tum file chori bhi toh kar sakti ho na.
Soumya:Tum chori kar lana woh file.
Rudra:Main file le aunga.
Soumya:Thank you and be very careful
Rudra:Ab batao full story aur aaj toh pure 4 hours hai night end hone main.
Soumya:Actually I also had family.We were not as rich as you but still for the society we were rich.We used to live in Mumbai.My mom and dad died in an accident when I was 6 months old and my brother was 1 year old.After that my dad’s sister left us at an orphanage.My brother got adopted by a family and I stayed at the same orphanage.When I grew up I moved in with Romi who I stay with.But I want to find my brother.
Rudra:Do you think your brother is trying to find you?
Soumya(crying):I don’t know if he is or not.But I hope he is.
Rudra:I will definitely help you find your brother.

Soumya suddenly hugs Rudra.Rudra was surprised.

Soumya:I am going to find my brother right?
Rudra:Of course you will.

Precap:Soumya and Rudra’s secret mission.Ishkara’s plan to bring Shivika together.


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