Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 11)


Hey guys I am back at last… I missed u all a lot….. plz read the ff and enjoy and plzzzz do comment
Karan is seen running all around the godown searching for Ria but cannot find her in the smoke as it thickens.
Karan: Ria… where r u???
Other side Ria is seen lying unconscious and she is surrounded with fire. At last Karan comes to the room where Ria was lying and with great difficulty goes near her.
Karan: Ria… open ur eyes… Ria….
After a long time Karan again felt the same feeling that he used to feel when he was with Ria. His heart beat was racing at a high speed. He could not make out whether it was his nervousness that has built during that situation or his old, lost love for Ria that made his heart beat that fast. He was confused but not drained out of his senses. He quickly picked up Ria in his arm and made out of the place before the fire spread further. He laid her down on the ground and started to make his best attempts to bring Ria back to senses. But to his horror Karan found that Ria was not breathing at all.

Karan: Ria… r u ok!!!!????….Ria….
Tears welled up in his eyes as saw Ria lying life less on the ground.
Karan: Ria… u cannot leave me like this…. Ria…
Then an idea struck Karan. He started giving mouth-to-mouth respiration to Ria. By that time everyone has reached the place. They all tried their best to make Ria well but she did not respond at all. At last they concluded that Ria should be taken to the hospital immediately. Trumpet called the ambulance and ria was rushed to the hospital.

All r standing in the corridor when the doctor came out.
Doc: we r trying our level best to revive her but due to high quantity of inhaled smoke it might take some time… but plzzz don’t lose hope… and pray to God….
No we don’t…. a voice said. It turned out to be Aryan who has come all the way from London to give his Ruhi a surprise but was himself surprised when he learned about his situation after he reached the college and came immediately to the hospital.
After the doctor the left all turned towards Aryan with a confused face.
Aryan: hi… I am Aryan…. Ruhi…. I mean Ruhanika’s best friend and her boyfriend too….
The word BOYFRIEND was like a thunder stroke for all. Karan moved forward and shook hands with Aryan.
Karan: hi… I am Karan…

Aryan: nice to meet u… thanks for saving Ruhi’s life… I am very happy to see all of urs concern for Ruhi… she was right… she definitely has some connection with this country…
Trumpet [confused]: connection…. What do u mean???
Aryan: actually I don’t know much about her past life but as per Ruhi’s version she had had a memory loss and remembers nothing…
Trumpet: but she said her name is Ria…
Aryan: yes… her mom and dad call her as Ria…
Jignesh: since when do u know her…
Aryan: since 5 years after she joined the college…
Trumpet: and when did she had the accident???
Aryan: I think before joining the college…
Karan: what is her parent’s name???
Aryan: Mr. Amar Chhadda and Mrs. Pallavi Chhadda…. But why u all r asking so many questions…
Trumpet: can we meet her parents???

Aryan: I have informed them about Ruhi’s condition… they r coming to India…
Jignesh: that’s perfect… like this we will be able to clear all our confusions….

Hope u guys are liking the story till now. Plz do comment

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. Hi i m a silent teader bt i loved today ff …it was awesome yr …pls update next ff soon ..

  2. Jus luv ur ff it is really amazinng!!!! Continue ur gr8 work. All the best????

  3. Hi rimjim…I too missed you……epic story yaar it’s getting interesting

  4. Can u please quickly publish the nex ep m eagerly waitin for it!! PLEASE!!

  5. Yaar plzz write the next episode fast…..everyone’s eagerly waiting…..plzzzz?

    1. hey its going to be printed in a short while… i am really sorry… i was busy with my study

  6. When will the ff be updated eagerly waiting for it yaar …

    1. it is updated… plzzzz read and do comment

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