Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 23)


Hey thanks everyone a lot for ur comments. Now it’s time to start wrapping up my ff. So from today onwards the episodes will be longer and I will end this ff by next Friday. So thanks again for all ur support. Enjoy reading and keep commenting.

Party venue:
Karan has organized a party for all and a special gift for Ria. He has invited all his friends and family members and even Ria’s foster parents. They all are seen enjoying themselves. Then Karan goes to the stage and comes in front of the mouth piece.

Karan: hello friends… I am very happy that u all turned up today at the party to share the joy that I am right now experiencing after getting back my love after 5 long yrs….. For this I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Chhadda…. Who have saved Ria and loved her and pampered her like their own daughter [Amar and Pallavi smile and Pallavi out her hand on Ria’s head to bless her]… I want to thank Aryan who was Ria’s best friend at London… he had played the role of cupid in our story and has helped us to reunite once again [Aryan shows him a thumbs up]….. then I want to thank my Bhabhi who was always there for me and who made me realize that Ria can never cheat me and leave me in the middle… so thanx Bhabhi and of course my bhaiya for bringing such a nice Bhabhi for me [Bhabhi gives Karan a flying kiss]… and last but not the least Riki who also helped me realize my mistake and helped me to rectify it and of course my dear friends Trumpet… Jignesh…. Sohani and all…. So thank u all for what u did for me and my love for Ria…. [Ria smiles shyly]… and Ria…. My love… I am sorry for misunderstanding u 5 yrs back… I promise u that I will never doubt u evr in my life… plzzz forgive me this time… and if u have forgiven me…plzzz come on the stage….

Ria goes to the stage smiling. Karan comes forward and offers his hand for help. Ria holds his hand and gets on the stage.
Karan: Ria….. [he kneels down slowly, puts his hand inhis pocket and slowly taked out a wonderful diamond ring]…. Will u marry me…
The entire room began to roar in applause. There were cheers. Cheers requesting Ria to say a YES. And at last the moment came when Ria gave her decision.
Ria: Karan…. [Karan nods]… promise me that u will not forget ur promise…..
Karan: never….
Ria [giving her hand in Karan’s hand]: then it’s a YES… YES Karan I will marry u…..
Karan was overjoyed. The entire room again rouses in applause. Karan lovingly put the ring in Ria’s hand and kissed her hand.

Anaita is sitting in her cell when Ishaan comes in.
Ishaan: u will keep sitting here and there Ria and Karan will get married….
Anaita [shocked]: what???
Ishaan: yes… Karan proposed Ria for marriage and she has excepted it….
Anaita: I will not let that happen… I want to get out of this place….
Ishaan: ur wish is granted….

A constable comes and opes the gate of the cell.
Constable: u have been given bail… come out…
Anaita [overjoyed]: really…. Who askd for it???
Ishaan: I…
Anaita: thanks Mr. Singhania…..
Ishaan: no… I will not accept ur thanks…. I want u to do a work for me….
Anaita: what????
Ishaan: kill Karan….
Anaita: what?? R u crazy… how can I kill someone whom I love….
Ishaan: ok then make Ria kill Karan…
Anaita: how???
Ishaan tells something to Anaita which is in mute.
Anaita [after listening to his plan]: ok… done I will do my job….
Ishaan: good, all the best….
Anaita leaves for the party venue and to do the work for which she has been assigned.
Party venue:

The lights glow and two figures are seen to come in vision. The song ‘Sapna jahan….’ from ‘brothers’ plays. The figures are none other than Ria and Karan. They dance gracefully on the song. Soon the song changes and ‘Sab tera….’ from ‘baaghi’ plays. The audience enjoys the dance wholeheartedly. Suddenly Anaita is seen coming inside the place and she is noticed by Aryan. Aryan hurriedly leaves the place and follows Anaita. He finds Anaita going to the dressing room. He follows her. As Anaita enters the room, Aryan follows her and closes the door behind him.
Anaita: thanx….
Aryan [turns]: what’s the news????
[FB shows] Aryan goes to meet Anaita in her cell. Anaita is seen crying.

Aryan: have u decided anything till now….
Anaita: what???
Aryan: u can till make ur life better… just let Karan and Ria be together… see me… I too love Ria… but I am letting them be together.. this is love…

Anaita: but…
Aryan: if u love someone u shud not hold him… let him go… try to understand….
Anaita: I can understand everything…
Aryan: no u can’t… Ishaan Rai Singhania is trying to hurt either Ria or Karan….
Anaita: what???
Aryan: yes.. and only u can save them…
Anaita: but how????
Aryan: jst tell due to love Karan…
Anaita: of course I do….

Aryan: and Ria???
Anaita [thinking for some time]: yes… I love her too…. I wanted to hurt her in the madness of my love…but now I know that it is wrong…. Thanx Aryan….
Aryan: thanx for what???
Anaita: for making me realize my mistake…
Aryan: ur thanx will not do…. u have to help me….
Anaita: of course…
Aryan: listen… I have got news that Singhania is preparing for ur bail… he will come and give the news that Karan has proposed Ria….
Anaita: when???
Aryan: at tonight’s party he will propose her…
Anaita: what if she refuses…???
Aryan: no she will not….
Anaita [smiles]: good… if she doesn’t…. then what???
Aryan: u will react as if u r very angry and he will discuss his plan with u and…
Anaita: and I will tell that p;lan to u right…
Aryan [smiling]: right…
Anaita: done… till date I tried to separate Karan and Ria… but now I will unite them.. I promise…
Aryan [smiling]: thanks…
Anaita: welcome….
Aryan leaves and Anaita keeps looking at him.

Anaita: don’t worry Aryan I will keep my promise at least for u…..
[FB ends] Anaita [smiling]: smart… I like that…
Aryan: don’t ever try to be over smart… news…

Anaita: Ishaan has planned to kill Karan and this is to be done by Ria…
Aryan: I knew it…. He is now trying to hurt both Karan and Ria…
Anaita [with a determined expression]: but we will not let him succeed….

[they share a high-five].
Aryan: let’s go….
The two then go out of the room and hide at different places. A man is seen coming in from the back door. Aryan signals Anaita and she nods and goes to receive the man. The man is Ishaan’s man and he has come with a revolver. He hands it over to Anaita. Anaita looks at the revolver and very smartly replaces it with a fake one and places it one a tray.

There on the stage a certain sort of dramatic sequence was going on. There a point comes when Ria picks and points the gun at Karan. Ishaan is seen hiding among the audience in the attire of a waiter/ all are shell shocked. And then suddenly Ria fires the gun. The room screams loudly and everyone cover their eyes. But as they open their eyes they all start laughing. There Karan was standing with his face filled with pink colour. Ria also starts laughing. Aryan and Anaita too start laughing. Ishaan looks on tensed. He tries to leave but is caught by Aryan.
Aryan: what is the hurry??? Plzzz enjoy with us some more time… Mr. Singhania….. [he calls out to Karan]….Karan… come here… with Ria…. I have arranged a surprise for u….
Karan [coming down the stage with Ria]: what’s it…. Isn’t this enough…

Aryan: no my dear friend…. Come… can u recognize this man [pointing at Ishaan]…
Karan: no…
Aryan [slowly removing his makeover]: now….
Karan: Mr.Singhania…. u here….
Aryan: yes to kill u..
Ria: what???
Anaita [coming in]: yes Ria…
Ria [looking at Anaita]: what r u doing here??
Aryan: Ria… u shud thank her… for her today Karan is alive….
Ishaan: Anaita… u cheated me…
Anaita: no Mr. Singhania… I did not cheat u… I just supported my friends….
Everyone look at Anaita and her changed behavior.

Ishaan: u have to pay for this…
Aryan: we will see… but for the time being u pay for ur deeds along with ur son… inspector…
An inspector comes and takes Ishaan away. Everyone turn to Anaita, who turns to Ria and Karan.
Anaita: I am really sorry for whatever I did with u… Ria …Karan… plzz forgive me…
Aryan: yes Karan… Ria… plzz forgive her.. she is a changed person now….
Ria: ok…
Karan: if Ria is ok with it then I too have no problem…
Riki: amazing then at last all is getting well…
Trumpet: yes right….
Ria: Anu.. I am sorry for my that day’s behavior…
Anaita: it’s ok Ria… actally the thing is that I deserved that… so let it be…
Aryan: so guys now as all is ok… so let’s enjoy…

And they all cheers and again starts enjoying the party. Anaita goes up to Aryan.
Anaita: thanx a lot…. For bring my friends back to me…
Aryan: it’s my pleasure….

And they start dancing hand in hand. This is noted by Ria and Karan who smile seeing them together.

Hope u guys liked it. Plzzzz comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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