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Mastaangi 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan was on his way with Veer, his brother tries his number but it couldn’t connect. He gets worried where Karan went.
Ria’s mother comes to her and finds her really worried. She had been thinking about PNR session, her mother insists it isn’t good for her health. Ria shares that she has an intuition today that she is going to get a clue today, her mother assures she always pray for Ria’s problems to get solved soon.
Karan’s brother was worried and keeps on trying his number. There Ria takes a doctor’s appointment for next day. She gets Karan’s brothers call, and asks if she has any clue where Karan is. Jignesh and Trumpet comes to brother and informs they have looked for Karan all around, he is nowhere. Ria wonders where would Karan be
Karan comes to the graves of Kabir,

he also finds a photo of Kabir torn and framed, engraved in the ground nearby. He thinks how Ria had recognized the photo to be of Kabir, he questions Veer what this all is, this is his photo. Veer tells Karan it’s the same Kabir Ria had been talking about. Kabir questions how he knows this all. Veer promises to tell him.
Anaita was worried and tells Ria they have looked around in college, she suggests about asking Veer. She calls Veer but his phone was in the car. Ria wonders if they are together and leave to check.
Veer comes to Karan with a file in hand, it was about 1995 Kabir and Anushka are RAW agents and his father was their mentor, Udita was an ISI agent. They were shot at the same point, same date; obviously by each other because both were enemies. Karan wasn’t ready to accept by heart that Ria or Udita could have killed him. Veer suggests it could be a one sided love as well.
Anaita tells Ria Jignesh is trying to trace the location of Veer’s car in the college and will inform them soon. Ria asks how much time it would take. Anaita asks her to relax, Jignesh is doing something adventurous in the college admin room.
In the office, Jignesh comes to admin area. He asks the admin officer to get him some water, as college is off today. The officer goes to get water, Jignesh checks the location in the meanwhile. He texts Anaita the car is on highway and is static.
Veer brings Karan to Udita’s grave, he was disturbed and upset that he never accepted Ria’s doubts and her love. Ria must have taken his life for some other reason, she can’t take anyone’s orders to kill him. He asks Veer to question his father, where he is. Veer insists his father is no more, he has as many questions in mind as Karan has. His father loved Kabir after Veer, he came to Pune to get some information about his father and met him. They all have to get their answers now, they all are in the same boats. Karan takes Veer’s promise not to tell Ria about this. Ria calls from behind what he wants to hide. She comes forward to look at Kabir’s torn photo, Veer points towards Kabir’s grave as well.
Ria comes to Kabir’s grave, Anaita asks if everything Ria said was true. Veer gives Anaita the file, and informs them Ria was an ISI agent and her name was Udita, Karan was Kabir, a RAW agent. Both shot each other at Heer Ranjha points and later buried here. Ria questions if he now trusts her? Karan accepts she was right always. Ria demands if he still needs a proof that she is a bad news for him. he himself called her Udita in the hospital. Karan assures Ria she must have killed him for some enemity, but his heart says she loved him as much in the past life as well as she does now.

PRECAP: Veer shares another mystery, Anushka. Karan says may be Ria’s PNR session may help, he would also like to come there. Ria comes to doctor and finds Karan, Anaita and Veer there, she demands them to leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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