Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 2)


Thank u guys for liking my story. I would like to tell u that it is not the same story but the characters are somewhat same. Plz enjoy reading.
As Aryaan opens the door of the washroom, he was shocked. There lay Ria unconscious and tied with rope. Both Aryaan and Lisa untied her and smashed water on her face. Slowly Ria came back to senses.
Lisa: Ruhanika, are u ok?
Ria: Yes. Only a terrible headache. That’s all.
Aryaan: Who did this? [Angry and annoyed] Ria gets into thinking as she remembers what had happened with her.
[FB shows]

As Ria was moving towards the ladies washroom, someone put a handkerchief on her mouth. As she turned towards the glass window struggling with the hand, she saw Shanaya’s reflection and slowly her vision got blurred and she fainted. [FB ends] Aryaan: What happened Ruhi? Who did this? Answer me.
Ria: I don’t remember. What’s the point? I’m ok. Let’s leave. [Ria gets up and leaves] Aryaan [thinking]: She is surely hiding something.
Ria: Plz give me a black coffee.
The boy gives it to her.
Ria: Thank you.
And she leaves and sits in front of Shanaya. She was busy going through her fb comments. When she looked up, she was dazed….
Shanaya: Ria…??? U…..HERE…???!!!

Ria: Why? You thought I’ll be in the washroom.
Shanaya {tensed}: What do u mean??
Ria: You understand well what I mean. So be in your limits.
Shanaya: How dare u threaten me???
Ria: Low down your voice or Aryaan will hear it. Then I’ve to tell him the truth and then the rest you know…Bye…
Saying this Ria leaves the cafeteria leaving Shanaya tensed.

On the other side of the world in INDIA, in a dark room a shadow is seen with a guitar and is playing the tune of Aakhno mein hai sapno koi (Kabir and Udhita bg song). Just then the door opens and a girl comes in. She is stylish and beautiful but not as beautiful as Ria. She switches on the lights of the room and the boy covers his eyes from the light.
Boy: What the hell is this Anaita????
So the girl is Anaita who is deeply in love with the boy and is always after him.
Anaita: Come on Karan. How long will u stay like this? Why don’t u forget the past and move on?
And at last we are there. The boy is none other than Karan Malhotra. He is a student of the St. Stephen’s College. He lives with his brother and sister-in-law (Bhabi). He used to be a naughty but cute and well behaved boy, but an incident changed him completely.
Karan: It’s enough Anaita. Please leave me alone for some time.
Anaita{thinks}: No. I can’t leave you alone as I can’t let u think about Ria. I luv u and will have u at any cost.

Karan: What r u thinking? Plz leave…
Anaita: No I won’t. Karan 5 yrs have passed. She had not tried to contact with u even for once. She is like this only. She forgets people very easily. Maybe she has got someone new and u are no longer her priority.Hearing this Karan throws his guitar and leaves the room angrily. Anaita smriks and goes and picks up the guitar.
Anaita: I’ve created so much hatred in Karan for Ria that even if God comes and tells him that Ria is a nice girl, he won’t believe. At last I have won Ria. Thanks Ria for leaving India and never coming back again. And I hope u never do that in your entire life.
Karan’s house:-

Karan rushes inside his house and goes upstairs while making lot of noise with his shoes to control his anger. Hearing the noise Karan’s Bhabhi comes out.
Bhabi: What’s going on? Karan (shouts) Karan…..what is happening?
As she goes upstairs, she sees his room’s door closed.
Bhabi (knocking at the door): Karan… what happened??? Open the door.
After a lot of knocking Karan at last opens the door.
Bhabi: What’s wrong?
Karan: Nothing Bhabi. I’m feeling very sleepy. Gud night.
Bhabi: Ok….
As Bhabi leaves the room, Karan closes the door and goes up to a drawer and takes out a photograph. It’s Ria’s photo. He looks at it and closes his eyes…
[FB shows]

A car is going and Karan is running after it shouting…
Karan: Ria…. Plz I’m sorry ….Plz don’t leave me like this Ria ….Plz….
And the car goes out of sight and Karan knells down and cries… [Fb ends] Karan: That day I wanted to stop….I tried my level best…..But for u ur ego was bigger than my love…So u were able to leave me….I trusted u and u broke my trust…. I HATE U RIA…..I HATE U….I hate u more than I hate my enemies…. I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN….
Saying so Karan took out a match stick and set the picture on fire and threw it in the waste bin…

Ria stops the car with a jerk and moved her hand towards her heart and felt very uneasy.
Ria [confused]: Why I’m feeling so disturbed???….Why I am feeling as if someone was calling me with a heart full of hatred…. What’s wrong with me…???
Hope you liked it…Plz do comment. Thank you…

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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