Matchmaker matched her own fate Part 3

Hi I am khushi.I am sorry for not updating Two Incomplete Souls Complete Each Other #Rumya.I couldn’t transfer the file to my laptop so now i will have to rewrite it.Which is another stress so I am updating this one because it was already written.

Rudra was driving car and he was with Soumya.He was dropping off Soumya to orphanage.

Rudra:Are you sure you still want to go because it looks like it is going to rain.
Soumya:I will still go.I love spending my time with kids.They make me forget all my sadness which is rare because i am never sad.I like happy environment around me.It keeps your life moving.Because if you think like everything is moving you will also keep moving with it.But if the environment is sad it is going to make you think that everything is so sad and boring and it will get you sad.Also …
Rudra:That much information is good.You talk a lot.
Soumya:Everybody tells me that.By the way what are your beliefs that you believe in alot?
Rudra:I believe that what is meant to happen is going to happen either by hook or crook.Like if we were meant to meet then not even god himself can stop that from happening.I believe in destiny not luck.
Soumya:That is true.I have similar beliefs to you.
Rudra:Who do you miss the most in this world?
Soumya:ab meri puri history tumhe bata ni padegi kya?
Rudra:It is ok if you don’t want to tell me.
Soumya:We are here and now you can go.
Rudra:Tum mujhe bhej kar hi rahogi kya?
Soumya:Ziddi hoon toh tumhe toh main bhej kar hi rahungi.
Rudra:Well you are out of luck because i am coming inside to meet these kids.
Soumya:If you want to come then come.

They enjoyed some time with kids.Then Rudra dropped Soumya to her apartment.After that Rudra went to Oberoi Mansion.After the whole family had dinner they were sitting in hall.

Omkara:Can we go on a road trip to Lonavala?
Pinky:I am ready but when do we go?
Omkara:In 2 or 3 days
Shakti:Mujhe yeh baat samaj nahi aayi ke tumhi achanak road trip pe jana hai?
Tej:I have same question.
Omkara:Arre Idea se matlab rakho ne.
Tej:Let’s keep it that way.
Omkara:So should we go?
Shivaay:I think we should go and Who else is is coming Omkara?
Omkara:We should invite Ishana ,Soumya ,and also Anika.
Tej:Toh is liye tumhe jhana hai.
Shivaay:I thought so.
Shivaay:I think we should go to sleep and decision will be taken tomorrow.
Rudra:Good idea
Shivaay:Rudra and Om come to my room.

Everyone goes to sleep while Rudra ,Omkara ,and Shivaay goes to interested room.They were sitting on interested bed.

Shivaay:Tumhare aur Riddhima ke bheej me kya chal raha hai?
Omkara:Woh actually humari fight ho gayi hai na toh woh baat nahi kar rahi.
Shivaay:Tum usse mana le aur usse road trip ke liye invite karlena.
Omkara:Abhi tumhe meri tension nahi lena chahiye.
Rudra:Aap dono ki emotional baatein ho gayi hai toh Om tum hume yeh batao ke tumhe Road trip idea kisne diya?
Omkara:Actually mujhe tum logo batana nahi hai kyunki tum dono mera mazak banaoge aur mujhe joke ka patra nahi bana na.
Rudra:What is patra?
Shivaay:Tum humare saath tumhari hindi ka version kyun use karte ho?
Omkara:Sorry ,From next time se use nahi karunga.
Shivaay:Good job
Omkara:By the way ,Rudra tumne pura din kiske saath spend kiya?
Rudra:Are you talking about Soumya?
Shivaay:Itni jaldi samaj gaya.
Omkara:Mujhe kuch puchna hai tum dono se.
Shivaay:Go ahead
Omkara:How do you know if you are in love?

Shivaay and rudra started laughing.

Rudra:We should be asking you that because you are in relationship.
Omkara:Single people can give best advice for people in relationship.
Rudra:My advice is that love is a waste of time.Just be happy and the time will go by easily.
Omkara:Yeh kisi aur ke words hain.Kal tak tujhe shaadi ki kitni jaldi thi aur aaj you are not interested in relationship.
Rudra:What is your advice Shivaay bhaiyya?
Shivaay:I think there is no such thing as love and relationship.
Omkara:Don’t worry Shivaay because Anika tumhari yeh baat wrong prove kar degi.
Shivaay:Wohi kyun?
Omkara:Kyunki tumne uska portfolio check nahi kiya aur aaise hi job de diya aur usse cute kaha.Yeh baat kuch ajeeb lagti hain.
Shivaay:Tumhe yeh kisne kaha?
Rudra:kisi ne nahi
Shivaay:Woh toh main pata laga kar hi rahunga
Omkara:Try your luck
Rudra:By the way i wouldn’t mind if Anika di and Ishana di meri Bhabhi banjaye.
Shivaay:Hume bhi koi dikkat nahi hogi agar Soumya humare Rudra ki wife ban jaye.
Rudra:Aap ek bhi baar jaane nahin denge?
Omkara:Now I think we should sleep.

They slept and then next day they woke up and got ready for their day ahead.

Dining table:

Tej:I think we can leave today in the evening at around @5:00Pm and by night we will reach to our destination which is our Lonavala Farm House and we will stay there for few days.
Omkara:Good idea
Shivaay:Done and Who should we invite?
Omkara:I think we should invite prinku’s boyfriend ,Ishana ,Soumya ,and Anika.
Shivaay:What about office?
Omkara:Big things are not going to by not doing work for 1 week.
Tej:I think for now we should just sign the project with Chhabra’s because now we are relatives.
Shivaay:I will sign the project today.
Rudra:Let me just call them and let them know that we are going to Lonavala and they are
invited and which cars should we take?
Shivaay:We should take 2 luxury cars.

Rudra goes to his room to call everyone.But he only had Anika and Dev’s phone number.First he calls Dev.

Dev:why did you call me?
Rudra:I called you to let you know that we are going to Lonavala and you are one of the luckiest person that is invited.So come to Oberoi Mansion @4:00 Pm.
Dev:I am honored and yes I will be there.
Rudra:And for more information call Prinku.Bye

After disconnecting the phone.He called Anika.

Rudra:You are coming with us to our Lonavala farmhouse so be ready by 4:00 Pm and come to Oberoi Mansion.
Anika:Then should I go to Office?
Rudra:Ask Shivaay Bhaiyya and can I get Ishana di and Soumya’s phone number?
Anika:If you want I can tell them.
Rudra:Aap sirf Shivaay bhaiyya ko phone kijiye aur mujhe in dono ke phone number dijiye.
Anika:Ok then write the phone numbers.

After Rudra wrote down the phone numbers then he called Ishana.

Ishana:Hello Who is this?
Rudra:Hi This is Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Ishana:Oh Hi and why did you call me?
Rudra:You are coming with us to our Lonavala farmhouse so be ready by 4:00 Pm and come to Oberoi Mansion.
Ishana:Wow Mera idea itna accha laga.
Rudra:Mujhe pata hi tha ke yeh aapka idea tha aur om sabko yeh bol raha hai ke yeh uska idea hai.
Ishana:Accha mujhe uska number do.Mein abhi usko call karti hoon.

After writing the number of Om.She disconnected the phone and Rudra called Soumya.

Rudra:Usually people say hi or hello and you say boliye.
Soumya:Kuch kaam se phone kiya hai toh boliye warna bye.
Rudra:So we are going on a trip to Lonavala and you are coming so you have to come to Oberoi mansion @ 4:00 am sharp.
Soumya:I will be there and who else is coming.
Rudra:Anika di and Ishana di
Soumya:I will be there
Rudra:Ok bye and don’t be late
Soumya:Ok bye

While Anika called Shivaay.

Shivaay:Who is this?
Anika:Pehle Hi or Hello bolte hain.Aap bhi Soumya ki tarah Hi or Hello bolna nahi sikha.
Shivaay:Anika ,Why did you call me?
Anika:Aapko kaise pata ke yeh main thi?
Shivaay:Aise hi mujhe under se feeling aayi.
Anika:Should I come to office today?
Shivaay:It is ok.Don’t go today because today we will have to do nothing anyways.
Anika:You know I have a new idea that I will do journaling from today till the trip ends so that I have memories.
Shivaay:Why did you tell me that?
Anika:Aise hi bol diya.Waise bhi bolne pe tax nahi hai toh bol dena chahiye.
Shivaay:Tumhara bhi Rudra jaise logic hai.
Anika:Ok bye I have to do packing.
Shivaay:Ok bye

While Omkara gets Ishana’s phone and he picks it up instantly.

Ishana:Tumne mere idea pe tumhara copyright laga diya.
Ishana:Tumne mere idea ko tumhara kaha?
Omkara:Joh tera hai wohi mera hai
Omkara:Nothing and I didn’t say anything and who lied to you?
Ishana:I can’t tell you.
Ishana:mujhe pata chala ke tumne aisa kaha hai toh tum gaye ok bye.
Omkara:Ok bye

After disconnecting the phone he didn’t think about it much.The whole day went normally and they packed their stuff and after that it was 3:30 in the afternoon and Dev was the first one to come with Rehaan.After that Ishana came.After few minutes Anika came.And it was 4:00 Pm and Soumya was not here yet and at 4:10 she came to Oberoi Mansion.

Soumya:Sorry for being late and Romi is also coming with us if you don’t mind.
Rehaan:What are you doing here?
Soumya:I was invited but what are you doing here?
Rehaan:I came with my brother.
Rudra:Ab chalen
Shivaay: So Omkara, Rudra, Anika, Soumya, Ishana, Dev, Prinku, Rehaan, Romi, and I will go in 1 car.
Tej:All the other people are going in different car.
Shivaay:Yep so should we now leave.
Pinky:Why did you get clothes?
Anika:What do you mean Aunty?
Jhanvi:We made arrangements for all the clothes already.
Rudra:Then we can leave all our suitcases here?

After putting their stuff in one of the guest room they leave from their.

In car, Rehaan sat in the front.While Shivika sat on one side and Ishkara sat on the other side.Romi and Rudra behind Ishkara.There was a three seats behind so Soumya, Dev, and Prinku sat together.

Precap:They reach Lonavala and Soumya is their with a mission and she upsets Rudra.


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