Mastaangi- A New Love Story (Episode 13)


Hey guys I am back. Let’s start.
Aryan comes to Ria’s cabin and finds her sleeping. He slightly puts his palm on her forehead and feels that her body is burning out of high fever.
Aryan: Ruhi….
Ria: Hmmmm…
Aryan: u r having fever???
Ria: may be…
Aryan: what may be… let me call the doctor…
Aryan comes out of the cabin and finds Karan standing there.
Aryan: Karan can u just sit with Ruhi… I will go and call the doctor…
Karan: why what happened???
Aryan: she is having high fever…
Karan: what… ok u go… I will be there…
Karan enters the cabin and sees that Ria is sleeping. He slowly goes and checks and feels the heat of her body.
Karan [thinks]: she having a very high fever… may be because of the trauma… let me see if I can do something to relief her.
Karan then takes the jug and pours water in a bowl. He then takes the hand towel and soaks it in it and slowly puts it on Ria’s forehead. As he continued the process, Karan again remembered the time he spent with his Ria.
[Fb starts] Ria is seen soaking a cloth in water and putting it on Karan’s forehead as he is having high fever.
Ria: who asked u to get wet in rain…. Now see what happened…
Karan: nice… atleast now u r taking care of me…
Ria: shut up… wait let me call the doctor…
Karan: no need for the doctor… I will be all right…
Ria: u will not decide what I will do… just take rest…
[Fb ends].
Karan sees Ria sweating vigorously and even having problem to breath.
Karan [worried]: Ria…. R u okay????Let me call the doctor…. Where is Aryan he went to call the doctor…
As soon as Karan was going to open the door of the cabin, Aryan enters the room with the doctor.
Aryan: what happened Karan??
Karan: where were u??? doctor just have a look what has happened to Ria….
The doctor goes forward followed by the nurse and the two boys and checks on Ria, puts oxygen mask on her mouth and then slowly Ria’s situation got back to normal.
Doctor: she got tensed… does not need to worry.. its only her trauma that is working and fever for the same reason…
Aryan: is she fit enough to get discharged??
Doctor: oh yes… she will recover fast among her known people….
Karan: thank u doctor….
After the doctor leaves both of them come and sit beside Ria.
Karan: so how do u know her??
Aryan: we met at the college….
Karan: she says she had a memory loss and does not remember anything…
Aryan: it will be wrong to say that she remembers nothing…. She only remembers a pair of eyes….
Karan: a pair of eyes…. Whose???
Aryan: I don’t know…. Once she showed me a sketch to know if I know whose eyes she has drawn…
Karan: that’s strange…. Can u show me the sketch???
Aryan: I don’t think she has brought them…
Karan: them???? How many sketches has she made….????
Aryan: more than 100….
Karan: what???… but why????
Aryan: I don’t know…she tells she wants to see that in her dreams if she sees the same pair of eyes always….
Karan: strange…. Can u just see if she has brought them to India….
Aryan: but why r u so mush excited to see her sketch….
Karan: just….
Aryan: ok I will just find out…. Ok u sit I am coming….
Karan: ok….

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Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. hmm…. pretty gud episode dear….
    eagerly waiting for next part….
    well dear r u maths student????

    1. yes ayeesha i’m a maths student…. and thanx for ur comment keep reading and commenting

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