Matchmaker matched her own fate Part 2

So initially I was going to update Two Incomplete Souls Complete Each Other but I had technical difficulties in transferring that file onto my laptop.So I couldn’t upload it.So instead I am uploading this file which is already on my PC.So sorry about that but I will try to figure it out and upload it later on in a day.Always check my profile everyday because sometime it doesn’t get published in Ishqbaaz category.So please it is my humble request.

Part 1:

Soumya quickly went to her apartment.A elder men who came from the orphanage was waiting over there.

Soumya:Dadaji kya information laye hain aap?
Dadaji:Tumhare bhai iss shaher main kuch dino pehle aaya hain aur iska naam dev hain.
Soumya:Kitna ajeeb hai na ke main aaj hi ek dev named insaan se mili.
Dadaji:Are you sure he is not your brother.
Soumya:I will definitely find out more information about him.
Dadaji:Keep me informed about this.

With that Dadaji left from there.

While in Oberoi Mansion:

Anika:Shivaay ji ,Can I come to your office for interview?
Shivaay:Why not?
Dadi:Shivaay you were looking for a secretary right?
Shivaay:Yes But i found one.
Rudra:Abhi phir se inka interview karne ke baad hi select karna na.
Dadi:Pehli baar Rudra ne sahi baat ki hai.
Rudra:Shut up Om
Shivaay:Anika ,Come tomorrow for interview and I don’t like late people so don’t be late.

With saying of that he left from there.

Rudra:Bhaiyya ko Anika di ka naam pata tha?
Anika:I have the same question.
Dadi:Leave that aside.
Ishana:Now we should leave.But Where is Soumya?
Rudra:She left because she had some important thing to do.
Anika:I think even we should leave.
Rudra:Tussi jha rahe ho.
Omkara:Drama queen chup kar.
Dadi:Phir se zaroor aana and Soumya ko bhi leke aana.

After that ,They left from there.Then It was afternoon so everybody went to their room to take rest.Rudra was watching tv for few minutes and he was the last one there.So when he was going to leave from there.But he saw a wallet there.He sat there examining the wallet.

Rudra(thinking):Whose wallet can be this? I should probably look inside.

Without giving a second thought he opened it and inside he found pictures of Soumya, Medicines and also a diary.

Rudra:So this is Soumya’s wallet.There is no money inside this then why does she keep such small purse.Maybe she will come looking for this.I shall keep it with me till then.But how careless of her.

He took the wallet with him and went upstairs in his bedroom.

The next day in morning Anika was already 15 minutes late to the interview.After reaching to the office she waited outside to be called for the interview.After waiting for few minutes she went inside for her interview.

Shivaay:Good Morning
Anika:Kahe ki good morning Arre subah me hi din ki shurwat acchi nahi hui.
Shivaay:I didn’t call you to discuss your day.
Anika:Toh shuru kijiye aap ke sawalon ki baarish.
Shivaay:Aap ka wok experience kitna hai?
Shivaay:Aap ka biodata dijiye.

Anika gave him her biodata and he started giggling.

Anika:Aapko kisi joke ki yaad aagayi.
Shivaay:Tum bachpan main bohot zyada cute dikhti thi.
Anika:Mere dost bhi aisa kehte hai.But how do you know?
Shivaay have her the file and it contained all her childhood pictures.
Shivaay:You still get the job.But you will have to work really hard.
Anika:Thank you

After that she leaves from there and she calls Soumya and Ishana but their phones were unreachable.Then she went to her house.

Soumya’s college:

Soumya had lunch break in afternoon and she was in cafeteria sitting with her friends.When someone calls her outside and when she goes outside.

Rehaan:Actually I am going to st.peter’s college.
Rehaan:Because I have to give the car and keys to my brother.
Soumya:If you give in the car then how are you going to return?
Rehaan:Today we have a half day so then I will go to my house so maybe I will give you lift.

With that they left in his car.In 15 minutes they reached Rudra’s college.So when they came inside.Rudra was standing there with chubby.

Rudra:What is Soumya doing here?
Chubby:How do you know her?
Rudra:You wait here till I talk to her.

Soumya was standing in the parking lot while Rehaan went inside to give in the keys.Rudra went ahead to talk to her.

Rudra:What are you doing here?
Soumya:I came here with my friend.
Rudra:You came here with Rehaan.

Just then Soumya gets a call from Ishana.

Ishana:You should say Hi or hello first.
Soumya:Kuch kaam se phone kiya hai?
Ishana:Yes ,Tell me what should I talk about with Om?
Soumya:Wait ,I am coming over there in 45 to 55 minutes.
Ishana:Thank you

Soumya disconnect the phone.

Soumya:I will talk to you later.I have to go.
Soumya:Why do i have to tell you?
Rudra:So that I can drop you.
Soumya(thinking):Vaise bhi mujhe abhi texi nahi milegi.Iss se achha me wahan jaldi pohon jati hoon.
Soumya:Thank you

In Rudra’s car:

Rudra:Tumhe thodi si bhi hichkichahat nahi hui?
Soumya:Arre isme kya hai.I believe in saving time.Aur waise bhi life inti choti hain na ke time waste nahi karna chahiye.
Rudra: Tum toh aise baat kar rahi ho jaisee tum kal hi mar jaogi.
Soumya:Ek pal main aapki zindagi ulat pulat ho sakti hai.
Rudra:You are right.
Soumya:Aur waise bhi aap ek hi baar toh jite hain toh phir thoda dhang se hi ji lena chahiye.
Rudra:Why are you going to Dance acedamy?
Soumya:I am going there because Ishana called me over there.But it is taking forever.
Rudra:It is really far from here and today there is immense amount of traffic.
Soumya:I forgot my purse at your house and it has my medicines.I need it now so can we go and get it.
Rudra:I have it with me right now.
Soumya:You carry my purse around with you?
Rudra:I just thought of giving it to you.
Soumya:You don’t know where I live.
Rudra:I called Anika didi yesterday and she gave me your address.
Soumya:Kuch churaya toh nahi na?
Rudra:Chori karne ke liye kuch chahiye bhi na.It just had your pictures ,Medicines and your diary.
Soumya:I hope you didn’t open my diary.
Rudra:No ,I didn’t but why do u carry medicines.
Soumya:It is for dizziness and headache.

She took her medicines and then in few minutes they were at the dance academy.Soumya stayed with Ishana and Rudra went to meet Omkara.Soumya told Ishana what to say in front of Omkara and then they went to the tea stall where Omkara and Rudra were sitting.They went to them.Soumya sat next to Omkara and opposite of Rudra.While ,Ishana sat next to Rudra and opposite of Omkara.

Omkara:Good Afternoon
Ishana:Good Afternoon
Soumya:Good Afternoon
Rudra:By the way you go to Gunjan Dance Academy?
Ishana:Yes ,Dance is a type of art.
Omkara:Bilkul sahi kaha aap ne.
Ishana:Waise aap kae sculptures bhi bohot acche hain.
Soumya:I would love to stay and talk with you guys but I have to meet someone so I am leaving.
Rudra:Lagta toh nahi ke boyfriend hoga joh isse jhel payega.
Soumya:No ,I am going to the orphanage.
Rudra:Iss ne toh pure Mumbai ka theka le rakha hai.Kya hoga Mumbai ka isske bina.
Soumya:Main bhi same thing soch thi hu.

They leave from there while Ishana and Omkara were still talking.

Omkara:Tumhe kya lagta hai?
Ishana:Kis bare main?
Omkara:Do you think they will make a good couple.
Ishana:Arre apko pata nahi iss ladki ke nakhre.Isse koi ladka ek din kar bhi apne pas na rakhe.
Ishana:Ek ghante main kisi bhi ladke ko baat karke paka de yeh tho.Ek second bhi bechari free nahi rehti.
Ishana:Subah college ,Afternoon is her client time or some other thing.In evening she goes to her orphanage and night she does her homework and if there is more time then she sleeps.
Omkara:That is a lot.
Ishana:But can you believe it that she enjoys it.
Omkara:That is really nice.She is a very hardworking and smart girl.
Ishana:Now I think we should plan a road trip to Lonavla.Since the college just ended.Also I am very free.
Omkara:Good Idea! I will ask my brothers and you ask your friends.
Ishana:Good idea
Omkara:I think we should leave now and let me drop you off.
Ishana:Thank you

They leave from there.

Recap:The Oberoi Brothers start falling for the Anika ,Ishana ,and Soumya.Also the road trip is on!!!


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