Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 1)


Hi, friends this is my first fan fiction hope you all like it. Plz let me know about your feelings and suggest me accordingly.

A girl is seen doing workout and is extremely beautiful and gorgeous. Her hair is tied up into a knot and is swinging side to side due to her body movements. A voice is heard calling her out.
Voice: Ruhanika…if you are done please come down and have your breakfast.
Ruhanika: Yes mom coming.
So this is our girl Ruhanika-a brilliant student and excellent in all the stages of academic and other spheres. She is presently completing her college studies from a university in London and is the only child of her parents. She lives with her family in a bungalow named ’The Heaven’ and her house is truly a heaven. With her family lives her cousin sister Amaya who is doing her 12th standard’s education from there. Ruhanika’s father Amar Chhadda is one of the wealthiest men of the city and is well known for his success in just 4 years. Her mother, Pallavi Chhadda is known for her fashion designing and Ruhanika is known for her successful academic life. Her nickname is Ria and her friends call her friends call her Ruhi or sometimes Ru.
The Heaven:-

Ria (Ruhanika) comes down to the breakfast table after getting fresh and sits for breakfast.
Ria: Good Morning Dad.
Amar: Good Morning beta.
Ria: Good Morning Mom.
Pallavi: Good Morning.
Ria: Good Morning Amy (Amaya).
Amaya: Good Morning di (Ria).
Amar: So Ria all set. Ready for the contest.
Ria: Yes Dad.
Amaya: Tauji, you are forgetting Ria di is the bedt debater of the entire London.
Ria: So Amy are you coming to cheer me up.

Amaya: Of course di. I’ll be reaching there on time don’t worry. All the best.
Pallavi: Oh…Stop these discussions and have your breakfast peacefully. And Ria just have a look at your dress if it is perfect.
Ria: Mom you have selected my dress, it has to be perfect. Please you also sit with us.
Pallavi: Ok.
And all the 4 had their breakfast together. As they were eating Ria’s phone beeped. Ria saw it was a message from the Principal stating:
‘Today’s debate competition has been postponed for 1 month and that will be held at St. Stephen’s College at Mumbai, India. Sorry for the inconvenience. ’
Ria: Oh God. What is this???
Amar: What happened?
Ria: Today’s competition has been postponed for 1 month and it will be held at St. Stephen’s College at Mumbai.
Pallavi: What in India? Oh God!!
Amaya: After 1 month I have my tests.
Pallavi: I’ve my exhibition cum auction.

Amar: I’ve my meeting in New York.
Ria: I’ve my trekking with friends. What to do?
Amar: You go to the university and talk to the Principal.
Ria: Ok. Then see you all in the afternoon. Bye.
Ria left for her university and the rest got busy with their respective works.
Ria’s University:
As Ria enters, she is noticed by all the boys but no one dares to come up to her. Suddenly a boy comes to her and gives a chit. It says:
‘My angel, Good Morning. I’ve been waiting for you since 8:30 in the morning. But you have to find me out. I can give you only one clue that is…..’
A smile was seen on her face as she read the paper. Just then a song is heard. It seemed as if someone singing.
Ria: So this one is your clue. [Smiling].

Song: Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun… [from Sanam re].
Ria starts following the song .After sometime another boy comes and gives her another chit. It read:
‘Good going. You are almost there.’
Following the song Ria comes to the cafeteria and finds it to be dark and the voice is coming from inside.
Ria: I caught you [excitedly]. Aryaan…Aryaa…
She was about to fall when someone holds her and the lights glow. The boy’s face is revealed. He is handsome and damn cute.

Aryaan: Are you ok Ruhi (She is called Ruhi by her friends).
Ria: Yes. Thanks for the surprise. The song is my favourite. You know that. That why you have learnt it.
Aryaan: Anything for you my angel.
Ria: Ok…I’ve to go now. I’m going to meet the Principal about the debate competition.
Aryaan: Ok. Then see you in class in class in half an hour.

Ria: Bye.
And Ria leaves from there. These all was noticed by another girl who looked quite jealous and angry.
Girl: No. You cannot take Aryaan from me. He is only mine. Just wait and watch Miss. Ruhanika Chhadda.
The clock was striking 11:30 and the class has just got over but rai was absent from there. This made Aryaan anxious.
Aryaan: Where is Ruhi? She never misses a class. Then how could she today do this. Let’s go and see in the Principal’s cabin.
Principal’s cabin:

Ayaan: May I come in sir!
Sir: Yes. What do want my son?
Aryaan: Ruhi…aa..I meant to say did Miss. Ruhanika Chhadda come here?
Sir: Yes. She has left a long time back. Why any problem?
Aryaan: No, Sir. Thank you.
And Aryaan left the cabin. Just then the jealous girl comes.
Girl: Hey Aryaan. Whats up!
Aryaan: Nothing is up, Everything is down.
Girl: What…????!!!!
Aryaan: Shanaya please leave.
Shanaya: Why are you always so rude to me?
Aryaan: Oh God…Disgusting…

With this Aryaan leaves the place leaving Shanaya annoyed and angry.
It is around 12:30 but there was no trace of Ria.Aryaan was getting more tensed, just then he sees Ria’s bracelet lying on the corridor which leads to the ladies washroom. When he reached there, he saw it to be locked. He calls his friend,
Aryaan: Hey Lisa…Can you please come to the ladies washroom with the keys. It’s urgent.
After a few minutes Lisa comes and gives the keys to him. Aryaan opens the door and was shocked.

Hope you guys liked the first part. Plz let me know if you don’t without ay hesitation. Thank you.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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