Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 15)


Hey guys I am not getting much comments so I have thought to finish it as soon as possible and bid u all a gud bye. So without wasting much time let’s get started.


A guest house:
The 7 enter the guest house and knock the door. Hearing the knock Pallavi opens the door and is stund to find Ria and Aryan standing there together. As she goes to welcome them in she finds the rest emerging from the sides and join them.
Pallavi: Aryan…. Ria….u here… plzzz come in…. Ria how r u??? and who r these people???? Ur friend in India… so many!!!!
All of them enter the room and Karan closes the door behind him. He was able to hear his heart beat which counted the time interval between hi and the truth and is unclosed for the past 5 yrs.
Ria: how r u mom???
Pallavi: I’m fine….
Ria: where I dad??? Come him… they all hve come to talk to u….
Pallavi: ok…. Amar… Ria has come with her friends….
Amar comes out of the balcony and goes and hugs both Ria and Aryan one after the other.
Amar: how r u baby???
Ria: I am fine dad….
Aryan: uncle we want to ask u something….
Amar: yes ask…
Aryan: is Ruhi really ur daughter????
Ria was stunned to hear that question. She was feeling like slapping Aryan in front of all.
Ria: shut up Aryan… what sort of a question is this… he is of course my dad…
Karan: u remember nothing Ria… but they do…. So uncle tell me when was Ria born???
Amar and Pallavi both were getting nervous. They looked at each other. They realized that the fact that they were always afraid of is coming true. They gasped for words but was interrupted by Trumpet.
Trumpet: uncle jst have a look at this pic… do u know this girl???
She displayed a pic of Ria with Karan. Amar was shocked. He was unable to believe his eyes. Ria snatched the pic from her hand and looked at it carefully.

Ria: it’s me… but how am I with Karan….
Aryan: uncle plzzz tell something…. Ur silence is kill all of us…. Is Ruhi ur own daughter??? Tell uncle plzzz tell…..
Jignesh: plzzz uncle…. We beg u… its really vry important for us to know the truth… plzz uncle.
Amar and Pallavi stood like a statue. Ria was getting more confused and preferred to leave the room but was stopped by Karan.
Karan: u need to know ur real identity… stand here….
Ria [breaking his hold]: who r u to order??? U don’t evn know u properly and plzzz guys stop troubling my parents….
Aryan: Ruhi plzz try to understand we all want to make ur problem easier to solve….. plzzz aunty atleast u tell us somthng…..
At last being irritated with the storm of questions Amar blurts out the truth to all…..
Amar: no… Ria is not our daughter… she is no one to us….
Pallavi was shocked to hear to Amar. She lost all hope and broke down. The decision they both had taken to keep Ria’s real identity a secret was now broken by Amar. Ria was appalled to her to what her father has jst now mentioned…..the sentence ‘NO SHE IS NOT OUR DAUGHTER’….begun to ring in her ers and tears rolled down her eyes. There was a lot of questions in her heart which got expressed in her eyes and then in the form of tears rolled down her eyes.
Ria: dad?????
Amar: no…I am not ur dad….
Pallavi: Amar…
Amar: I’m sorry Pallavi… I broke my promise plzzz forgive me…. Plzzzz
And he too broke down and all the 3 started crying. Aryan went towards Ria and put his hand on her shoulder.
Aryan: plzzz uncle tell us the truth now… plzzz
Suhani: plzzzzz aunty…. There is no need now to keep it a secret…. Plzzz….
And then the truth which in darkness for the last 5 yrs was brought out in light as Amar started to tell how they came across Ria.
Amar: 7 yrs ago we lost our daughter Ruhanika when we were residing at Haryana in a car accident…. Then to get relief from this sad incident we left India and went to London. There we were facing a lot of problem to settle ourselves and it took us a year to make a definite position in the society. And then that night exactly 5 yrs back we got our daughter back…..
[FB shows] A car is seen moving and suddenly its brakes failed and got crushed in a tree. As the door opened Ria rolled down and lay in a pool of blood. Her head was severely injured. Seeing this incident both Amar and Pallavi rushed to the car and found two people, i.e. Ria’s real parents, lying inside. After they took them out, rushed all the 3 of them to the nearby hospital, where both Ria’s parents were declared dead. After two long hours of waiting the doctor came out of the operation theater and informed Amar and Pallavi that they have saved the girl they have brought but she had suffered a memory. Hearing to this Pallavi pulled Amar to a side and began to talk to him.
Pallavi: god gave us another chance…
Amar: what do u mean???
Pallavi: we have lost our daughter and that girl her parents and she doesn’t even remember who she is so we will take care of her like our own daughter and her our daughter’s identity….
Amar: but this is wrong what if she remembers her real identity one day….

Pallavi: then she will always be grateful to us for saving her… we r not doing any crime… we r giving a new identity to an orphan girl….
Jst then a nurse comes and informs them that they have got some important documents in Ria’s purse and hands those to Amar. As Amar take a look at those items he finds Ria’s passport where her name is printed as Ria Sareen. Immediately Pallavi snatches it from him and hides it in her purse and then they go to meet Ria in the cabin.
Amar: how r u Ria???
Pallavi [shocked]: Amar????
Ria: who is Ria??? Who r u???? where am I??? why I don’t remember anything????
Amar: calm down….. u r our daughter…..Ruhanika Chhadda….
Ria: uhhhh???
Pallavi: Ruhanika…. Calm down….
Ria: but u addressed me as Ria…..????
Amar: that is ur pet name….
Pallavi [smiling]: yes… he is right….
Ria: but why don’t I remember anything????
Amar: u had an accident… but don’t worry…. We r here….
Pallavi: yes u rest…. We will go and talk to the doctor….
And the two left Ria confused in the cabin and looked at each other as they left.

Hope u guys liked it

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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