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Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 24)


Thank u for ur comments. So let’s start.

All the students are sitting in the classroom. A teacher comes in and announces.
Teacher: students… the debate competition will be held today afternoon… so be prepared and assemble at the seminar hall by 12 noon….
Students: ok ma’am….
The teacher leaves. The eight of them were sitting just near to each other. As soon as the teacher left the class they started gossiping.
Ria: oh god… today afternoon…
Aryan: relax Ria… u r good in giving lectures so there is no need to worry…
Ria: what??? I give lectures….
Anaita [smiling]: oh…Ria… he meant to say that u r good in debating…
Ria: oh… I think that u r begin to understand him better than me… what’s the scene….
Aryan: Ria… there is nothing like that….
Karan: ok…. We agree with u….
Trumpet: ok guys we have only 4 hrs in our hand so prepare ourselves…
Ria: trumpet is right….
Karan: ok…
Anaita: ok let’s start….
And they all leave the class and go to an empty room. There they start practicing. Anaita is seen walking from one corner to other practicing her part of speech. Suddenly she collides with Aryan and is about to fall when he holds her in time [darmiyaan… plays in background]. All the rest look at them and noticing them sharing an intense eye lock.
Ria [to break their eye lock]: Karan… I think today some people r in air of luv… [she laughs and Anaita and Aryan break their eye lock and part out]…
Karan: I also think so…
Aryan: there is nothing like that… she was about to fall so i… just…
Ria: no one asked for an explanation Aryan… then to whom r u explaning to us or to urself….
Anaita [feeling shy]: guys I have to go to meet Principal sir… so plzzzz xcuse me….
Karan: ok…. [Anaita leaves]
Aryan too is about to leave but Ria holds his hand and helds him back.
Ria: where r u going???? To Principal…
Aryan: no…. actually..
Ria: stop giving xcuses…
Karan: Aryan… come sit…. [he makes him sit on the tool]….
Aryan: what????
Karan: u love Anaita right…..
Aryan: no… nothing like….
Ria: don’t tell a lie….plzzzz.
Aryan: Ria…
Ria: Aryan….
Aryan [pausing for some time]: yes……
Ria [overjoyed]: I knew it… we found it in last night’s party only….
Aryan: but I don’t know whether she loves me or not….
Karan: of course she loves u…
Aryan: how do u know….
Ria: she loves u Aryan…. That’s why when u asked help from her to save me and Karan… she agreed to it….
Aryan: but….
Karan: no but…. Just go and tell this to her…
Aryan: have u gone mad or what….. I and propose….
Ria: no…. I will go and propose her…. I will tell her… Anaita… my friend Aryan is vry dumb…. He loves u but cannot propose u… so I am here to ask u do u love him….. right Aryan….
Aryan: it’s not a joke…
Ria: I know Aryan… so u shud go and talk to her…. And plzzz do it today only….
Aryan: what’s the hurry??
Karan: there is no hurry..
Trumpet: actually… Anaita is leaving for Chennai today….
Aryan: what??? But why????
Jignesh: she wants to rectify her mistake and make her life large….
Ria: now I think u will go and tell her that u love her…..
Aryan: yes… I will….
Karan and Ria and the rest hug Aryan one by one.
Seminar hall:
All the students have assembled in the seminar hall. An air of tension prevailed there. Soon the principal comes and the debate starts. First turn is of a student from America. She is given the topic to speak on recent political situation in America. She is followed by a boy from Kanpur, who was asked to uplift India’s forgotten tradition. Then at last it was Ria’s turn. She was asked to speak something on trust. Ria was numb. Flashes of her life after the accident and then how she came to know the truth started coming to her mind. But at last she built up enough courage and made a marvelous speech on the topic. As she ended there were tears in her eyes. Karan too had tears in his eyes as he was able to relate each every line with their relationship. Then it was Karan’s turn and like this all the students made their speech. Then the last person was Anaita. She was asked to tell about the disadvantages of jealousy. Anaita looked at Ria and Karan and started and ended up giving an emotional speech which made Ria cry. Her speech made another person cry too. And he was none other than Aryan who was hiding behind a pillar to hide his tears. After the debate competition ended, principal came to the stage to make the announcement of the results.
Principal: good afternoon students… I am really happy that each one of u have given the best speech ever heard. Some has even made us cry… now it is time to tell the result… though everyone did their best but today there is only one… no actually two students… two girls who have made it to the trophy and they r Ruhanika…. And Anaita ….
The entire room echoed in clappings. Karan and Aryan both were extremely happy. But something stopped them as there was announcement on the stage. It was a girl who was announcing. And it was Ria.
Ria: teachers and friends I am here to make a very important announce ment…. Actually the thing is my name is Ria…. Ria Sareen.. and not Ruhanika Chhadda….
Principal: but ur name is written as Ruhanika in ur passport and all the certificates…
Ria: yes I know that… and I will surely make it al right.. but my name is not Ruhanika….
Principal: ok… so today’s winners are Ria and Anaita….
Again clappings r heard. Both the girls take the trophy and pose for pictures. They come down from the stage and hud their friends. Anaita goes to hug Aryan and Ria Karan. As Anaita hugs Aryan, Aryan tells something in her ears….
Aryan: I luv u… plzzzz don’t leave me… plzzzz….
Anaita [parting out]: what????
Aryan: yes Anu… I love u a lot….
Ria: yes Anu… he truly loves u….
Karan: yes Anaita….
Aryan: plzzzz say something Anaita….
Anaita [smiling]: I luv u toooo
Aryan [overjoyed]: what???? I did not hear properly… plzzz tell again….
Anaita: I love u…..
Aryan: what???
Anaita: I love u Aryan… I love u….
Aryan hugs her and so does Karan and Ria.
Ria’s house:
Ria’s foster parents r leaving. They bless Ria and Karan and Aryan and Anaita and wish them a very happy life. After they leave all of them along with Riki go and sit in Ria’s room. Ria was surprised to find her picture all over the room.
Karan: this my gift for u Ria…. Did u like it
Ria: I loved it….
Karan: btw Aryan… when r u leaving for London….
Anaita: what??? U r going …. Leaving me…. U liar…
Aryan: oh God first listen to me… I am going to bring me parents here in India… so that we can marry… u duffer…
Anaita: whom u called duffer…. Me….
Aryan: I am sorry..
Anaita: better….
Ria: see… Karan learn something… how sweetly Aryan told sorry to Anu.. and u….
Karan: and I what…. U want me to tell u sorry…
Ria: no….
Karan: then…. [coming closer to Ria]
Ria: nothing…. [pushing him back]….
Riki: but Aryan… I still cannot understand one thing…. How u and Anaita did all this… and how u came to know that Ishaan is planning to kill Ria or Karan….
Anaita and Aryan smile looking at each other.
Aryan: that is a long story…..
[FB starts]
All of them except Ria are seen preparing for the party and Aryan and Karan are discussing about the contents of the program.
Karan: I wud love to tease Ria….
Aryan: oh…. Then let’s make it a dramatic one… u will tease Ria and make her angry.. and in the heat of anger she will pick up whatever will lay in her hand…
Karan: that’s right…. Let’s put a colour gun there…
Aryan: ok… that will be fun….
As they were discussing Aryan sees Euro’s friend’s reflexion on the glass window. After the boy goes Aryan follows him and finds that Ishaan is planning to kill Karana nd via Ria abd has planned to exchange the colour gun with a real one. Hearing this all Aryan goes to Anaita and they two make a counterpal for Ishaan’s master plan. [FB ends]
Riki: that’s really cool….
Aryan: I know that I am cool…
Ria: thanx Aryan….
Aryan: mention not…
Anaita: guys it’s all over now… so it’s party time…..
They cheer and start enjoying themselves. Ria in Karan’s arm and Anaita in Aryan’s.

Hope u guys liked this part. Plzzzz comment..

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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