Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 9)


Hey guys I am back thank u for ur support. So here I go.
All are busy playing holi when Anaita comes and joins them. Seeing Anaita the rest back out which makes Anaita very angry and she breaks a holi pichkari in anger. Trumpet comes along with Ria who is amused at the sight. She gets excited but suddenly her smile vanishes as she recollects the pair of eyes that she saw a few times back.
Ria [thinking]: I found those eyes here only… that means I was right….i am somehow related to this place… I have to find the person…
Just then Trumpet breaks her silence.
Trumpet: what happened Ria?? Any problem….
Ria: no…
Trumpet: then come along let’s enjoy…
She takes Ria and they all again starts enjoying. Soon after this Karan turns up and joins them as well. Karan’s sudden change made Anaita feel very uncomfortable.
Anaita: when I applied colour on his face he reacted so much… and now see he is enjoying so much with that Ria… how can he forgive her so easily… no…no… no… my efforts cannot go all in vain…
Suddenly she heards someone addressing to her.
Voice: for that u will need my help….

As she turns she finds it to be Euro. His face is totally covered with colours and any one can hardly recognize him….
Anaita: who are u???
Euro: one shud always remember his friend as well as his enemy.
Anaita: euro?????
Euro: yes… u r right… and now just wait and watch what I do to that Ria…. [smirks] Anaita also smiles evilly and leaves the place.
Ria is seen standing near the pool when someone suddenly pulls her away and in a fraction of seconds she vanishes. Trumpet and all come to find Ria but they fail and start searching her madly.
Trumpet: she knows nothing about this place… she cannot go all alone anywhere….
Suhani: what if Anaita is behind this….
Jignesh: yeh she is right….this Anaita can do anything to remove Ria…
Suhani: but what proof we have that she is only Ria….
Trumpet: we do not need any proof to recognize our Ria… we know her since we were in school… may be she has forgotten everything but I am sure she is only Ria….
Jignesh: ok… now the most important thing is to find Ria…
And they all again start searching everywhere. On the other side Karan is seen sitting alone and remembering his moments with Ria and then how she left him and then how Ruhanika looks and behaves exactly like her….

Karan [thinking]: does it mean she is only Ria… and since she has forgotten everything she does not remember me… but how is that possible even after seeing me can’t she remember anything and why did she change her name??? oh god itzz so confusing… I need to talk to her…
Just then his phone rings.
Karan: hello… what????!!!!

Hope u guys liked plzz comment. Thank u.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. nice rhimjhim just waiting for ur next episode EAGERLY

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    this show r very exiting.

  3. superb rhimjhim….. Just keep going waiting for nxt epi…

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