Master minds (intro)


Hello guys myself theresa. I am so excited to meet u all yar. I wiant to say u all my story based with swaragini actors. So now i will start.


Swara: Cute, bubbly, fun loving, independent, loves music, lost her parents, lives with psycho cousin who wants to marry her, software engineer.

Laksh: Sportive, handsome, dashing, lovable, lover his only mother a lot, has a foundation for poor children to help for their studies, his main job is conducting campaigns of blood donations etc.

Ragini: Perfect in both traditional & also western, innocent & also naughty, helping nature, loves her parents, already engaged, loves music & travelling.

These are our main leads other roles will be shown by story. In my story there will be fun, love & also twists. I will start my story now.

Screen starts in airport where all the passengers are going in & out. Two persons will be seen hugging each other. Girl is crying by hugging her boyfriend.

They are swara & laksh.

Swara: If i have a chance i dnt want to leave.

Laksh: Its ok but u have to go.

Swara: After all for my parents wish to be complete.

Laksh: I can understand but come soon ok.

Swara: Sure iits just a matter of 1 month.

Laksh: Hm i will miss u.

Swara: But i will not. Just give me your blazer.

Laksh: Blazer but y then what i will wear?

Swara: Shut up lucky just give.

He gaves it to her.

Swara: Now by keeping this with me i will feel like hugging u & touching u.

Laksh: Ok but for now u can hug me right.

She takes him aside & hugs him tightly & cries.

Laksh: Not again my love i can’t see u crying. He will wipe her tears & kisses her smoothly. He hugs her back.
After going london just call me ok.

Swara: Sure.

Screen ends on smiling faces of swalak.

Credit to: Theresa

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