Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 3)


Hello friends thank you liking my story.

The Heaven:-
Pallavi is arranging clothes in her cupboard, when a photograph falls from the folds of her sweater. It is a picture of a cute baby girl. As she looks at the picture tears fill her eyes. Just then Amar comes and sits beside her.
Amar: Wipe out your tears…Ria may come any time…
Pallavi: I miss her a lot… What to do? After all I’m her mother….
Amar: May b that’s why God had send Ria to us… Though she is not our daughter, she regards us as her parents…
Pallavi: That’s only becoz she does not remember anything abt her past life… if she had known who is really is she wud not have called us mom and dad…
Amar: Really… The accident 5 years back changed our lives…
Pallavi: I sometimes fear if someday Ria remembers who she is then she may leave us go…. Then what will I do? How will I live???

Then they hear Ria coming up, and as they come out of the room, they see her going towards her room and locking the door from inside.
Ria’s real house:-
Anaita is seeing at her and Karan’s picture, when she comes across their picture with Ria.
Anaita: U always tried to be there between me and K… but not anymore… I have thrown u out of K’s life… he jst hates u….
Then she opens the settings option and crops out Ria’s picture from their group pic.
Anaita: I’ve cropped u like this from K’s life as well Ria… Sometime I feel vry bad for u… I think where r u….how r u…but the nxt moment I feel vry happy to know that u r nowhere between me and my Karan…Actually it has been a long time since we both have gone out for lunch together… let me call K and invite him for lunch tomorrow…
Anaita then calls Karan…

Karan’s house:-
Karan is busy with his punching bag as he remembers how Ria had left him 5 yrs back and then what Anaita told him that evening a few hours back…The clock was stricking 10 P.M and Karan’s phone was going on vibrating as Anaita was calling him. But Karan was oblivious to all these things. There was no sign of tiredness in his eyes. He had not slept properly for the last 5 yrs but he had no urge to take rest. He only wanted to know what made Ria leave him…
Ria’s house:-
Ria is lying on her bed as she thinks abt how she had felt sometime back…She takes out her notebook and starts making a sketch, but could make nothing but the eyes of the person about whom she always dreams. She goes up to her drawer and opens it and there were lying a bundle of pages which had only the eyes. Ria picks them one by one and matches them with her current sketch.
Ria: They are jst the same…I have been drawing this for 5 yrs but cannot find out who the person is? His eyes look so familiar to me but who he/she really is? I want to know… I’m tired of this condition of mine…

Ria sits down on the floor with all the papers scattering around her and closes her eyes once again to get a glimpse of her dream which is haunting her for 5 yrs…

Hope you liked it…Plz do comment. Even if u don’t like it let me know. Thank you…

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. its superrr keep going yaar very interesting and im very curious to read ur next update thanks for bringing such a great story rhimjhim

  2. Hey it ws gd pls cntnue soon!! I thnk 5 yrs back ria hd met wid accident so she is saved nd taken care by foster parents who hd lost their own daughter and nw ria remembrs ntg abt her past bt oly k’s eyes hope m ryt!!
    Do cntnue soon

  3. Thompson its really fab

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