Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 17)


Hey guys I am back so let’s start.

[FB continues] Anaita comes to the class wearing the ring that Karan gave to Ria the night before. She waved to Karan and during this time Karan noticed the ring in her hand and looked at Ria who was busy chatting with her friends.
Anaita: hi K…
Karan: hi…. Anaita… if u don’t mind can I ask u something?
Anaita: yes ask….
Karan: where u got this ring from????
Anaita: Ooo this one I bought it this morning from a shop…. Why???
Karan: it’s exactly like the one I gave to Ria….which she lost this morning….
Anaita: lost??? I am sorry K… but as far as I know it was there in her ring last night then how???? I think…..
Karan: u think what???
Anaita: actually Ria’s best friend Riki is coming and so she wanted to buy a gift for him but she doesnot have much pocket money so maybe she had sold it to buy one gift…. I don’t know…. ok buy…..
And Anaita left smirking leaving Karan upset. He went to Ria and pulled her to a side.
Karan: is my love that priceless and meaningless to u that u sold its mark for a gift???
Ria [confused]: what??? What r u talking about??? I can’t get it….leave me and let me go….
Karan: no….
Ria: it’s hurting me K…..
Karan: if I leave u someone else will get hold of u….
Ria: what happened to u all of a sudden????
Karan: ur best friend Riki is coming …..
Ria: yes… how do u know????
Karan: for whom u wanted to buy a gift and for that u sold my ring….
Ria: sold….??? Have u lost it Karan???? Y will I sell ur ring???? What’s wrong with u????
Karan: what’s wrong with me??? What’s wrong with u Ria??? Y u thought that I will get angry if u tell me the truth…
Ria: what truth r u talking about???
Karan: oh shut up….
And Karan leaves the place angrily and Ria too leaves for her class quite upset with what happened just then. Anaita was the live audience to the entire seen who seemed quite contended with the recent bit of dramatic episode.
Karan and Ria are seating with their back to each other and are looking at each other from the glass window beside them (their reflections are falling on it). They share an eyelock. At last without able to control his emotions any further Karan runs to the seat front of Ria and holds her instantly.
Ria [shocked]: what r u doing K???
Karan: I am sorry…. I shud not have shouted at u hearing what Anaita said to me…..
Ria: what anaita told u???
Karan: she told that u have sold the ring to buy ur friend a gift…. I am sorry…
Ria: its ok…. Btw where is Anu????
Karan: I don’t know….
Ria: ok Karan bye…. [and she gets up to leave.] Karan [holds her hand on time to stop her]: not now…. I have something more for u….sit…..
Ria [sits]: what???
Karan: first close ur eyes….
Ria: K….
Karan: Ria…..
Ria [closing]: ok fine…. Now…..
Karan then takes out lovely pendent and places it on her neck.
Karan: open ur eyes now…..
Ria: oh God…. [very happy]….. K…
Karan: now u can go….
Ria: bye…
Karan: bye….. [and he gives her flying kiss].
Ria’s house:
Anaita is watching tv when Ria enters the room from her tuition. She throws her bag on bed and takes the remote from Anaita’s hand and turns the tv off.
Anaita: Ria…
Ria: why u did this Anu????
Anaita: what I did???
Ria: u know very well what u did… why told Karan that I have sold the ring… u urself know that I lost it…..
Anaita: if u want to know why I did this then I will surely answer u…. the reason that I love K….
Ria: what???
Anaita: yes… and to get him I can do anything….
Ria: so u did this…..
Anaita: no I did this….
And she shows the ring to Ria who was shocked.
Ria: where u got it from????
Anaita: I stole it from ur hand when u were sleeping last night…. Becoz only I can wear the ring not u…..
Ria: but Anu…. Why u told him such a big lie..???
Anaita: becoz I hate u….
Saying so she goes out of the room and brings in the book where she had written all her feeling for both Karan and Ria and it expressed perfectly how much she loves Karan and hates Ria.

Hope u guys liked todays episode. Plzzz drop ur comments.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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