Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 18)

Hey guys I have thought to limit my ff and I am going to end it as u all know. It may not be that nice as today is my result for ICSE and I am very tensed. So plzzz pardon me if it is bad and plzz drop ur comments. So let’s star it.

[FB continues]
Ria is shocked to see Anaita’s diary and tears roll down her face. She looks at Anaita and then silently sits on the bed.
Ria: I’m sorry Anu… I did not know that u love Karan…. If I had known I would never had accepted his proposal….
Anaita: u still have chance to rectify ur mistake. [Ria looks at her with eyes red with tears.]
Ria: how….???
Anaita: reject Karan… tell him that u love someone else….
Ria: but…
Anaita: I don’t know anything just tell him that u don’t love me….
Then she leaves the room and Ria breaks down in tears.
Ria: I don’t know why it only happens with me… whenever I move a step ahead something or the other pulls me back….. why??? I love Karan but I love Anu too…. Whom will I choose….????
Next morning:
Ria comes inside the class and sits in the first bench far away from Karan which confuses him.
Karan [to Jignesh]: what happened to her?? Is she still upset???
Jignesh: may be…. Or may not be…. Let the class finish….
After the class finishes as Karan was going to talk to Ria she hurriedly leaves the classroom and heads towards the administrative office. Karan follows her and as soon as comes close to her pulls her by her hand which makes Ria trip and she falls on Karan who at the same time falls on the ground…[Aankhon mein hain sapna koi……tune plays]. They share an eye lock and Ria’s hair locks falls on her face which Karan removes with his hand. This makes Ria break the eye lock and she feels uncomfortable. Though she tried to get up, she slips and falls again and again on Karan until she found that her hair had got stuck in one of his shirt buttons. Karan helps her to lose her hair and final the two stand on their feet.
Karan: Ria….. [but Ria leaves and goes to talk to the account’s person]
Ria [to the accounts manager]: I need a form for a new student Riki… can I get it today… he is going to take admission in his institute….
When Karan heard Riki’s name he feels sad and leaves the place. He walks on the corridor when Anaita joins him.
Anaita: hey K…..
Karan: hii Anaita….
Anaita: why r u looking so upset???
Karan: nothing….
Anaita: oh u r upset about Riki….
Karan: no….
Anaita: oh come on K…. don’t be so childish… Ria and Riki share a different sort of bonding….
Karan [more upset]: what sort???
Anaita: more than friendship…. They know each other’s secrets and love to help each other in their needs…Moreover Ria can never say NO to Riki…
This was too much for Karan and he leaves to the hesitantly.
Anaita: I am sorry K… but I love u so much that I can do anything….
Ria’s room:
Ria is sitting in her room and is sobbing as the memories of the days she spent with Karan comes in her mind. Just then there is a tap on the window and as Ria opens it she finds karan there.
Ria: karan what r u doing here??
Karan: do u love me??
Ria: what???
Karan: yes or no….
Ria [thinking on Anaita’s words]: I don’t know….
Karan: I need an answer….
Ria: Karan plzzz go…
Karan: yes or no…
Ria: no…..
The answer shocked Karan and he silently leaves. And Ria dashes on her bed and starts crying.

Hope u liked it. Plzz do comment.

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  1. nice episode…. bt pls don’t limit the story…. I’m their to support u…. will read ur ff for sure….

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