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Mastaangi 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria is standing alone as Karan leaves her in the ground and Euro who is listening to all of this from a distance says that now you’ll know what it’s like to alone, you stole my friends and left me alone, don’t worry I won’t leave you alone. Ria wonders why Anaita did such a thing like this and gets a call from her mom. Her mother says that what is going in between the two of you, Anaita just left the house and Ria asks where she left. Her mother says that she packed her stuff booked a cab and left, I only saw her when she was leaving. When I asked she replied very rudely and said that she is shifting to the hostel. Her mother asks again of what is going and Ria ends the call without saying anything.
Ria comes and stops Anaita and said that why did you do all of that. You recorded that clip

edited it and sent it to Karan. Ria says that if you would have said it to me than I would have stopped talking to Karan myself in fact I was going to tell Karan that we need to stop talking because my priority is you Anaita says that now my priority is not you its Karan. She says that there are no heart feelings as what I did was for my love. Anaita says that you knew everything but still came in the way and says that I know if I would have said then you would have stopped talking to Karan but by doing all of this you would have only become greater in Karan’s eyes, but I wanted to make you look like the bad guy.
Ria says that if you would have said this I would have done this as well. Anaita says that I know that but this is a game and I hate losing. Ria says that she is ready to forget everything and asks her to not end their friendship and come back home with her. Anaita sees Karan coming starts the act of being innocent saying to Ria to forgive her as she would never come in between her and Karan. Karan stops her and says that you don’t need to be afraid of anyone and says that I forgot to tell you something and that is I hate you. Anaita smiles looking at Ria and Karan says that I should have listened to my feelings a long time ago. I felt disgusted when you touched my birth mark and never wanted to come close to you, but for some reason I let you come close, but now I know that you are a traitor and tells her to leave right now.
Ria goes and sits on the bench crying while Karan goes and sit with Anaita but walks away soon, she gives him a hug but he leaves. Euro comes and offers her Roses but she leaves and Euro throws them away. He says that you are in a very vulnerable state and no one can save you right now no one. Ria leaves in her car and goes home, before entering she wipes her tears so that her mom can’t see. She rushes through the door but her mother stops her and says that why are you so worried, she says that its nothing and leaves. Karan is on his bike and takes out the pendant and throws it away and leaves.
Ria is in her room and her parents ask her if she is Okay and she nods positively and closes the door. Karan is also roaming in his room and gets a call from Anaita but ends it without saying anything. Anaita is very happy and is going through the photos of her and Karan. As Ria cries she remembers the time Karan proposed to her and when he broke up with her. Ria says that you were alone before and are now still alone. In her sleep she remembers shooting Karan and wakes up again from the nightmare.
Trumpet, Jignesh, Sohani and Vanessa are sitting together and discussing about the video. They all agree that the video is fake and to tell Karan not to believe in Anaita. Anaita is walking and gets stopped by Euro who comes on his bike, Euro comes and says to Anaita that you know that the enemy of my enemy is a friend. Anaita asks of what does he wants, Euro says that he wants to become friends with her so that he could teach a lesson to Ria. He says that Ria is my enemy and is yours as well, so why don’t we shake hands. Anaita leaves saying that I’ll think about it. Euro says that I will teach a lesson to Ria just shake hands with me Anaita.
Karan comes to the college and bumps into Ria they look at each other and walk away. Anaita is sitting at the cafeteria when Jignesh stops Trumpet not to talk to her as it’s of no use. Karan comes and sits with her and the two of them go to talk to him, before Anaita could take Karan away Jignesh and Trumpet come and say that we need to talk to you, it’s something important. Karan says that say whatever you want to say and say it here as Anaita is also a friend. The two of them sit down at the table and say that its about Ria.
On the other hand Sohani and Vanessa are with Ria and they are telling Ria that it wasn’t his fault and this was all the doing of Anaita. Vanessa asks her of what happened while Ria says that what’s the point of it now. Sohani and Vanessa both say that staying quiet won’t do anything. Ria explains of what actually happened and the two of them say that you need to tell this to Karan. Ria says that why should she tell this to Karan as without knowing the whole truth he declared the he hates her. She says that he hated her before and today he did the same thing.
Karan says to Jignesh that this is his final decision and says that don’t talk about Ria with me again. He says that you know how much trust is important to me and Ria broke that trust by showing me the other side of her. He says that Anaita kept on warning me and you guys also saw that video. Jignesh tries to say something when Karan says that Ria did what he hates the most. She broke my trust, Jignesh says that you are not a kid as you know as well that a video can be edited, Trumpet says that the strange part is that the camera was ready.

Precap: Everyone in the college is dancing on a song.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. omg
    ds Anaita!!
    idiot.. actually Ria has some fault also…bffe…mad girl…

  2. Nw i thnk anu’s plan fails and k àpologizes to ria and due 2 her plan failing anu may join hands wid euro to teach ria a lesson
    hope all misundrstg b/w ria nd k gets clear soon

  3. Hi am tara hope you don’t mind if I join hl the group and ena u r right this all bffe… has made ria blind to trust anaita? and Karan looks to every matter only from one side…. hope trumpet will make him understand the logic behind the video

    Love Karan n Riya ?

  4. come on karan pls understand what ur friends r saying… just don’t fall in the trap of anaita…

  5. I guess karan is pretending to hate Ria …n he is trying to know about the true colours of Anu ….I wish ? Rian happens soon ????

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