Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 12)


Hey guys I am really sorry for such late update actually I am busy with my studies. So without much time let’s start.

Ria is being treated by the doctors. The others are waiting outside. Karan is seen walking here and there in anxiety and nervousness. Principal has also come and all of them are praying to God for Ria’s quick recovery. Just then the door of the cabin opens and the doctor comes out. Karan runs to him pushing Aryan to a side to much of his amusement.
Karan: how is Ria?
Doc: she has gained her senses… but needs absolute bed rest… and please look that her trauma is reduced… u can her back home… she will feel better among her friends and family… BTW… where is her family????
Aryan: they are on their way… they will reach India before night falls….
Doc: then anyone pay the minimum amount of the bill and get her discharge papers….
Aryan: ok… can I meet her???
Doc: oh… yah… sure…
Aryan: thank u…
Aryan goes inside the cabin and sees Ria lying on the bed. He puts his hand on her head and Ria opens her eyes.
Ria: Aryan!!!??? U here???
Aryan: I thought to give u surprise…. But u only gave me a big surprise by reaching the hospital….
Ria: who brought me here???
Aryan: karan… most probably… he really cares about u… thank God u are back to ur senses.. otherwise he would have lost his….
Ria: shut up… but where is he???
Aryan: Karan….

Karan enters the cabin followed by the rest. There was a strange smile on his face. A smile of contempt. He was now sure that Ria was safe and will be fit in a few days. Then was the entry of the cops which made Ria a little upset.
Ria: Aryan… cops…???
Aryan: u need to give the statement about the person who tried to kill u… don’t u want him to get punished….
Ria: but I don’t know him….
Aryan: u just tell them what he told u and how he tried to kill u…
Ria: I have not even seen the person… when I woke up there was already fire…. Yes… only when I was standing beside the stage at the holi party someone put a handkerchief on my nose and then I fell unconscious…. That’s all….
Karan: no that’s not all… inspector please note whatever I am saying… Yuvraj Ishaan Rai Singhania… son of Mr. Ishaan Rai Singhania, the trustee of the St. Stephen’s college and Yuvraj is also a student of the college… he is called Euro by all the students and the teachers… this is not the first time he has tried to harm Ria… but….
Karan then realized that this is Ruhanika and not Ria… his Ria. His statement will make no sense to them if it is not approved by the victim. May be Euro too has mistaken Ruhanika for Ria and did this. Then Karan controlled his emotions and rearranged his statement properly. All the while Karan was talking… Ria was staring at him. Most precisely his eyes. There was a certain sort of anger that reflected from Karan’s eyes. It seemed as if if the police do not punish Euro… Karan will surely do the needful.

Hope u guys liked it and please forgive me if u r really angry. Please do comment.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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