Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 16)


Hello friends as u know I have decided to finish it so I am not dragging it any further and is going to reveal the past today itself so that I can give u people some romantic shots between Ria and Karan. So here we go…

[FB continues] After a few days Ria is brought home by the Chhaddas and is pampered by them like their own daughter and slowly Ria got convinced that they really r her own parents. They got her admitted in a college there and slowly Ria’s life got back to normal. Then suddenly Amar’s neice turned up to London for her education and she too became a part of the drama. Slowly within 5 yrs Amar’s business flourished and he became one of the richest men in London and their lives continued normally. Then Ria met Aryan and they made gud friends and at last for the international debate competiton Ria returned India.
[FB ends] After listening to everything there was a sudden silence in the room. They tried their best to tell something but were stopped. Their conscience stopped them. The silence was broken by Aryan.
Aryan: so she is not Ruhanika Chhadda… she is Ria Sareen…..
Amar: yes…. I hope now everything is clear to all of u….
Ria: dad…. I’m sorry… uncle…
Amar was shocked as how Ria first addressed him as dad and then as uncle. He knew that he has lost his daughter for once again and left the room followed by Pallavi. Then the 7 leave the place and towards Karan’s room where the main part of Ria’s life and the story laid.
Karan’s house:
They entered the room upstairs. Ria was confused with all tht had happened an hour before.
Karan: Ria…. I know u don’t remember anything but….
Ria: but what???
Then he shows her the sketches that she has drawn and kneels down so that she could see his eyes properly.
Karan: found any similarity????
Ria: yes….
Karan: u remembered only my eyes…..
Ria: but why????
Trumpet: becoz …. U used to luv him more than ur own self…..
Ria was numb. She then looked at Aryan who had a smile on his face.
He was happy to know that Karan loves Ria more than him.
Karan: Ria… I will tell u what happened before the accident….
Ria: hmmmm….
And he starts the story.
Karan: we were friends from secondary school…
[FB shows] Karan, Ria, Jignesh and Trumpet were seen hanging out together all the time and enjoying themselves to the full. The teachers used to refer to them as the legendary friends. Then happened the entry of Anaita. She was a nice girl in the beginning and shared a great bonding with Ria as she was her father’s friend’s daughter. They together made a great group and good in studies too. Then they moved to the higher secondary school were slowly and steadily feeling began to emerge in their hearts. Karan started to feel for Ria while Anaita started to feel for Karan. Anaita’s feeling got so high that she got a bit stubborn to get Karan. Whereas Karan liked hanging around Ria. Then one day without able to control his emotions Karan proposed Ria.
Karan: I luv u Ria….
Ria: K…..
Karan: plzzz Ria…. Don’t say no…..
Trumpet: plzzz Ria… he truly loves u….
Jignesh: plzzzzz….. say yes…..
Ria: I never thought of u in that manner…..ok…. I need sometime….
Karan: ok…..
And the 4 take a group hug and leaves the place. This all is noticed by Anaita whose eyes were red with anger.
Anaita: u cannot take K from me Ria… I will never let u do that…..
Ria’s house:
Anaita and Ria watching horror film when there is a knock at the window. Both Anaita and Ria scared and thought it to be some sort of ghost. They got ready to defend themselves. Then slowly the window opened and a black shadow slow got inside. As he was going to proceed, the girls started shouting and in fright the person too started shouting.
Anaita: who r u????
Ria: u r asking ghost who he is…..
Shadow: I’m not ghost Ria….. Anaita….
Ria [confused]: Karan… what r u doing here????
Anaita turns on the light and they look at each other and burst into laughter.
Anaita: K what r u doing here at this point of time???
Karan: aaa….aaaa…..
Anaita: what aaaa….???? Tell….
Karan: I came to meet Ria….
Hearing Ria’s name Anaita got a little miffed.
Anaita: only Ria….
Karan: no u both…
Anaita: that’s gud…
Ria: no not gud… I told u I need time… go… go back to ur house and sleep….
Karan: actually I brought this for u….
And he displayed a beautiful ring out to Ria. It was so beautiful that Ria kept on blushing and Karan put it in her finger with Anaita eyeing it evily.
After Karan left, Ria and Anaita went to sleep. At around 3 a.m. Anaita woke up and slowly went towards Ria and very slowly took out the ring Karan gave her and put it in her own finger.
Anaita [murmurs]: this is only for me Ria… not for u….
Next morning:-
Ria is seen searching for the ring madly and at last gives up and sends a message to karan.
Karan, I want to meet u before school plzzz come to the nearby restaurant by 10 a.m. bye….
After sendng the message Ria leaves from home. All the way she only thought about karan and how he gave her the ring. After Karan comes Ria upto him and gives him a tight hug.
Karan [smiling]: so u at last agree that u too love me….
Ria: K I’m sorry…
Karan: why???
Ria: I lost the ring u gave to me…
Karan: how???
Ria: I don’t know…. today mrng when I woke up it was not there on my finger….. I searched for it in the whole house but could not find it… I’m sorry….
Karan: ok……… its absolutely ok
They both smile and leave the place hand in hand. Then Anaita comes out from behind a tree and smirks.
Anaita: u don’t know Ria what sort of a shock is waiting for u….
And she too leaves.

Hope u guys liked it. Plzzzz give ur valuable comments.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. hey dear this is not fair yaar…. U can’t end it so soon…. Pls don’t do that… At least fr me…. Story is really going good…

    Its my request to all silent readers to cmnt if u like the ff… Or else it is going to b over which i even u all also don’t want…. So pls guys pls cmnt….

    1. hey ayeesha don’t get so upset i am not going to end it this week and thanx for the comment

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